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Listen to the first release of Jullian Gomes’ new label featuring tracks by the legendary Charles Webster

Highly regarded and respected South African electronic music producer, Jullian Gomes, has launched a label. After leaving Stay True Sounds, a prominent independent label that pushes and takes care of independent music in South Africa, he has set his sights on owning his destiny as he navigates the local and global music industry.

Started my own independent record label today. First artist I signed was myself.

With 16 years in the game as a DJ and a producer, he understands how the business side of music works and he’s certainly ready to grow his legacy. The new label is called World Without End and it promises to advance African House music. The first release from the label is no small feat as Jullian called on the legendary Charles Webster and Grammy-nominated Divinti. Show Me the Sun is the title of this project and it has two dub versions handled and created by Charles Webster and Jullian. Jullian also has a remix of the song and it is undoubtedly a smash hit guaranteed to set dance floors alight.

This project is for the culture, for the underground and for anyone that appreciates great House music.

Stream the project below.

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