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Welcome to the world of dream noise: Berlin-based South African band, Medicine Boy, is a musical wonder

Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo are Medicine Boy, an incredibly unique musical duo from South Africa. The duo dubs the sound that it pushes as ‘dream noise’ and with that very sound, they are taking over the world of alternative music. The duo started its journey in Cape Town and after releasing solid short projects and their debut album, Kinda Like Electricity, they have never looked back. Armed with a unique, DIY artistic approach, Medicine Boy has been winning fans the world over and it comes as no surprise that the duo is now based in one of the most artist-friendly cities in the world – Berlin.

For the longest time, the duo has moved and operated independently, act as their own management, booking agents and road management, however in the beginning of the year, the two-piece band signed with Fuzz Club Records – an independent label based in London. With this signing, Medicine Boy aims to fix itself in the European alt rock scene and that will eventually bring them global success with the backing of a well-respected label in the West. The duo plans to release an album later on this year which is surely going to be groundbreaking.

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