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Josi Chave Links Up With Mlu To Release A Dance Floor Smash

Respected dance music purveyor, pioneer and personality; Josi Chave, is a passionate music enthusiast who has his hands in different spheres of what a genre of music that South Africans love so much — house music. He is most known for being a radio personality and DJ on of one’s South Africa’s premier youth radio stations, YFM, where he is a seasoned tastemaker that sets trends and introduces new sounds to the masses.

Not only is he a radio and DJ personality, he is also a skilled producer who has a great ear for what works, moves and connects people; often creating songs that break the mold and enjoy a certain amount of success in the market.

image of josi chave
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To remind people of his music production capabilities and his innate need to contribute to South African music culture, he releases a new titled ‘Around You‘ feeling SAMA nominated R&B/soul singer-songwriter, Mlu. The track is a moving force accompanied by Mlu’s powerful vocals which will undoubtedly have you moving; connecting to the pace of the heavily-present drum patterns. Stellar track!

Stream it below.

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