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The Book of Malachi: 18-year-old Joburg artist, Malachi, puts his best foot forward with his new EP

Malachi, a Johannesburg-based singer that also doubles as a rapper, is amazingly talented. He forms part of the new generation of rappers that are ushering in a new wave of urban music in South Africa. This new generation flexes its influence on the internet where they have built solid fan bases that help them do numbers that allow them to compete with bigger, more popping artists. Many of these new South African urban music acts were born in the new millennium, with Malachi being only 18 years old — a true kid of the new millennium.


For an 18-year-old, Malachi, writes better than artists that are way older than him. Armed with a strong pen that only a few are gifted with, Malachi paints a picture for the listener inviting them into his world. A world that sees him speak on the come up, loyalty, being young and black, and women.

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The young rapper has been consistent in releasing bangers on SoundCloud and putting numbers on the board as many of his earlier releases have, in total, racked up over 100 thousand streams. The young rapper-singer put his best foot forward with the release of his debut project titled ‘The Book of Malachi‘ — a six track project that serves as a proper introduction to Malachi. The EP listens as an urban masterpiece that places Malachi ahead of his peers, in song-writing and overall song composition. The EP carries modern soundscapes that are powerful enough to capture the attention of his young fans. You can hear a solid presence of 808s and other sounds that are prominent in modern rap music, but what sets the EP apart is how Malachi uses his voice as an instrument. He sings and he raps, creating a beautiful sonic spectacle that keeps you coming back as the listener.

Conceptually, the project is a wonder, as Malachi visually uses biblical references to communicate the core themes of the project — Malachi sees himself as a messenger and a voice for his generation. The production is world-class and is handled by Elohim and Elizee, who are Malachi’s longtime and frequent collaborators. The Book of Malachi is a breath of fresh and powerful debut. The kids are coming and those that are comfortably sitting on their thrones of influence and the industry gatekeepers must be very worried. The kids are here and they are going to take over.

Stream The Book of Malachi below.

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