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Premiere: Tzara links up with Three Witches for Furies, a single & a visual

Multi-faceted Cape Town based artist, Tzara, is known for challenging societal conventions by using music as her main medium of expression. Her approach is unconventional and this is due to her heavily DIY-focused style and outlook — this has made her one of most coveted artists in Cape Town’s underground electronica scene.

Tzara’s storied artist life has allowed her catch the attention of her peers in the South African electronica scene, such as the Three Witches, a groundbreaking new duo that is pushing sonic boundaries for electronic music in Mzansi. The Three Witches and Tzara combined their talents, expertise and their collective desire to innovate to create an eight track EP titled ‘On the Beach at Night Together’. The EP sees them merge their sounds to create an extraordinary electronica experience, allowing them to build worlds that give them the freedom to speak on the human experience.

Furies, is the leading single off of the EP and it deservedly has accompanying visuals which further drive the core message of the song. Feelings of incompleteness, disconnectedness, frustration and jealousy, are some of the topics that the song tackles while also speaking the unhealthy obsession we have with technology in the ultra-connected world we live in today.

image of ciaran of three witches
Furies video still. Ciaran of Three Witches.

The music video was directed by Daniel Alexander and produced by Marco Rodriguez. The idea of the video is rather interesting as it focuses on imagined realities and universes, allowing them a lot of room for creativity. Furies is seen as a universe which was inspired by the ‘Thaumogenesis’, a process through which a demon is believed to be created as a byproduct of a resurrection technique. When speaking of how the video came about, the concept and what inspired it, he says the following: “The concept of the video is inspired by the feeling of thinking you have found your way while unknowingly conjure your inner demon that will ultimately push you back off the track. We wanted the video to be left open for interpretation. I did not want to shove a narrative down the audiences throat but rather allow them to their own conclusions”.

With Furies, Tzara and Three Witches show us the possibilities of genuine, unadulterated and authentic creativity. A step in the right direction for the artists, for sure.

video still of the furies music video by three witches & tzara
A snapshot of the David Alexander directed music video.

Watch the Daniel Alexander directed and Marco Rodriguez produced video for Furies.

Stream the On the Beach at Night Together EP, a collaborative project by Tzara and Three Witches.

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