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MTN SWAMA Award Winner Adrienne Foo Speaks About Music, Family & Career

Born Nomfundo Spies, Adrienne Foo is an award winning swati artist who graces many local and international stages. From her debut performance in Chicago to being recently featured as Trace Africa’s WCW with her video for ‘Treasure’ being on high rotation on the channel, the sultry songstress was always destined for stardom. “Adrienne Foo is a superstar. She’s a creative. She’s a musician.”

Outside of music, Foo is a lover and family girl who draws inspiration from all sorts of people — popular and unpopular. “There’s always something to learn and something to draw inspiration from but my biggest inspiration comes from the dreams I have for myself”, she shares about what inspires her music. With her latest hit song “Asambe” making rounds on radio, she proves her versatility in music with a song that has an Afro feel which is a sing-along love song. “My sound can really be anything I want it to be at that time. I can give you an Afro feel. I can give you new school R&B, I can drop a few bars and I can give you some soul and the list goes on” Adrienne describes her sound.

“Essentially, I’m training myself to be as versatile as I possibly can in order to create good music in any space you put me in. The dream I have for Adrienne Foo is legendary,” she elaborates. “Asambe is one of my most beautiful pieces of work. It was really an example of how I’m dipping my toes into whatever I’d like to and it turned out to be a beautiful love song” she shares about her latest song.

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With a mesmerising voice rooted in, Foo emphasises that her goal is to spread her music beyond eSwatini. “Eswatini has not been my only goal to be honest. I’m coming for the whole world,” sharing about her goals as an artist.

The music industry isn’t all fun and games as artists are faced with a truckload of challenges. Adrienne Foo believes that these challenges just show you that you are in the right direction. “Be yourself! That will set you apart. You do not need to try to be different. If you seek love, be yourself. Always do your best and believe in yourself with all your heart” sharing what she believes to be her recipe to success. Stay focused on the goal and keep your eye on the prize. Do not let other peoples’ success and blessings distract you from achieving your own or from what your dream is,” she elaborates. The Swazi Jive signee also believes that it is vital that you celebrate others in this industry regardless of your own struggles.

Having had a stunning career thus far, Adrienne Foo is yet to reach her pinnacle and shall forever be cherished by emaSwati for the beautiful music she makes. With promises of more music this year one should keep an eye on her social media platforms.

Listen to Asambe by Adrienne Foo.

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