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A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Dead Meadow

We had a cool chat with vocalist and guitarist, Jason Simon, from the electric American psychedelic/stoner rock band, Dead Meadow. Hailing from Washington DC, USA, they were one of the main acts at this year’s Endless Daze Music Festival. Find out what they thought of their first experience in South Africa.

If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?
Personally I just want to play in Iron Maiden for a tour. I saw Burning Spear recently and it ruled though I thought I might be a better choice for a guitarist. For Dead Meadow, I’d take my friends Dallas Acid with me cause they’re the mellowest folks and a perfect start to the night.

How would you best describe Dead Meadow in five words?
A taste of the bizarre.

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
Well it’s the first festival to have us down there so all I can say is that it was great.  I can’t compare it to anything else in South Africa but we had a great time there. The people, the hospitality, the stage both visually and sonically. It was all good. And then there’s the vast beach a stroll away.

image of dead meadow performing at the endless daze festival
Photography by Pierre Rommelaere.

Which band/s did you personally enjoy the most at Endless Daze?
We really dug Witch and Morena Leraba. Both were excellent. It was also great to see friends like APTBS and Medicine Boy.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows and to stream/ buy your music?
We’re lurking in the all the usual haunts. for starters. You can follow us on Facebook and Spotify.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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Kaya FM X Bassline Live: A Conversation With John-Christian Urich of Tortured Soul

Internationally acclaimed and celebrated live touring act, Tortured Soul, is hitting South Africa again this year. Led by the multi-talented musical maestro, John-Christian Urich, the band born out of Brooklyn, New York, has exported their feel good and soulful approach to music to the world – gifting them access to world stages and the hearts of music lovers.

Their approach to music is often described as groove-centered and soulful, and they pull much of their stylistic influence from jazz, hip hop and house music. Rated highly by their peers in music, they have built an impressive legacy which has won them praise globally. We had the privilege of chatting with John-Christian ahead of their performance next month at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City.

image of john-christian urich performing
Image supplied.

House music fans the world over know who Tortured Soul is. You have been a very special connection with people through your music. As part of your introduction to our audience, please share a little about what keeps you creating and working in music apart from it being your livelihood?
You can sit around being depressed about this and that or you can choose to try. To try over and over every day to make something. To work on something, to try to make a difference or make something better. It’s very easy to reduce things down to a simple question… what’s the point? The point is to choose to try to make life a little better, a little more fun, a little more interesting every day.  I think the philosophy is that if you consistently work on something, you will see results and progress. So in the spirit of productivity being the key to moral, we make music.

You are largely an international live act that performs in different regions of the world. What is the one thing that you particularly enjoying about being a touring act?
The one thing? Maybe the free wine with dinner on international flights. Actually no, the free wine is not usually very good. Watching people dance and setting their bodies in motion connected to the music we are playing. Hitting a groove just right when making a transition from one song to the next. Reaching for that high note that I thought was high but feels effortless in the moment. Being thousands of miles away from home on stage  and Having my voice drowned out by a group of fans collectively singing the lyrics I wrote. Eating the local food. Chatting with different people around the world and getting their perspective on various things from art to politics.

Electronic music is undoubtedly one of the biggest genre of music in the world. That allows it carry many universal themes and messages as it speaks to many different types of people from different regions of the world. As an act that pushes electronic dance music, what are your thoughts on global electronic music scene in its many variations?
I would have to modify your statement. We do respect and partake in the global electronic music movement, but it might be more accurate to say that we push LIVE dance music. Our style has been influenced by electronic music, and our productions employ modern techniques including the use of sequencers and samples. We embrace the electronic music scene, but we are live musicians first, and what we actually push is maintaining a tradition of the foundations of dance music which is pre electronic! Music that incites people to dance is good. Whatever the incarnation is, when you have rhythms, harmony and melodies that make people dance for extended periods of time it infuses good vibrations into the bodies and minds of people that are absorbing them. The outcome is generally a positive atmosphere and human connection that improves the quality of life.

House music started in your home country, America, and it has grown over the years to become a global phenomenon. How important is it to stay true to the cultural traditions created by the founding fathers/mothers of the genre/culture whilst being open to progression in sound?
I think the foundations and traditions are to be respected, but that doesn’t mean they need to be followed. Any new style or modification or idea shouldn’t be stymied because of a perceived protocol that needs to be followed or respected.

READ: Kaya FM & Bassline Live present Tortured Soul Live At The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City

Last year, you played a show in South Africa which was proved to be very successful and you’re playing again next month. Please describe the experience you had when you came down to perform last year?
South Africa is a bonfire house music nation.

Many international acts that perform describe South Africa as very vibrant and fun place to visit. What do you particularly love about the house music scene in the country?
People live and breathe house music in South Africa. It’s like air or water. It’s visceral and palpable. Going to a house music event in South Africa is different than any place else I’ve been to in the world. It’s really like oxygen. You are in a biosphere that runs on house music. One lives house music in South Africa. It’s an amazing experience and existence.

What can we expect from your Johannesburg show next month?
High energy dancing spirit and a couple surprises.

image of tortured soul
Tortured Soul is back in South Africa by popular demand. Get your tickets here.

Catch Tortured live at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, on the 15th of December. The show is to start at 8PM and the tickets are going for R250 at Computicket.

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IIndman, ECHLN & Shirah Cheezer get you in your feels with their new releases

Mahikeng born multi-disciplined creative, IIndman, returns with a soothing new festive bop to have you deep in your feels. Featuring his long-time Cape Town based collaborator, ECHLN, they collectively deliver Good To You through UK-based label, Shimmy Records. The two producers expertly handle the production, crafting a mellow mood which sees them build on their respective signature sounds. Roping in Cape Town based songstress, Shirah Cheezer, proves to be one of the best creative decisions made for this song, as Shirah gracefully floats on the instrumental beautifully layering her voice with every bar she sings. Easy-going and relaxed in her performance, she subtly unpacks the theme of the song; which deals with the depth of passionate affection between two lovers and the beauty of the connections, spiritual alignment and the fiery emotions which are results of genuine love.

Sonically, the song lives as a slowed down dance jam which heavily draws stylistic influences from RnB. A present bass line, a smooth percussive progression with a punchy drum pattern drives the production guiding Shirah as she delivers a soulful performance. Good To You makes for a cool number perfect for summer sunsets for lovers and people that generally love having a great time.

The song comes as a single to an EP that IIndman & ECHLN ARE gearing up to release titled ‘Never Ready’. Stream Good To You below.

Stream/Download the single here.

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A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Candice Gordon

We had a quick chat with the talented Berlin-based, Dublin-born singer-songwriter, Candice Gordon. We spoke about her Endless Daze experience, how impressed she was with the lineup and the passionate crowd.

First of all, well done on your awesome set at Endless Daze! If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?
I’m thinking along the lines of “who’s funny but can also stfu when the times is right?” very important qualities on tour. I’d say Tom Waits if I’m to go big.

How would you best describe Candice Gordon in five words?
A woman of few words.

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
I don’t know any other South African festivals to compare it to but I would say Endless Daze was an ecstatic environment, small enough to bump into the same friendly faces numerous times and feel a collective buzz around you. People were passionate, enthusiastic, and full of heart and the line-up was well curated. Clearly the crowd were real music lovers. I also really enjoyed a walk on the beach.

image of candice gordon
Photography credit: Joshua Stein

Which band did you personally enjoy the most at Endless Daze?
If I had to choose one, which is very tough because I loved so many, it would be Morena Leraba.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows & to stream/ buy your music?
Everything can be found on my website:

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Joshua Stein. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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Fresh Picks From The Kingdom of Eswatini

We are back with another beautiful playlist full of amazing music. This is one of the most diverse playlists we have ever compiled. As the pulse of the culture, we are determined to put out all the good music from the kingdom. Indulge yourselves in the wide range of genres in this playlist and make sure you share it with your friends.

Delisa Maverick Dlamini – The Pseudonym
The Pseudonym is a well put together project from Delisa and it places him as a bright star with a bright future in the music game. With an impeccable breath-control, he delivers his raps with ease and great audibility. Production-wise, the project may not be the best but with great mentorship, hard work and consistency, he will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.

You can also download the project here.

Slotta – Sweet Temptations (The Remixes)
After listening to these exception Sweet Temptations remixes, I was left speechless! I would have never imagined that he would top the original Sweet Temptations EP, but little did I know that he was going to do just that. Slotta is a beast and this new release on Deeper Shades of House is nothing short of amazing. Please cop EP and you’ll thank me later.

Lyrikal Busta – Vuli Sekele
Lyrikial Busta is, without a doubt, the hardest working rapper in the kingdom. Forever releasing hit after hit and high quality videos. He is back with another certified hit produced by the amazing M. Seth and Sibz on the guitar.

You can also download the project here.

Lution (Psycholution) – The College LP
In my opinion, this is the BEST hip hop release to come out of the kingdom of eSwatini this year. Lution is back with some major heat here, proving once again why he has always been considered as the best rapper in the kingdom. From production to delivery, everything is immaculate and of international standards. Thank you Lution for showing these kids how it’s done. The College LP is designed to spark self-confidence and drive toward goals and ambitions as a student of the education system and most importantly a student of life.

Paige – Day ones (freestyle) & Night shift
After a lengthy hiatus Paige is back with a freestyle just to give you a taste of what is yet to come. I am super amped about his upcoming releases because this kid never disappoints and always brings the heat. Dope freestyle but I feel like he was holding back a bit, but overall it is dope. Nightshift was released after the freestyle and he did his best. Dope joint overall, super happy that he is back.

Rosé – Replay
If you’ve listened to her old music you can notice the tremendous improvement and maturity in her new sound. Beautiful song, one I urge you to add to your playlist ASAP! Her voice is a breath of fresh air accompanied by the amazing Wordsmith Felix on production. “Replay is about reliving an old love story but not really staying for the whole relationship package” she says.

Ghetto Villah – Phumula Ngwane
The king of eSwatini kasi rap always makes sure he never disappoints. I’m slowly becoming a fan because of his consistency and hard work. Dedicated to all those that take care of the elderly. Ghetto Villah was inspired by the magnitude of how Phumula Ngwane is helping the elderly who have now become caretakers of their grandchildren because their sons and daughters have passed on due to HIV/AIDS.

HumidSky – Numb
Numb is so soothing and well crafted. Remedy did the things with production and HumidSky just perfected it with his voice. Beautiful release! Something out of the ordinary – just what the country needs. This is definitely his best work so far and the future looks very bright. Major shoutout to Remedy for the production.

You can also download the project here.

Subxero & Jimmy Carter – HBK
The future of eSwatini’s music industry is in good hands. Beautiful release from this duo and I hope to hear more music from them because they are yet to mature. This is another must have in your playlist.

Teach Me How To Boogie  – Episode 001 by Groove Doketela & Macdeep
I personally think eSwatini has the best DJs in Southern Africa. If you don’t believe me just checkout these two mixes which will leave you speechless. I am looking forward to the next mixes.

Stickx – Fully In Remix (AKA)
Stickx is one of the best Swati artists based in the diaspora. This guy is just amazing! Listen to his latest offering and you’ll understand why I say that. He is always exceptional and gives his best. Major respect to this him and I just hope the kingdom starts to realize that he is a gem.

97 Teej – Codeine Plug ft Hotboynino
Watch out for 97 Teej. She’s bringing some fire into the game. This song will definitely be part of your playlist and you’ll be jamming to it for days to come. Big ups to her! Everything on this joint is just on point and looking forward to hearing more of her work.

Cypr – Ubumnandi ft Trippy King & Chei
Honestly I doubted the song when I saw the artwork but hey, as cliche as it may be but don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a actually a dope jam, nothing too fancy. The beat is amazing and hook is catchy and easy vibe too. This is a song for the summer, I just hope they promote it enough. It’s a really catchy song and you’ll find yourself vibing to it. Big ups to everyone involved in the song.

Yung Boss – Love Me Now
Love Me Now is an zmazing song with a different sound with fairly good delivery. Yung Boss could have murdered it but he chose to go easy on it went easy on it – well that’s my opinion. A-Reece kinda joint, all in all it’s a dope song but he could have gone really heavy on the verses. The song had the potential to be the best song on the list.

Cnx Boi- Wave Lord EP
Firstly big ups to whoever designed the album art, the design is just too dope. The EP is cool, nothing exceptional but a jammable EP  maybe if you listen to it a couple of times. Production and delivery on some of the songs is actually pretty dope but overall I’m not blown away. Cop it though because you may vibe to it.

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A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Them Fads

Cape Town based space garage rock band, Them Fads, is a creating quite a significant buzz in the Mother City and they are undoubtedly destined for bigger things in South Africa’s rock scene. With their innovative approach to garage rock and their mind-blowing live sets, they are truly a refreshing act that is breaking through in the scene. We had an opportunity to speak to them after they rocked Endless Daze 2018 two weeks ago. We spoke to band members, Heino, Kayla, Mike and Desmond, and they got to share a little bit about their experience at the festival, dream collabs and some future prospects. Check the conversation below.

First of all, big ups on an awesome Endless Daze set, the energy was epic! If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?

Heino (Bass & Vocals)Black Lips, because Jared and I could use the same bass without anyone noticing. Less equipment to worry about.

Kayla (Drums and Vocals)Babe Rainbow. Positive Vibrations.

Mike (Guitar and Backing)The Growlers.

Desmond (Guitar and Backing): My guitar speaks for itself.

How would you best describe Them Fads in five words?

Heino: Mishmash of psyched out garage punk.

Kayla: Garage surf sing-alongs.

Mike: “We try to play music”.

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

image of them fads performing
Them Fads rocking out at the Endless Daze Festival. Photography by: Pierre Rommelaere

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?

Heino: It’s a great concept that caters for a niche market that is mostly overlooked by other major festivals in our country.

Kayla: Psych Night makes dreams come true.

Mike: It’s small and inclusive and, in my opinion, has one of the better yearly lineups out of the other festivals.

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

Which band did you personally enjoy the most this weekend?

Heino: My outer body experience during Them Fads’ set.

Kayla: Runaway Nuns.

MikeThe Brother Moves On .Wow!

Desmond: My guitar speaks for itself.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows and to stream/ buy your music?
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With Black Math

Black Math, is a Durban based spacey garage rock band taking the South African rock industry by storm. Formed in 2010, these school friends have remained original throughout and have subsequently gained a loyal following in Mzansi. We got an opportunity to speak to them about their experience at Endless Daze 2018, got to know a little more about them, potential new releases and what’s on their minds.

First of all, big ups on an epic set at Endless Daze, you killed it on stage! If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?
Bob Dylan and/or Spice Girls.

How would you best describe Black Math in five words?
Fast, angry, clumsy/raw, noisy and strange (as people).

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
Endless Daze is rad because that wild beach is right next to it. Another, more important factor, is that it is well organized and this year’s line-up was super rad. The mild landscape and weather allows it to be a less stressful experience. Also, one can wander down the beach where you could be completely alone.

image of black math
Black Math rocking out at Endless Daze Festival. Photography credit: Pierre Rommelaere

Which band/s did you personally enjoy the most at Endless Daze?
A Place To Bury Strangers fucked shit up! The Brother Moves on were a close second. Plus, Kidofdoom was wonderful.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows and to stream/ buy your music?
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp and SoundCloudWe are releasing a new full length album before the end of the year.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!

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Introducing Igoda: One of Africa’s first music festival touring circuits

An aristocratic basement in Braamfontein played host to one of the most important music initiatives in Southern Africa and we were privileged enough to be among the few to witness its launch. On Tuesday evening, Igoda officially launched its 2019 music festival circuit by unveiling a host of top international acts performing at the various events across the circuit. Igoda is a Zulu word that means “knot” or “to bind together” and this definition reflects the unique collaboration that brings together the finest music festivals in Southern Africa to create one of the first touring circuits on the African continent.

The circuit is a partnership that encompasses five regional festivals including:

AZGO Festival (Maputo, Mozambique) 16 – 18 May 2019
Mozambique’s finest international arts festival; bringing together a diverse and quality program of music, film, and dance to the city of Maputo across two days and nights. Azgo is a contemporary celebration of arts and culture, with a strong focus on artists from Mozambique and from around the continent of Africa. The festival serves as a platform for emerging and acclaimed artists to collaborate and meet a new audience. The name ‘Azgo’ is and old slang word from Maputo which means ‘let’s go’, let’s revisit our cultures and heritage, ‘let’s go’ promote cultural diversity, “let’s go” promote the arts and culture, Let’s Go.

Find out more about the AZGO Festival on their website here.

Bassline Fest (Johannesburg, South Africa) 23 – 25 May 2019
Bassline’s annual Bassline Fest – Celebrating Africa Day, is one of Africa’s biggest celebrations of African contemporary music. The concert is held annually on the closest Saturday to the official AU Africa Day of celebration on the 25th May. Hosted at Constitution Hill, in the heart of Jozi and the beacon of our much cherished democracy, this concert has developed over the years from the Newtown Precinct to Constitution Hill. Established in 2003, this event is a world class production featuring a star-studded line-up that sees some of the continent’s biggest acts take to the stage, such as Ishmael Lo, D’banj, Salif Keita, Femi Kuti & Oliver Mtukudzi, to name a few, as well as providing a platform for new artists breaking onto the contemporary African music scene. In addition to live concert the Bassline Fest is filmed for a 3-hour live television show and is broadcast around the continent to millions of music lovers across the globe.

Find out more about the Bassline Fest on their website here.

MTN Bushfire (Malkerns, Eswatini) 24 – 26 May 2019
More than a festival, this living, breathing creative ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil, is best known for its inclusivity, welcoming approximately 26,000 guests from over 60 countries in an atmosphere of tolerance. Its “Bring Your Fire” call to action promotes a passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment, inviting all fans of music, the arts, cultural exploration and environmental sustainability to become part of the thriving community. The festival is the 2017 winner of Best Responsible Event – African Responsible Tourism Awards.

Find out more about MTN Bushfire on their website here.

SAKIFO Music Festival (Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island) 7 – 9 June 2019
Sakifo is the longest-running music event in Réunion’s cultural landscape, eagerly awaited by local festival-goers. An eclectic line-up will gather on southern Saint-Pierre’s shores, including top-notch international acts. Second weekend of June should already be in your schedule!

Find out more about Sakifo on their website here.

ZAKIFO Music Festival (Durban, South Africa) 24 May – 2 June 2019

Zakifo is a showcase of artists at the forefront of sound from across the globe. Now in its fifth year, the festival moves across two weeks including multiple venues, events and non-stop music. Running from 24 May to 2 June, the programme will incorporate many local venues and festival sites.

Find out more about Zakifo on their website here.

These festivals work together in facilitating the movement of artists within the region, thereby exposing them to different audiences. When an artist is booked to perform at one of the member festivals, it opens up opportunities for them to easily perform at the other festivals and tour the circuit during the period. Igoda is an exciting development both for local and international artists, festival professionals, and music fans from Southern Africa and across the world. The touring circuit can offset the high costs of travel for international acts to Africa via increased efficiencies, opening up opportunities for many artists would have not considered performing in the region before.

The shared artists for the Igoda Southern African Festival Music Circuit 2019 include the following artists:

Alibombo (Colombia)

image of alibombo
Image supplied.

Alibombo, besides being a percussion group, is an experimentation laboratory. With noise that creates music from recycled elements, its influences pass through rhythms of the Caribbean and the Colombian Pacific, merged with drum and bass.

Dobet Gnahoré  (Cote d’Ivoire)

image of dobet gnahore
Image supplied.

Dobet Gnahoré is a singer from Côte d’Ivoire. The daughter of percussionist Boni Gnahoré, she plays with the group Na Afriki, consisting mainly of French and Tunisian musicians, who accompany her with the guitar, sanza, the balafon, the calebasse and bongos. Due to the civil war unrest in her country of birth, she moved to France in 1999. In 2004, Dobet Gnahoré released her debut album AnoNeko. In 2006, she was a nominee at the World Music Awards for Newcomer and shared an award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance with India Arie at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

GranMah (Mozambique)

image of granmah
Image supplied.

GranMah is a Dub/Reggae Fusion band from Mozambique that started in a garage in 2009. They recorded an LP and have been featured on various TV and radio shows. In 2012, they won a public contest to open the Mozambique Music Awards gala, with their first single, Starlight Stardust. In addition to performing at various venues for live music in Mozambique, the local festival appearances include the Azgo Festival (1st, 3rd and 6th editions), Downwind Kitesurf Festival (Vilanculos), Music Festival at the Franco Moçambicano Cultural Center (Maputo), and ‘Festival da Terra’ in Inhambane (Tofo).

Lindigo (Reunion Island)

image of lindingo
Image supplied.

Lindigo is a music group from Reunion Island. The Maloya group founded in 1999 , and  is led by Olivier Araste, the singer  who hails from Paniandy. The band has released four albums, the latest, Maloya Power, in 2012. With an average age of thirty, Lindigo’s members are stubbornly watching the past. However, their approach does not lock in nostalgia, nor in the shackles of a sterile memory. Foundations serve momentum, and roots build the future.

Maia & The Big Sky (Kenya)

image of maia & the big sky
Image supplied.

Maia represents a different flavour to Kenya’s contemporary musical landscape. Her magnetic vocals, both in Kiswahili and English, weave together African polyrhythm with soul and folk, creating a familiarity and warmth that transcends continents. Daughter of Kenyan musical legend Sal Davis, Maia has earned herself a formidable reputation as one of Kenya’s most explosive live performers.

Mandla Mlangeni (South Africa)

image of mandla mlangeni
Image supplied.

Trumpeter, composer, bandleader of the Tune Recreation Committee and Amandla Freedom Ensemble, Mandla Mlangeni is the band leader of the Tune Recreation Committee. Their debut album, Voices Of Our Vision, was New York Time’s Best Albums of 2017 and SAMA nominee for Best Jazz Album.

MEUTE (Germany)

image of meute
Image supplied.

When the bass drops and the confetti blows up: MEUTE breaks the code. The Techno Marching Band combines hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music, freeing electronic music from the DJ desk and overhauling the image of marching bands. Just drums and brass, no computers involved, this is all they need to revolutionize techno music and bring it back to its roots at the same time.

Moonchild Sanelly (South Africa)

image of moonchild sanelly
Image supplied.

Moonchild Sanelly grew up in Port Elizabeth in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. Her love for music became evident when Sanelly found love in front of the camera. Her love for jazz, hip-hop and kwaito were all influenced by her social experiences in the Durban music scene. She has performed alongside artists such as Gcina Hlope, Busi Mhlongo and Madala Kunene. She has also collaborated with the likes of DJ Maramza, BLK JKS and Thandiswa Mazwai. She left a lasting impression when she performed at the Sound Festival in Primavera, Barcelona.

Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe)

image of oliver mtutudzi
Image supplied.

Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi is a Zimbabwean musician, businessman, philanthropist, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa Region. Tuku is considered Zimbabwe’s most renowned and internationally recognised cultural icon of all time. With his husky voice, he has become the most revered voice to emerge from Zimbabwe and onto the international scene and he has earned a devoted following across Africa and beyond.

Sands (Kingdom of eSwatini)

image of sands
Image supplied.

Guitarist, songwriter, performing artist and singer; Sands has been celebrated from all corners of eSwatini long before his song ‘Tigi” propelled him into the Southern African music scene. Sands’ journey as an artist began in high school when his brother-in-law bought him a guitar and taught him a few chords. He taught himself from then on and got a confidence boost from studying music. He performed around campus until he met Qibho Intalektual, and they started recording with the producer Sub Jamz, who’s highly respected in the kingdom.

Find out more about Igoda, its aims and achievements so far, here.

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When Kat La Kat weaves songs together, he brings house heads to joyful tears

Kat La Kat (real name Kgakgamatso Tlholoe) is a Pretoria born DJ/producer who has rose to prominence in the deep and underground house scene in South Africa. Lauded and respected for masterful approach when DJing and producing, he has carved out a lane for himself as a deep house purveyor whose movements in the culture gifted praise and monikers such as the ‘Deep House Gangsta’.

As a producer, he has released a number of culture-shifting bodies of work such as the Strange Signals EP and The Lagoon EP which were released through Swedish Brandy Productions. His collaborative work with fellow Pretorian, Billow Jazz, have also gifted him acclaim from the underground scene.

As a DJ, he boasts an incredible skill of weaving songs together, seamlessly matching track BPMs and curating sonic experiences that allow him to build narratives and journeys off of the strength of music. Now that’s powerful and commendable. His track selections showcase the strength of his ear and his musical genius as there is no other DJ in South Africa that can do what he does; command the attention of a crowd, captivate them and introduce them to new sounds like a DJ should.

After watching him deliver a memorable performance at Deep Town Jozi, I got to witness the power that he carries as an artist. He scans and reads the crowd, and then hooks them with a strong delivery of bangers. With each track played, he pulled more and more people who were sitting in the lounge/chilling area at the venue to the DJ booth section. The Citilec Rooftop in Maboneng was on fire! During his set, I stood next to a dude who was enamored and in awe as Kat La Kat performed; he listened attentively, casually sipping his beer until it got to a point where he caught the vibe and was subsequently consumed by the music. Emotions were plentiful as he grooved to Kat La Kat and was subsequently brought to tears. These tears came from a joyful and appreciative place, and demonstrated the power of music is to me and how crucial the DJ is in society. Amazing moment during an amazing night!

The next time you see Kat La Kat, show him love, give him a hug and give him props for taking South African house music to heights we have never seen before.

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A Post Endless Daze Festival Conversation With A Place To Bury Strangers

Brooklyn, New York based band, A Place To Bury Strangers, was one of the headline international act at the Endless Daze Festival. I had a chat with Oliver from A Place To Bury Strangers and we spoke about playing in South Africa, bands they would love collab with and  their experience at Endless Daze Festival.

If you could choose any band/solo act to join you on a world tour, who would it be and why?Mozart because that would be freaking insane!

How would you best describe A Place To Bury Strangers in 5 words?
A Place To Bury Strangers.

What makes Endless Daze one of the best festivals to perform at in South Africa?
It was so great to be here in South Africa. The bands and everyone were so great it was such a good time. You could really feel the hard work and care paying off as it was such an epic event and wild fun party. Everyone should race on over to South Africa for the Endless Daze festival next year.
image of a place to bury strangers
A Place To Bury Strangers rocking at Endless Daze Festival. Photography credit: Pierre Rommelaere

Which band did you personally enjoy the most this weekend?
There were so many great bands over the days I really loved Medicine Boy and Dead Meadow. Those bands are my bread and butter.

Where can we find you online to see your upcoming shows & to stream/ buy your music?
You can buy our latest record on Bandcamp and Spotify.

The images used for this feature piece were taken by the very talented, Pierre Rommelaere. Follow him on social media. He’s super rad!