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In Conversation With vrrnn: Austin, Texas, Based Producer Exploring Love & Beats

Austin Texas based musician Vrrnn delivers smooth nostalgic experimental lo-fi beats. With a unique skill of fusing 90s-era soundscapes with adding classic comedy samples to his instrumentals, he crafts his own sonic world that pulls heavily from hip hop’s golden era.

“I originally started making beats when I was 15, I started making beats on the SPP about a year ago.” he shares about his beginnings. vrrnn forms part of the lo-fi beats internet culture which has reconfigured a classic hip hop sound with a focus on sampling. “A lot of artists and individuals inspired me to pick up my craft as seriously as I have, but when I think of a moment that sparked the love for this genre of music it would have to be my discovery of Madlib” he explains. Like many artists in the lo-fi beats scene, vrrnn is is heavily inspired by Los Angeles born and bred producer, Madlib.

Listen to vrrnn’s beats below.

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