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Gaborone’s hidden treasure: Flex The Ninja pushes progressive future beats in Botswana

Gone are the days where we look to the West if we want to vibe to progressive future beats and bass music. Africa is now where it’s at and this is seen in how much music from here often gets picked out and played overseas. Promoters, event organization, production crews and digital media platforms like us are growing in numbers, which is enough elements to uphold and sustain a growing scene. Producers are taking to the internet and connecting with their like-minded peers on the internet and using messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to form healthy, long-lasting and soon-to-be profitable working relationships. These relationships tend to transcend the work that is required to build a scene, and friendships are developed.

Flex The Ninja is a young producer from Gaborone, who forms part of the new generation of African producers who are challenging themselves to create soundscapes that are far beyond what the African listener is accustomed to. One could easily mistake Flex for a producer from somewhere in the States, purely off his stylistic approach to production. The bounce and vibe that his productions are fast-paced, groovy and perfect for dancing, which makes sense because Flex is not just a producer but also a seasoned dancer that is quite popular in Gaborone. You can clearly tell that there is a Soulection influence in his music, as much of the bounce in his beats is synonymous with the leaders of future beats – Soulection.

The scene is pretty small in Gaborone, but it sure ain’t quiet because the amount of heat coming from Gaborone alone is enough to make the entire Southern Africa proud. And this all because of producers like Flex and his close associates. The kid is talented and a producer to look out for in 2018, and we have a feeling that one of major future beats labels from the West might scoop him up and grow his career. Look out for this kid, he’s the future.

Stream Flex The Ninja’s latest single below:

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