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Poetry in motion: Lazarusman gracefully compels you to connect beyond the beat

Lazarus Mathebula is the Lazarusman, an expert wordsmith that possesses a remarkable pen through which he writes words that build, unite and connect people on dance floors. Hailing from the city of gold, Lazarusman also doubles as a producer, one that crafts heavy dance tunes that often have dance music heads swaying, gyrating and bopping uncontrollably as he masterfully expresses himself in his performance. He merges hard-hitting, potent slam poetry with deep high-energy dance music, allowing him to craft a new style and approach to electronic music, build new imaginative worlds and provide a visual aid rooted in poetry which communicates the music in ways we’ve never seen before.

A Lazarusman performance is not just a simple DJ set characterized by syncing songs by BPM, his performance is more live and he delivers his spoken word poetry like a preacher to a congregation, a public figure to the masses and a principal to a school. The DJ booth or stage becomes his pulpit, he stands firm on the ground and unleashes his poetry to crowd, controlling them like a conductor would control a choir. His energy is remarkable, he moves from one side of the deck to the other, pressing buttons, operating his laptop and twisting knobs on the turntable while holding the mic chanting, singing and connecting words. To put it plainly, Lazarusman is a master of ceremony, a powerful one too. His brand of dance music is unique, fresh and refreshing, and that is what makes him a stand out act. Each Lazarusman set is an experience and a brilliant display of creativity. His beats knock and his words are sharp, and when all of that is merged, you get a beautiful concoction of dance music.

Locally, he is a respected deep house practitioner who also dips into other genres of electronic music, and internationally, he is slowly becoming a highly sought-after act and this is seen in how he is being called up to rock gigs in other Southern African countries and Europe. His is gearing up to release his new album titled Verbatim in the new year.

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