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Premiere: Cape Town based alt pop band, CINE400, releases beautiful visuals for their single ‘Athlone’

CINE400 is an Athlone based alternative pop band that has burst into the South African music industry. Armed with a unique story, great music and a great youthful energy, the three piece band has won hearts of music lovers that have come across their beautiful musical renditions. Unlike many alternative pop bands in the country, the background band gifts the band members the opportunity to paint a picture of their home, Athlone, in a genuine, honest and authentic way. With their music they are able to show that a lot of treasure lies in communities that are often unfairly regarded as downtrodden, barren and dangerous, and that is undoubtedly a task that they are gracefully taking on. This does not mean that they have to limit themselves creatively in the themes, topics and ideas that they take on as an act, but just by the virtue of them being from where they are from is enough for them to break stereotypes, innovate and push boundaries.

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The music that Ozzy, Aqeeb and Kazz make evokes the a certain feeling of nostalgia to simpler times and promotes and champions togetherness, unity and most importantly, Cape culture. This is particularly seen in their song called Athlone, a heartfelt ode to their home. Athlone is a culturally relevant song in South African especially with the current social, political and economical conditions of the country. The song, as much as it is structured as an ode, carries a greater theme which speaks to South Africa in its entirety.

The song has a video directed by Daniel Alexander and produced by Marco Rodrigues. The video is beautifully shot and the focus was to flip the script in how Athlone is often depicted in the media. Amazing shots of different types of people that live in community, from children to the youth and even the elderly. When explaining the concept of the video the director says the following: “the hidden gems of any country, city or suburb are the people that occupy it. For this video we wanted to steer away from the stigma Athlone generally has around it and show people that beauty can be found in the places you least expect it. I felt the best way to do that was to put the people of Athlone center stage”. The video makes for a great South African story accompanied by a beautiful track.

Watch the Athlone video below.

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