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Meet the Steezies: A South African band that has multiculturalism embedded in its ethos

South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most diverse countries in the world, with eleven official languages and a myriad of different cultures each possessing beautiful traditions and practices. This cultural diversity makes for an exceptionally beautiful nation filled with promise and potential, notwithstanding that there may be issues that the country still needs to address and correct, South Africa is a wonderful place. Now with all of these different cultures, you can imagine how groundbreaking the arts industry in the country is, as the artists can pull their narratives and influences from the cultures they have access to.

Being proud of your roots is one of the key identifiers of South Africa’s millennials, and this reflects in the art that this generation makes and the subject matter that they choose to focus on. The Steezies, a South African band that celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Mzansi, has multiculturalism embedded in its vision and ethos. Merging different musical styles and using different languages to curate a truly authentic and original musical experience that genuinely reflects the South African experience. Their music is an experience and a celebration of life, and also serves as a medium for them through which they get to touch on some of the societal ills that South Africa experiences.

Image of The Steezies taken by Zoe Cornell

The Steezies is one of the most exciting musical acts that South Africa has currently. Aesthetically, they are on another level, very bright and colourful in presentation. This band is the future!

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