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WATCH: ASAP Shembe invites us into his dark & mysterious world with the visuals of Iyabiza

Johannesburg based artist, ASAP Shembe, is not your regular rapper. He is far from average and definitely does not fit any conventional artistic moulds that may exist in South African Hip Hop. To put it plainly, ASAP Shembe is an anomaly, an enigma of some sort — one that forces you to think beyond societal norms, makes you slightly uncomfortable and introduces you to new concepts. Everything that ASAP Shembe touches is conceptual, intentional and well thought-out, making him even more attractive as a new artist breaking into the game.

He carries his hood, Vosloorus, on his back proudly and moves with his trusted compadres on a quest of changing the landscape of South African music. Alternative is what they would call what he does, but in all honesty, ASAP Shembe embodies much more than that — he makes purposefully potent music with an aim to teach and disrupt. He fuses trap with traditional Zulu concepts beautifully to create something we have never seen before. A boundary pusher of note, ASAP Shembe is an artist is so artistically powerful that we believe he will be the subject of a lot of studies in the future. Yes, he is that amazing!

To usher in a new season, he delivers the visuals of Iyabiza, a single that was initially released in June. The video features dark scenery that fuels the mysterious persona that ASAP Shembe carries. In the video, you can catch glimpses of Shembe rapping while his crew rocks out, in unison, with him.

His new project, MAJOZI, drops tomorrow on all digital stores. Be on the look out.

Watch the Frans Malesela Kekana directed and MRMKHOLS music video.

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