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Spring in the Kingdom of eSwatini: Celebrating Street Food & Art with the Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta

Food is an art form of its own, with an increasing number of events celebrating authentic street food, Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta is one of those events. The Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta will showcasing a rich selection of local vendors serving up authentic street food ranging from grilled meat from a Shisa Nyama, bunny chows, burgers, sea food skewers, cocktails and vegan smoothies. This edition is a collaboration with Black Sheep Tattoos to bring about art in the food market and trying to remove the stereotype people have towards tattoos. Tattoos will be on special on the day and will be done by Blacksheep Tattoo artists Banger and Bonkie.

image of mnandzi street food fiesta swaziland
Official Event Poster For The Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta happening this weekend.

Designed to celebrate and showcase multicultural facets of eSwatini through a fun-day long food market filled with a plethora of tastes, sights and eclectic sounds, the Spring Art Edition promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Patrons will get the opportunity to sample an array of street food all in a single day. With a solid line-up that includes spinners Kuru, Flava, Ophis and live performances from acts such as Harristheniner, Swiss and Mzwaa. One’s insatiable desire for eclectic sounds will surely be filled and pallets satisfied with an assortment of food stalls. An event catering for the whole family, the Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta: Spring Art Edition is one not to be missed. Hosted at the Swazi-Lizkhar Sport Horses and Top Competitive Centre, a perfect venue for an event of this magnitude.  Let’s meet on the 1st of September to celebrate good music, street food and art.

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Introducing Secret Souls: A collective of friends connected by the shared love of electronic music

The kingdom of eSwatini has experienced a renaissance of the house music genre, subsequently being the kingdom’s chief music export, with a number of local artists making waves not only in Africa but the world at large. Secret Souls, a collective of five friends who are connected by their shared love of music shall not be left out when talking about the renaissance. This is not your average boy band, these lads definitely know what they are doing and have left a number of people gob smacked with their production.

Working as a unit, Secret Souls always pushed to startle us with their production that has led to them releasing music under top labels like Antidote Music, Deepstitched, Kolour Recordings just to mention a few. “We have 5 members that work seamlessly and tirelessly to shape up the brand. But also, we owe our existence to a lot of other people too. The people who create the best environment for us to succeed” the group says about this amazing collective unit. “They are too many to mention, but our core members aren’t, and they are; Qiniso Motsa, Mpho Motsa, Simphiwe Dlamini, Samkeliso Dlamini and Sibusiso Sibandze. We are best defined by our signature sound, which is electronic deep house, minimal techno and anything experimental” they elaborate further. Brought together by the love of music, they never expected that they would eventually have a such a huge impact on each other’s lives and play an imperative role in eSwatini’s house scene. “We were brought together by Deeper Shades of House back in high school and we deeply desired to be on the show. This desire gave birth to what you know today as Secret Souls” explaining how they met.


This dynamic collective is birthed and centered on music rather than each individual being known, as none of them wanted to be solo DJs. Secret Souls is a unique brand and name as a whole, one that came about after serious brainstorming. “After major brainstorming, Secret Souls was the name we decided.” they explain. They believe it was the right choice as the name Secret Souls stuck with them and introduced them to the people yet keeping their personal identities hidden. “But looking back in hindsight now, we chose well indeed. As we grew in our craft, we also grew into our name. This is mostly true because our sound relies on unearthing new sounds that have been rarely explored. There are dark elements in our music as well, and what’s darker than Secret Souls huh?”.

Using multiple monikers is a common thing in the music industry as it is often seen as something that helps with determining alternative channels of reaching audiences, Secret Souls adapted that often releasing music under the moniker Continuum. “Continuum is actually the product of a beautiful mistake, but that’s a story for another day. We have since turned it into a great asset, another outlet for our creativity. In essence, we decided to use this new moniker to experiment more with our own sound, without being bound to a single genre” they share more insight about their other moniker. “We use it to branch out to different genres as well, helping us prevent stagnant growth within our music. You can expect absolutely anything and everything from Continuum. We choose to see Continuum as more of a creative space, however, rather than just a different name for the group” they explain.


From listening to the popular deep house podcast Deeper Shades of House to being featured on it, they have been able to work as a unit to combine their personal inspirations with group inspirations and the result of that has been breathtaking music. Collectively inspired by growth and being equal to the challenge of accomplishing their targets as a unit, they strive to be the best which has accelerated their growth and keeps their music fresh and exciting all the time. They attribute all their success to the great mentorship they have.

With a remarkable discography, they are back with another release entitled Xperiment. A spectacular LP, flawless from the first song to the end. Featuring talented vocalist SOLR, Xperiment will definitely make it to any avid music lover’s playlist with the beautiful production the project carries. “Interestingly, we made the first version of Xperiment in one week. Why 7 days? One track a day was the plan. They weren’t supposed to be full tracks for release. The idea was to synthesize and arrange loops that are not quite common in a short space of time without the luxury of thinking too much about what is conventional or not for house music”, sharing insights on the latest LP. “Ideally, that was going to produce a fresh sound for our house jams but due to the excitement of the discovery of this electronic sound, we kind of just let the project circulate amongst our friends. We sent it to 2lani The Warrior of DeepStitched after listening to it he hit us up and told us he liked the music, and wanted to release it. So we polished it up, and added two more tracks to it with one with a vocal feature from SOLR which has become one of the most well received tracks from Xperiment” they elaborate.

Due to individual commitments, they seldom spend time together but have been able to dish out diverse, world class music. Individually writing melodies, leads and basslines has helped them curate a unique fresh sound that producers working on their own may never achieve.” We circulate melodic loops, and MIDI stuff, or even project files among ourselves until a cool 6 to 7-minute arrangement is agreed upon. We then send it to our Head of Production, for those bells and whistles, and final mixing” they explain. “We then master the tracks ourselves and send them to the label. However, we do send mixdowns to other engineers who may have been contracted by the label” they say. Defining their style as fractal, each of their releases starts out as experimental projects by either trying to capture a specific sound, or chasing a particular mood, or even trying to bring light to a specific element within the music, with each individual working on their strengths. One guy will submit a melody, someone else will pull up with a completely abstract soundscape or a method of arranging a drum loop. All these components are moved around, from project to project, until the right melody fits the right rhythm.

With a number of releases under the legendary 2Lani The Warrior’s DeepStitched, they are appreciative to Sakhile Brainz Mkhonta of Antidote Music who was influential in propelling their music to great heights as he organized a listening session with the whole Antidote Music team and subsequently helped them with reaching out to a number of labels.

Constellation Lupus is the name of their upcoming release, a collaboration with !Sooks — a release that the whole underground fraternity is looking forward to.” We are very excited about this one! We have always wanted to work with !Sooks for a long time now, but we never really had a specific concept or idea. And so, over time, we just let things build up and occur organically. We didn’t want to force issues and do things just because. We finally came up with a solid concept in the last quarter of 2017, where we started sharing ideas and projects” explaining about their upcoming collaborative release. “The title of the project is called Constellation Lupus. Lupus symbolizes the ‘Wolf’ in Latin. And as stated by !Sooks in his recent interview with you guys, “ The wolf represents resilience and perseverance, it represents courage and bravery. The wolf is the inner will to overcome whatever circumstance on is faced with” explaining about the title of the EP. Every deep house lover is ecstatic and super amped about the upcoming release, which will be released in September under Antidote Music.

Official artwork for Constellation Lupus, a collaborative project by Secret Souls & !Sooks.

A collective unit that has made waves and help shape the local underground scene, Secret Souls continue to cement their position in the underground scene and hoist the flag of eSwatini high. The addition of the best house artist or group category in the MTN SWAMA Awards is clear ratification of the growth and importance of the genre in the kingdom, with recent voting results showing that, that category is the most popular with the most votes.

Stream their latest song, Energy Link, below.

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Narno Tarné delightfully fusing her life experiences & passion for social issues, to offer her brand of soul music

The music industry in our kingdom has grown tremendously. Talented and hardworking artists are going beyond their comfort zones to create and share authentic sounds and the collaborative efforts, regardless of genre, are proving to be fruitful. Thandiwe Naomi Mashwama, better known as Narno Tarné is one of those hardworking artists stepping out of their comfort zone to share authentic and marvelously breath-taking music.

A rare and unique gem, her work speaks volumes with a very impressive discography for an artist who only released her debut single, Clouded Minds in 2017 under +268 Recordings which peaked at number 3 on the SBIS 2 top 20 chart. Inspired by an array of genres delightfully fused with her lifelong love affair with music coupled with her life experiences and passion for diverse social issues, Narno started singing at a tender age after she joined the youth choir at her father’s church. Born into a music loving family, she was at an early age encouraged to participate in drama and choir, and even take up a musical instrument. “I rely heavily on mood and what’s going on around me. My lyrics are not always direct but I make sure that the message is clear. My music is my platform of self-expression and revelation. There is always a life lesson in the music I write. One I hope can be of help to someone who needed to hear it”, she shares her song writing process.


Singing and songwriting are not the only skills she possesses as she can play a couple of instruments which include piano, recorder, flute and acoustic guitar. 2018 has been an amazing year for Narno Tarne with an EP entitled Storm In My Heart. A solid and well put together EP which displays the immense talent that the kingdom has from the two remixes by Slotta and the legendary DJ Simza. The South African duo of C.9ine of Wonder Fame joins the remix team to present a warm jazzy feel to the project. It is a must have in your playlist. “Storm in my heart was inspired by a moment of serious self-intervention. The verses of the song are a conversation between my heart and my mind whereby the latter is reprimanding the former for making bad choices on its behalf” explaining the concept behind Storm In My Heart.” The chorus is just the artist expressing on how unsettled she is by the situation. The song was written at a moment of a serious epiphany following a cascade of unfortunate events due to misguided decision making. It was at that moment that I came to accept and own up to my faults. It was my “before you rise, you must fall” moment” she explains further. After the release of the EP she was kind enough to lay her sensational and heartwarming voice to a DJ Bullet and Dvine Brothers beat, another stellar release.” Highlight of the year, thus far, would be the release of Storm In My Heart and my collaboration project with DJ Bullet from South Africa. I’m still a newbee in the industry and having worked with amazing artists like Slotta and DJ Simza in the early days of my career is mind blowing”, shares her highlights of the year.

Another amazing product from the kingdom of eSwatini, one that shall be cherished in the years to come. Her work is nothing short of spectacular and there’s more to expect from her and surely we won’t be disappointed.

Follow Narno Tarne on Facebook and Instagram.

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The 2018 Dance Music Awards South Africa: Voting Now Open

Over the past decade, South Africa has taken great strides in cementing her place as the dance music capital of not only Africa but arguably the world. Yet, dance music as a genre and culture had lacked its own set of awards to honour DJs, producers, artists and contributors of one of Mzansi’s biggest music genres. The Dance Music Awards South Africa seek to acknowledge and honour the contributions of the former mentioned key players in dance music. This year marks the second installment of the awards.

The DMASA are an audience-based awards event in which users get to nominate and vote for their preferred candidates purely through the DMASA website. This year’s nominations closed on the 17th August and the Top 5 nominees per category were announced on the 22nd August which also marked the beginning of the online voting process. 2018 sees the addition of a rather obvious category, Best Gqom Record of the Year, bringing the total number of categories to 20. Voting closes on the 19th September and the winners are due to be announced on the 27th September. The winners will then be invited to a private honorary dinner where they can collect their physical awards.

Voting is now open. Visit the DMSA website to vote here.

Cape Town’s resurgence within Mzansi’s dance music scene continues to be the order of this year as Capetonian Dwson leads the pack with four nominations – Album of the Year, Best House Record of the year, Best Underground Record of the year and Remix of the Year. Evidently, women are gradually taking their deserved placed within Mzansi’s dance music scene as, songstress and record label owner, Jackie Queens bagged four nominations as well – Best Female Vocalist of the Year, Best House Record of the Year, Best EDM Record and Remix of the Year. Black Coffee, Londie London, Kid Fonque and Cornelius SA aren’t far off the mark with three nominations each.


It seems 5FM is South Africa’s most favoured radio station of choice when it comes to dance music as the station dominated the Best Dance Radio Show category with three out of five nominations – Selective Styles with Kid Fonque, InDasWeTrust and The Kyle Cassim Show. The station will go face off with Metro FM’s Urban Beat and YFM’s #ThePlayersClub for the title of Best Dance Radio Show.

Through the DMASA one can look forward to seeing their favourite artists, producers and DJs getting recognised and rewarded for their efforts and sacrifices but this can only happen if and only if one votes. So head over to the DMASA website, sign-up and vote for your preferred winner over 20 categories.

Follow the Dance Music Awards South Africa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Visit their website here.

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Joburg based artist, Mx Blouse, releases two new tracks, Siyajola & Gcwala Ngami

South African gender non-conforming recording and performing artist, Mx Blouse, is the personification of creative freedom. They are consistently pushing boundaries in sound, aesthetics and fashion, as they effortlessly marry the different art forms to formulate new avenues of expression.

Musically, Mx Blouse has evolved into an act that is not limited and fixed to one genre. Initially, they started their brand in the Hip Hop space which saw them bring innovation to the golden era boom bap sound and now they have grown into a brand that embodies more than just genre. The focus now is to merge all of their influences to create a sound that is unique to them – a sound that they can own.


READ: Cape Town based duo, Three Witches, releases ‘Ready or Not’ featuring Mx Blouse.

After the successful release of their video for their single, Is’phukphuku, they have been consistently working on releasing more content, performing at some of the biggest calendar events in South Africa such as Oppikoppi. To maintain the consistency, Mx Blouse releases two new singles; Siyajola and Gcwala Ngami. Mx Blouse speaks on modern love and its complexities, how digital technology has altered the way we connect with our significant, dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, and unreciprocated love.

Mx Blouse is set to have a busy Spring with performances scheduled at gigs like the Trace Music Fest and Weheartbeat’s Fak’ugesi Beats Festival.

Stream Siyajola and Gcwala Ngami below.


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Interview: We speak to Kempton Park based artist, Slay’ By Lann, about his journey in music, the come up and his new project

The Innanetwav team has consistently proven to the game that they are the leaders of the new wave. With fresh acts, a growing catalogue and a strong following, they have worked and earned their position of influence in the game. The label is slowly breaking through to the mainstream and they are doing this by leveraging the strength of their roster. A roster that has artists such as Kempton Park based rapper, Slay’ By Lann, who is preparing to drop new music this weekend.

We spoke to the young rapper about how he started, Innanetwav, the come up and his plans for the future. Peep the interview below.

First and foremost, we have to thank you for your time. We first came across your work earlier this year on SoundCloud and later realized that you were part of the Innanetwav team. For those that may not be familiar with your work and your brand, please introduce yourself?
Thank you so much for the opportunity, and showing interest and love to me. I’m a 24 year old multi-talented artist from a small town called Newlands east. Born as Lesley Shahid Fuller but I’m more commonly known as Slay’ By Lann. I sing, rap and compose music and I work closely with a producer called 808x.

How did your journey in music begin? What sparked your interest and love for rap music?I’m a writer. I use words as a tool to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the world. Poetry has always been a go-to artistic medium for me to express myself as a creative. My journey in music was, funny enough, sparked by me wanting to escape loneliness. My natural knack and love for words helped me evade loneliness.


image of slay' by lann
Image supplied.


As noted in the first question, you are part of the innanetwav team. How did you link up with innanetwav? How much has your career grown since joining the team?
The idea of the Innanetwav brand has always been a dream of mine. Innanetwav was started by me, Tymon, 808x, MyKey, Solve The Problem and Oshoku. We all went to the same high school and lived in the same neighbourhood so it was only natural for us to have the same creative frequencies. We were and still are passionate about music. We would link up in random studios but we never really recorded until I started really connecting with 808x creatively. We made music and I was the first artist to release a project under the label. Six years later, I have grown to be a more refined, patient, confident and focused artist and I have to give all of the credit to my team. I’m grateful to be in a team that represents the new wave.

You’re quite a strong writer, very conceptual in how you approach your raps but somehow you manage to package your thoughts in a way that is very accessible and easy to the listener’s ear. Your flows, cadences and worldplay is world-class. How would you describe your creative process?
To be honest with you, I never would have imagined that one day I would be called a rapper. As a kid, I was more fascinated with dance and I picked up poetry along the way. When I was younger, my dad was in prison and my mom was hustling for me to live a better life. It became too much for my mom and she had to reach out to my grandmother who was living in Italy at the time. She came down to assist and quickly realized that I was a handful and very rebellious. For my 9th birthday I wanted a bike, but my grandmother bought me a book and instructed me to write my feelings down. She believed that writing and allowing me take the time to understand my emotions was a form of rehabilitation. I still do that to this very day – writing about how I feel. 

My creative work is inspired by whatever I experience, what I’m currently doing and all the emotions I go through. Feeling is everything to me. Different feelings produce different sounds.

Who are some of your influences as an artist? Local and international.
Priddy Ugly, Frank Casino, Tupac and Drake. I also listen to a lot of DJ Fortee, Solve The Problem, Southside Mahommed, POPNOTYOURFATHER and MyKey.

As a young rapper on the come up, what would you say are some of your biggest challenges as an artist? Do you feel that the game is welcoming to new talent?
That’s a very interesting question. Firstly, it’s not easy being a new artist in the current industry. You have to make sure that you build a solid and you kinda have to be your own brand ambassador in the beginning. The game loves new talent but there are some challenges obviously. The current state of the music industry is not built around relevance anymore. It’s more about consistency and visibility. I know artists that blew up off of one song and they somehow managed to stay visible in the game, getting gigs and staying consistent while working on new music and leveraging the steam of the song that made them blow up. However, my biggest challenge as an artist is that music takes me away from my family and that can get hectic as I’m a family-oriented person.

You’re dropping an EP called NIGHT LIFE on the 25th of August. What can people expect from the EP?
NIGHT LIFE is an acronym and a play on words which stands for: Never In Guilt Having Time + Live It Fully Everyday. What people can expect is a brand new sound from me, originality and a unique perspective. This EP will serve as a proper introduction to the Slay’ By Lann brand. The project details my growth as an artist and provides some insight into my musical journey. It’s also a dedication to my best friend, who lost his life to the night life this year.


Official NIGHT LIFE EP artwork

What inspired the NIGHT LIFE EP and what do you aim to achieve with the project?
The project was inspired by the streets of Kempton Park. The purpose of the project is give the masses some insight into my life.

What else can we expect from you in 2018?
More music, more videos and more heat.

Where can people follow you online?
You can catch me on Facebook and Instagram by using my handle, @SlaybylannSA, and my handle on Twitter is @SlayByLann_SA.

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Snegenege 2 Autochoon Bimbing: Thiaps pushes himself creatively with his latest 4 track EP

Jozi-based multi-talented creative, Thiaps, embodies the concept of Sofistikasi. A concept when explained entails: a lifestyle, school of thought and concept which marries all things sophisticated, some would prefer to use the word ‘bougie’, with the rawness and cultured nature of the kasi. Thiaps is part of the new generation of creatives that are, without fear, going back to basics by drawing inspiration from all things that are uniquely South Africa – from language, the people, the culture and arts.

READ: Thiaps releases Snegenege Vol. 1, a short project that invites us into his colourful life.


In an effort to showcase personal and artistic progression, he releases the follow-up to his Snegenege Vol. 1, which is part of a series of short tapes where he invites us into his world. He delivers Snegenege 2: Autochoon Bimbing, a project that sees him play around with melodies, his voice and new concepts with the assistance of autotune. With this project, he speaks on where he is currently in life, briefly touches on spirituality, women and money, and hopes of breakthroughs and success. Sonically and lyrically, the four-track EP is different from the first EP of the series. In the second effort, Thiaps places himself at the center of the project’s concept and he offloads and shares wisdom gained through personal struggles.

The EP was entirely produced by trust B1, a longtime friend and frequent collaborator of Thiaps. With these strong releases, Thiaps seems to be positioning himself to take his creativity to the next level and build a solid audience while at it. Expect more from the Mzansi Mnandi pioneer – Thiaps.

Stream Snegenege 2: Autochoon Bimbing below.

Follow Thiaps on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nirvana Nokwe presents ‘Chiron’ a beautiful visual representation of the spiritual & emotional healing of life

South African multi-disciplined artist, Nirvana Nokwe, is a wonder to watch. A fearless creative beaut, she consistently delivers purposeful art— art that seeks to start conversations, introduce new ideas of enlightenment and showcase the beauty of spiritual concepts.

Nirvana Nokwe is the daughter of legendary South African thespian and musician, Tu Nokwe, and the late Bheki Mseleku who was an incredibly gifted contributor to the growth of South African jazz. With a family history of great artists, it is clear to see that Nirvana was definitely going to carry on the family tradition of artistic expression that connects nations – as the popular saying says ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Nirvana carries a number of creative trades in music, film, modelling and TV, and her work and innate talent has opened many doors for her in the creative industry.


As opportunities come and industries doors open, she chooses to use her art as a platform for disseminating life-changing information that aims to raise the consciousness of society. This is seen in the the topics she chooses to tackle and handle in her music and visual work. Her recent release, Chiron, is a beautiful chant that speaks of the spiritual. She describes the song as an artistic representation of the planet of healing, moving into Aries and how that is translated into the human’s spiritual and emotional life.

promo image of nirvana nokwe's chiron
A beautiful visual performance piece accompanies the song, where Nirvana steps into her own as a visual director. She calls on the very talented Durban-based photographers, Bheki Black Gold and Kevin Mthethwa, to help her capture the message of the song and present it visually for the world’s consumption.

Introducing Chiron, an a visual representation of the planet of healing, moving into Aries and how that is translated into the human’s spiritual and emotional life.

Stream Chiron by Nirvana Nokwe on Apple Music.

Follow Nirvana Nokwe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. Subscribe to her mailing list here.

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MTN SWAMA Awards Nominee: Zoë Genesis the sensational multi-talented singer reviving eSwatini’s RnB scene

R&B is one of the genres that are hard to define clearly as it takes influence from a range of other genres, R&B in the kingdom hasn’t enjoyed a strong prominence. One of the most popular and successful R&B artists in the kingdom, Tiyas King, has paved a way for the genre as it has enjoyed a fair share of radio play, unearthing new artists like the sensational and multi-talented Zoe Genesis. Born Zoë Nonde, Zoë Genesis is a multi-talented young creative who does not limit herself to songwriting only. “I use the word creative because I like to think I’m a fireball. I’m a singer, songwriter, poet, sketch artist, dancer, public speaker and debater. All of that is packaged in my tiny physic” she describes herself.

Zoë started her musical journey in 2004 while doing first grade at morning assembly and has never looked back since then. From there she went on to form a quartet that saw them perform at small parties and ceremonies. She got to high school and formed another group that modernized the concept of Acapellas and even recorded a demo. In 2015, upon completing high school she decided to go professional and joined the Standstill Mafia, a local music stable that consists of Ncwiki Flex, CNX Boi and Young Boss. At that time she was still using her first name Zoë as her stage name, and it was when she released her debut single Genesis where she changed her moniker to Zoë Genesis. “Psycholution released a list of top 5 female rapper in the kingdom (even though I am not a rapper) and my name was written as Zoë Genesis on the list. We spoke about it and he suggested that I use Zoë Genesis as my stage name” she explains about how and why she changed her stage name to Zoë Genesis. “I consulted one of mentors, Mozaik, about it and he told me that if I was ever to use any stage name, it should speak directly to me as a musician. So, I took myself back to the space I was in when I wrote Genesis. I was proclaiming my greatness, declaring each day the beginning of my greatness, and that’s when the name stuck with me. So yeah, that’s the story” she elaborates.

image of zoe genesis
Photography credit: Hard Creat.

She recorded her first hook and bridge for a single with Ncwiki Flex and Yung Boss titled All for You. The single introduced the public to Zoë as an artist. The trio later released a second single together titled Drain Me, which received massive airplay locally. Zoë Genesis was eventually introduced to the phenomenal producer, Master Seth, who instantly fell in love with her unique style and voice, and they decided to work on a song titled Options. This song was an instant hit and made it to the SBIS Top 20 charts.

Different artists have different things or people inspiring their music, but Zoë says she inspires her own music. “As cocky as this may sound, I inspire my music, my life. I always say musicians serve as a powerful voice that has billions of people waiting to listen to it. And that has sort of become my mantra. I am a lot, my life is something else, and all I want is the next young person and even the old, to learn from it. Music allows for that to happen” she responds eagerly.


The music writing/composing process is a personal and unique one, with every artist having their own unique process. Mozart is famed for being able to compose an entire piece of music in their head, and write it down. Beethoven would struggle with an idea for years, putting down fragments of sketches in notebooks, only to realize the full form of the music year’s later. “My writing process has grown to be the most organic process I go through daily”, she shares about her song writing process. “I’m a bit old fashioned because I still enjoy writing lyrics on paper, so I always have a notebook in my bag. The tiniest things trigger my writing process, so it really happens at any given times. The only fixed time that I have for writing is before I sleep. I pen down either a short verse or even a line” she elaborates.

Zoë Genesis has been able to overcome numerous obstacles encountered by artists in the kingdom of eSwatini and has went on to soar to greater heights headlining the 2017 Francophonie festival at Alliance Françiase, the Sibebe Resort’s Sisters of Soul Sunday session alongside Velemseni and Lindelwa and making it to the top 20 of the 201 MTN Bushfire Firefly competition and subsequently nominated for the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards for best R&B Artist. A sensational vocalist and songwriter, Zoë Genesis is one artist to definitely look out for and will continue to take the local music industry by storm.

Follow Zoë Genesis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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Antidote Music connects Africa, Asia & Europe with ‘Never Give Up’, an inspirational track

Antidote Music, is a powerful and influential force in the electronic music scene in Southern Africa. With house music as one of their core label offerings in terms of genre, they have built an incredible platform consistently serves house heads the world over quality music. The label can also not be limited by geographic boundaries as they have connected with labels and artists far beyond the boundaries of the Kingdom of eSwatini and South Africa.


The label has had quite a few amazing releases so far this such as the Extraterrestrial EP by Rosko de Soul, a release that saw the label step into a more experimental music space, and Let It Be by Czar featuring S-Tone. To kick the second half of the year of, Antidote Music takes things a step further by connecting Africa, Asia and Europe with the release of a beautiful, inspirational and groovy track titled ‘Never Give Up’ by award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter, Asha Edmund, and UK-based DJ/producer Shaun Ashby (more popularly known as DJ Shaun Ashby in UK house scene).

Asha Edmund and Shaun Ashby collaborate to release a soulful house and afro house track which is infectious and powerful. The songwriting is amazing and can lift your mood and the production is world-class and can set up any dance floor on fire. With ‘Never Give Up’, Shaun Ashby draws inspiration from soundscapes that are more prevalent in African house music and he merges that beautifully with soundscapes that are from UK dance music – he does this gracefully, masterfully and authentically. Asha displays her expertise on the track as she confidently steps into her own as the vocalist. She takes ownership and is present on the song, adding a very interesting layer to the song. Her singing draws you in and her voice invites you to sing along.

Never Give Up will be officially released on the 24th of August and it will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Follow Antidote Music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.