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The New Frontier: An African Startup Focused Show Crafted To Highlight Real Entrepreneurship Stories

In September, two Johannesburg based entrepreneurs; Lungile Mayindi and Nkululeko Nkosi embarked on a journey of creating and crafting content focused on the startup journey in Africa. Now this content is not structured to give people wishy-washy and fantastical ideas of entrepreneurship; its focus is impart real knowledge, provide interesting insights and deliver value in the form of truth.

Lungile Mayindi is a young entrepreneur who hails from the East Rand region of Johannesburg, who is now based in the North of Johannesburg and has his own production company called Iron Heart Films. Nkululeko Nkosi is a Mpumalanga-born and Johannesburg based entrepreneur who co-founded WeDigitize Agency — a digital and solutions-focused agency. The two started the Youtube series to provide meaningful content about the startup journey, content that will be real and speak to the difficulties of the entrepreneurial journey and how one should manoeuvre the business world as a young African startup founder.

Topics such as avoiding burning and staying consistency, the struggles of entrepreneurship, how to network and book recommendations for entrepreneurs. The channel is structured to be an edu-tainment

Watch the releases episodes below.

More videos are going to be shared and the two entrepreneurs look forward to connecting more with other entrepreneurs in South Africa and Africa. It is their contribution to the African startup scene and they hope to deliver tangible value to their viewers and target audience.

Featured Music Reviews

Vision Over Everything: Knowing Your Worth Is Important In The Music Industry

The biggest challenge South African music industry is facing is that most of our musicians don’t have a vision pertaining their music careers. They think you just have to write the lyrics, hit the studio, release an album then BOOM! You achieve success. It is important to know why you are starting a career in music as that will guide you on your way to achieving your success. Musicians who don’t have a vision end up being ‘has
beens’ of the industry. You will also notice that as they become public figures, they often in the media for all the wrong reasons.

You’ll be hearing that a musician was arrested for drunk-driving, rape or assaulted someone. Vision protects you from all these bad things happening to you. Your vision make you have a backbone, help you to never surrender to the pressure that may come with fame, you’ll know your worth and most importantly, others will have great respect for you and see you as a role model.

AMPD Studios Crowd In Newtown Johannesburg

This will make getting endorsement deals easier as everyone will want to associate themselves with you. Another great thing that can happen is that event organizers will also be calling you every now and then to come perform or be an MC in their events. If you are a musician, you must always remember that everyone is watching your every move, so
it is very important to always play your cards right. Musicians must know that the vision will also help them measure how far they have gone towards achieving their goals and see if they are growing, going backwards or they not moving. In nowadays, musicians do more than recording and releasing their music, they now own record labels and that is because they have realized that it is a vision that makes an artist have a successful career. The industry can be a short career if you don’t have a vision. Roger that.