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Youth-led South African NGO, Young Aspiring Thinkers, Gets Selected To Pitch In Paris, France

South African business leader and serial entrepreneur says that to truly transform South Africa, education is a tool through which we can drive much-needed change. The future of South Africa bright but there is a lot of work that needs to be done for us as a nation to reach prosperity. Many young South Africans are not sitting down drowning in complacency; they are moving and shaking leaving no room for mediocrity and the predominant status quo. They understand that to succeed; you need to zone in on the problems that exist in your surroundings and find solid solutions so we can become product of our environments that are efficient, effective and purpose-driven.

One youth-led non-profit organisation, Young Aspiring Thinkers, is a great example of an entity that consists of young people that see a better future for South Africa and the world. With education being one of the core sectors that they aim to deliver value and change in, they are are actively building our nation one student, school and mentor at the time. Founded by three entrepreneurs and professionals; Monewa Matlwa, Thulani Masebenza and Masego Modiba, Young Aspiring Thinkers is an innovative concept which promised to deliver immense value by linking and assigning young professionals with high school learners for facilitate mentorship programs. Their focus is to reduce youth unemployment, improve learner career prospects and optimise how we teach young people in the public schooling system — particularly in the township.

We got the privilege to speak to exciting entrepreneur and co-founder of Young Aspiring Thinkers,  Thulani Masebenza, to find out more about their NPO, their visions for the future and exciting developments in their entrepreneurial and professional careers.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

Please introduce yourself and your startup?
Young Aspiring Thinkers was a Non-Profit Organization which was created by Thulani Masebenza, Monewa Matlwa and Masego Modiba which aims to improve youth education, reduce youth unemployment and improve the career prospects of young learners in public schools particularly public schools located in South African townships. All our career journeys have been interesting and uncertain, and we felt that even in our relatively privileged position as young black South Africans we are directed towards certain careers mainly out of necessity instead of careers which are linked towards our passion.

When conceptualising Young Aspiring Thinkers, what was the ‘why’  that drove you from an idea that lived in your head to a living entity?
As we started to explore the problem we began to realise this wasn’t only a problem which we faced, but a problem which other black South African youth face. When we’re young we are expected to enter careers such as Law, Medicine, Accounting and Engineering. This creates anxiety amongst youth that any career outside of those four is not one which should be pursued. Our original idea for Young Aspiring Thinkers was using a “speed – dating” solution but the career version where we invite young professionals excelling in their respective professions, to serve as mentors for the students on the day. The mentors speak to about two students at a time, for roughly +/- 5min where they give the students an insight into what they do, what their job looks like on the day to day, what degree they studied and other pieces of advice which could help them. This is beneficial as the students get exposed to multiple careers in one day. Usually we have a mix of professionals from entrepreneurs to consultants to doctors to football coaches to marketeers. All giving young South African students a view into their career and food for thought, for their futures.

What are some of the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis and how do you view challenges as an entrepreneur?
As our organisation has grown and as we have run more sessions at schools we have realised that the scale of the problem is bigger than we initially thought. As much as we think career skills development and career guidance are important, we are trying to tackle the larger problem of education and youth unemployment in South Africa. We are doing this through building structured programmes which we implement at schools, our programmes aim to increase the future career prospects of learners, filter our learners into bursary and scholarships programmes, help them develop youth led businesses or help them find employment. These programmes will all be different in nature depending on what we want the outcome of the programme to be, the first programme which we have implemented is the Illuminate Programme which we are running at Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School. We are also in discussions with a major international corporation which we can’t reveal yet and are planning to launch a programme with them at a high school later in the year. We are also in discussions with a German Business School which is interested in creating online content for the learners in our Illuminate Programme.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

You have been invited to pitch at the prestigious ChangeNOW Summit in Paris, France. Congratulations, that is a great milestone and achievement. How can South Africa rally behind you in support?
This vision of moving from once-off career development sessions to programmes for the youth has led us on the path that we are now, which is having the opportunity to pitch our social enterprise at the ChangeNow Summit in Paris. ChangeNow is one of the largest platforms in the world for social impact startups, ChangeNOW is all about concrete actions and innovations: climate change, end of plastic pollution, new forms of agriculture, new models of education, solutions to the refugee crisis, clean energy, sustainable cities and other solutions to our most urgent global issues. Young Aspiring Thinkers has been selected to pitch in the education pitching session. This will allow us to pitch our vision and raise funding for the projects which we aim to implement throughout the year as well as gain strategic partnerships which will also us to further our impact. South Africans can rally behind us for support by joining our crowdfunding campaign, as a company we’ve been able to raise R15 000 for this trip to Paris, and we need your assistance to gather an addition R30 000. We’ve come up with a campaign that will help us reach our target and pitch our vision at the summit. We need 300 people to pledge and donate R100 each and would appreciate your assistance in reaching that target. This financial assistance will allow us to buy tickets, book accommodation and secure Visa’s for the trip. We are also always recruiting young mentors who can join our sessions and programmes to help with facilitation, giving career advice to the learners or talking about their career journey to help inspire the learners.

In conclusion, what is your vision for Africa?
Our vision for Africa is to become the most transformational youth led organisation on the continent. We hope to impact the lives of 50 000 learners by 2030, this means in the next 10 years we hope to impact roughly 125 South African public schools and either run sessions or implement a programme at these schools. We believe impacting lives to that scale would have such a positive impact on our economy as we believe the foundation of a successful economy is built on education, especially as we grow towards a knowledge based economy.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

Where can people contact you online or social media?
You can visit our website, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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Culture + Tech: Using Data Science To Enhance The African Creative Industry

It’s December 2019, we have reached the end of what we would think was a great decade. A decade characterised by new inventions, shifts in culture and schools of thought. The changes in society are evident and with technology enabling us to do more in an automated way, humans are buying themselves more time to think, feel and be in the moment as robots are taking over many of the tasks that we once had no choice but to do (manually). When humans have more time, they are afforded the ability of enhancing their creativity. Think about that for a moment, when we have more time, we will have the luxury of tapping into a more spiritual and creative side of the human experience, and the assumption there would be that humans will direct their focus to things that meaning.

Sure, technology has its dangers and hazards; and if powerful tech sits in the wrong hands or is created by people that do not prioritise the honest reflection of the diversity that the world carries by building inherently-biased applications, we will continue to have issues. The opportunities presented by technology, and as we enter into the new decade, are immense and with the growing human need for entertainment and creativity as we’ll have more time; adequately preparing for the creative boom by up-skilling ourselves in tech is a no-brainer. What do I mean by this? The new decade that we going into is one where most, if not all, tasks are going to be increasingly automated power by artificial intelligence. For any AI-driven tech, you often need large sets of data to and to extract value from it, we need the skills to operate the tools that will help us mine the data to deliver value. Data science, described as one of the most exciting careers of the future, is a field that is already being used for the entertainment space but the catch is that they are owned by the tech companies, your Apples, Netflix’s, Spotify’s etc. Just to break it down, data science is a described as a multidisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge from unstructured and structured data. With data science as a tool, we can build tech that matters and will provide the platforms to springboard us into future.

Very few creatives are up-skilling themselves to be future-proof because the rules of engagement of industry are changing in the new decade and we ought to be ready for it. In the new decade, to survive and deliver maximum value to industry and the masses (in my humble opinion), you need to equip yourself with the right skills. Just being a traditional journalist won’t cut it, the media industry has drastically changed in the last decade and we saw many, once glorified, media houses tank because of failure to innovate in a highly fast-paced and digital world. Just being a musician won’t be enough, there are AI-driven bots that are capable of making music, and as much as the music industry started seeing increased revenue in the last few years; the tech companies have been integral in this growth. Now don’t me wrong, I am not saying that robots are going to take over the world, but they are going to get pretty and seriously close. As artists or supporters of culture, in our various professions/interests, can be owners of the channels through which deliver value to the world. The people who will own the best tech that will deliver convenience and value quick are going to be rulers of industry. This has already started happening in a lot of industries and everyone is scrambling to beef up their tech departments to prepare for the wave that is to come. Culture changes and moves with time and it can be beautifully and perfectly merged with tech to create new experiences for humanity.

To truly and radically transform the African creative industry, we need to take the necessary steps to drive innovation in the space. We need our own tech platforms, built by creatives for creatives and the masses to enjoy; from streaming platforms to AI-driven bots that will us with discovery, the facilitation of connections and problem solving. The creative of the future is a dynamic one; they can code, build actionable business models and are insanely dope creatives. We do not have a shortage of ‘insanely dope creatives’ in the African continent (admit it, Africans are nice) but we do have a shortage of in the creative space is tech talent that will drive industry forward. Culture and tech do not have to war. They co-exist symbiotically for the goodness and the betterment of humanity. As 2020 draws nearer and nearer, let us make the means as the creative industry to build tech that we can own, that is culturally-relevant and inherently designed for our people. With ownership embedded in our minds and rooted in how we move, we can encourage consistent innovation. I mean, we do live in a continent where humanity began, let’s show the world where the real juice comes from.

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The New Frontier: An African Startup Focused Show Crafted To Highlight Real Entrepreneurship Stories

In September, two Johannesburg based entrepreneurs; Lungile Mayindi and Nkululeko Nkosi embarked on a journey of creating and crafting content focused on the startup journey in Africa. Now this content is not structured to give people wishy-washy and fantastical ideas of entrepreneurship; its focus is impart real knowledge, provide interesting insights and deliver value in the form of truth.

Lungile Mayindi is a young entrepreneur who hails from the East Rand region of Johannesburg, who is now based in the North of Johannesburg and has his own production company called Iron Heart Films. Nkululeko Nkosi is a Mpumalanga-born and Johannesburg based entrepreneur who co-founded WeDigitize Agency — a digital and solutions-focused agency. The two started the Youtube series to provide meaningful content about the startup journey, content that will be real and speak to the difficulties of the entrepreneurial journey and how one should manoeuvre the business world as a young African startup founder.

Topics such as avoiding burning and staying consistency, the struggles of entrepreneurship, how to network and book recommendations for entrepreneurs. The channel is structured to be an edu-tainment

Watch the releases episodes below.

More videos are going to be shared and the two entrepreneurs look forward to connecting more with other entrepreneurs in South Africa and Africa. It is their contribution to the African startup scene and they hope to deliver tangible value to their viewers and target audience.

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AMPD Studios Gems: How To Get Your Single On Radio?

AMPD Studios is a platform and creative hub developed by Old Mutual to support the South African music industry and contribute positively to the youth culture in the country. As part of their efforts to equip young musicians and other types of creatives is the a feature called AMPD Studios Gems which is a feature designed to provide insights to young musicians. For this feature, AMPD Studios gets insights from radio legend, Cath Grenfell, who focuses on the topic: How to get your single on radio?

She shares the following advice:

– Decide on a single. This is really important. Playlisters at radio stations get hundreds of tracks to listen to. They don’t have the time to listen to your whole EP.

– Give a brief intro to your band in the email, with your contact and social media details, as well as the details of the track, which includes your ISRC code.

– Attach a mp3 of your single under 5mb for listening purposes.

– Name the mp3 attachment as “Your Band Name” + “Song Name”.

– Give them download links for bigger versions of the file – mp3 and wav format.

– Ask them for feedback.

– If someone gives you feedback and take it as constructive criticism.

– Listen to different radio stations and hear what their format is before submitting. There is no point in submitting a heavy metal track to a radio station that only plays hip hop: you are wasting your time as well as a music compiler.

– If you get no response. Try again the following week, and then the following week. Don’t spam a radio station. And don’t get your fans on social media to spam a radio station. It just pisses them off. And then you’re screwed.

– Make sure the track you are submitting is not a demo. Make sure that it is finished, mixed and mastered.

– Have a strategic plan for your tracks if you have an EP or album. Decide on the first single and then your second single etc.

– If your first single is successful, then keep an eye on how it is doing in charts etc. If it is climbing the charts, then hold off on your second single. If it doesn’t chart, or isn’t doing anything. Move onto submitting your second single.

– If your 1st single doesn’t succeed in playlisting (after trying a few times) move onto your next single.

– If you are submitting a single to a commercial radio station (FM radio stations etc) then make sure it is clean. Meaning there should be no swear words.

– If you are submitting to an internet radio station. Give them 2 MP3 options. The original version as well as the clean version so they can decide what they would like to playlist.

– Make sure that you submit a radio edit. Radio stations generally like songs that are around 3 minutes. So if you can edit long intros etc. Do it!

– Do some investigation into radio stations and find out who is interested in music. Send those people your tracks as well as the music compiler. This means going onto the radio stations website to get the playlist email address. Or following radio people on social media to see if they support music.

– Invite radio people to your gigs. You never know – they might turn up and like your stuff and it helps with playlisting.

– If a playlister says it doesn’t suit their format, then listen to the station and understand that your track possibly doesn’t suit the format. Each radio station generally has a format they like to play. They could possibly only play kwaito, or house, or hip hop or top40 commercial music.

– Don’t give up and Don’t be a dick and get upset if a radio station won’t play your stuff!

That’s it! Happy Sunday.

Words by Cath Grenfell brought to you by AMPD Studios powered by Old Mutual.

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Win A R30,000 Music Package With Moshito In Partnership With MTV, BET & Downtown Music Hub

For young and up-and-coming artists, breaking into the music industry is difficult and carries a myriad of challenges that prevent them from succeeding. With the understanding of this insight, the Moshito Music Conference and MTV build the Moshito MTV Base Demo Presentation where up-and-coming artists can used their talents to score themselves a music package that is worth R30,000 to help them kickstart their careers.

The Moshito MTV Base Demo Presentation is an effort to provide artists a shot a huge break which includes; an opportunity to having the artist’s song sampled on a number of radio stations, professional demo recording and press kit development. These are things that young and up-and-coming artists cannot afford and by entering this competition they can cut these costs and be seeded into the right circles in the music industry. With support from Downtown Music Hub, this competition opens up a great door for aspirant future game changers in music to make their presence felt in the music industry.

READ: The 16th Edition of the Moshito Music Conference Focuses on Women. 


image of moshito mtv demo presentation
Image supplied.

The Moshito MTV Base Demo Presentation is open to all musicians and takes place on 2 September 2019 at Bassline (Newtown Music Factory) from 11am -4pm. There is no cover charge and it is absolutely free for all participants. A panel of expert judges in the music world including radio compilers, celebrity guests and music industry experts will select the 20 artists with the most promising potential. The qualifying 20 will be called back on September 2019 where the winner will take all.

For more information visit the Moshito here.

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A Call For Musicians & DJs From The Global South To Apply For The Goethe Talents Scholarship 2019

The Goethe Institut in collaboration with the »Pop-Kultur« are offering a life-changing opportunity for musicians and DJs that live in the global south, middle east and central Asia; to get an scholarship to a 10 day programme built to equip them with necessary skills needed to navigate the industry. Now running for the fifth year, the scholarship programme offers an experience of Berlin, networking sessions with industry professionals, educational workshops and other beneficial activities to young artists.

The scholarship programme is directed a musicians between the ages of 20 and 30 who have some industry experience and have a great grasp of the English language. Artist based in the global south are encouraged to apply which means if you are an artist based anywhere in Southern Africa, you can grab this opportunity to learn, grow and connect with artists from different regions.

Durban based artist, ByLwansta, took part in this scholarship in 2017 and while in Berlin; he got an amazing opportunity to be featured on Colors Studio and his video on the platform is sitting on over six hundred thousand views. Now if that’s not enough motivation, we don’t know!

Apply here. Applications close on the 17th of April.

Watch the Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018 aftermovie below.

Follow the Goethe Institut on Facebook, Twitter and their website for more updates.

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Introducing Xpressed Records: An independent label on a mission of taking Afro House to new heights

Xpressed Records is a independent label founded in 2016 by Soweto-born DJ/producer, Nelo HD (formerly known as Nelo). The label took its first giant leap in 2017 by making its presence felt with the release 16 singles, many of which were songs by the Nelo HD. In 2017, the label found solid ground, a space through which they innovate and break boundaries and built a foundation.

The label primarily focuses on electronic music, with Afro House as one of their core offerings and specialties. The label plays in a niche and alternative space, and which the guidance and expertise of Nelo HD, it is slowly becoming a go-to hub for innovative house records.

image of nelo hd, the founder of xpressed records
Image Supplied. The founder of Xpressed Records, Nelo HD.

Stream the latest episode of Xpressed Records Radio below.

Follow Xpressed Records on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and Youtube.

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Introducing Garden Groove: A new exciting label from Cape Town that is inspired by Mother Nature’s sonic energy and tranquility

Ashwin Middleway, more popularly known as Winnie Deep, is a name you cannot sleep on when it comes to the house music scene in Cape Town. A respected DJ and a young pioneer, he has earned his stripes as a soldier for the culture as his contributions to the underground House music scene are impactful. His passion runs deep, and this is seen in how he chooses to navigate the underground – poised, focused and determined. In Cape Town, to many, the mention of his name triggers memories of shows he has rocked, moments he has created and people he has influenced. A true fighter for music he believes should be accessed and heard by more people.

After spending a considerable amount of time contributing to the culture as a performer and supporter of the underground, Winnie Deep has gone on and established his own label – Garden Groove. Described as a ‘forward-thinking record label that seeks to discover, nurture and promote the finest South African talent’, the new venture aims to provide a platform for a vibrant cross-pollination of music.

Organizationally, Winnie Deep has positioned the label to mimic how Mother Nature works; prioritizing a culture of nurturing fresh talent and creating a platform for growth. The label has released three projects so far; Juliets Room EP by Winnie Deep, Gotta Move On EP by Deep Sentiments and Beyond The Tone EP by Da Brownie, all of which are strong releases that push South African underground house music to newer heights.

Stream their most recent release, Beyond The Tone EP, by Da Brownie.

Follow Garden Groove on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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The 2018 Dance Music Awards South Africa: Voting Now Open

Over the past decade, South Africa has taken great strides in cementing her place as the dance music capital of not only Africa but arguably the world. Yet, dance music as a genre and culture had lacked its own set of awards to honour DJs, producers, artists and contributors of one of Mzansi’s biggest music genres. The Dance Music Awards South Africa seek to acknowledge and honour the contributions of the former mentioned key players in dance music. This year marks the second installment of the awards.

The DMASA are an audience-based awards event in which users get to nominate and vote for their preferred candidates purely through the DMASA website. This year’s nominations closed on the 17th August and the Top 5 nominees per category were announced on the 22nd August which also marked the beginning of the online voting process. 2018 sees the addition of a rather obvious category, Best Gqom Record of the Year, bringing the total number of categories to 20. Voting closes on the 19th September and the winners are due to be announced on the 27th September. The winners will then be invited to a private honorary dinner where they can collect their physical awards.

Voting is now open. Visit the DMSA website to vote here.

Cape Town’s resurgence within Mzansi’s dance music scene continues to be the order of this year as Capetonian Dwson leads the pack with four nominations – Album of the Year, Best House Record of the year, Best Underground Record of the year and Remix of the Year. Evidently, women are gradually taking their deserved placed within Mzansi’s dance music scene as, songstress and record label owner, Jackie Queens bagged four nominations as well – Best Female Vocalist of the Year, Best House Record of the Year, Best EDM Record and Remix of the Year. Black Coffee, Londie London, Kid Fonque and Cornelius SA aren’t far off the mark with three nominations each.


It seems 5FM is South Africa’s most favoured radio station of choice when it comes to dance music as the station dominated the Best Dance Radio Show category with three out of five nominations – Selective Styles with Kid Fonque, InDasWeTrust and The Kyle Cassim Show. The station will go face off with Metro FM’s Urban Beat and YFM’s #ThePlayersClub for the title of Best Dance Radio Show.

Through the DMASA one can look forward to seeing their favourite artists, producers and DJs getting recognised and rewarded for their efforts and sacrifices but this can only happen if and only if one votes. So head over to the DMASA website, sign-up and vote for your preferred winner over 20 categories.

Follow the Dance Music Awards South Africa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Visit their website here.

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Electronic independence: 12 South African record labels that are ushering in a new era of electronic music in South Africa

Electronic music is huge in South Africa, with House music being the biggest of them all. The industry is growing at a rapid rate and that is caused by the tireless work of South African independent labels. We list twelve South African labels that are pushing the boundary when it comes to electronic music.

Suid Tronica

image of suid tronica logo

Suid Tronica is a South African independent record label founded by Matthew Fraser and Alex Leeu, two active participants in the electronic music industry in South Africa. Their focus is showcasing alternative, experimental and progressive South African music, and providing a platform that celebrates and higlights the cross-pollination of different musical genres.

Follow Suid Tronica on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

Subterranean Wavelength

image of subterranean wavelength

Subterranean Wavelength, or Sub Wav for short, is a Johannesburg based independent label that specializes in electronica and houses some of the most left-field acts in South Africa. With roots in Hip Hop, the label has found its footing in electronic beats where the roster can flex its creativity. Their mission is facilitating the proliferation of new, contemporary African art.

Follow Sub Wav on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and visit their website here.

World Without End

image of world without end

World Without End is a new label founded by South African House maestro, Jullian Gomes. As it stands, the label is positioned to authentically showcase the South African underground House scene by using music and events for the scene. After spending a considerable amount of time in the industry, Jullian has gone on and started his own platform where he can release his own music, put younger artists on and encourage innovation in the South African House scene.

Follow World Without End on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Bae Electronica

image of bae electronica

Bae Electronica is a label founded by African House music powerhouse, Jackie Queens. The existence of the label is a direct challenge to the male dominance prevalent in the music industry, but above all, the label is built around the celebration of women in music. Progression and growth-thinking is what you can expect from the label.

Follow Bae Electronica on FacebookInstagram and SoundCloud.

Cruel Section Records

image of cruel section records

Cruel Section Records is a Cape Town based record label founded by respected producer and electronic music industry player, Dunn Kidda. The label is undoubtedly one of Cape Town’s most innovative labels respected for its originality and forward-thinking nature.

Follow Cruel Section Records on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

Surreal Sounds Music

image of surreal sounds music

Surreal Sounds Music is probably one of the most influential, underground labels in South African House music. Based in Polokwane, the label has facilitated the discovery of stars like Da Capo, Cornelius SA, Karyendasoul and Kususa. The label consistently releases groundbreaking bangers that send shockwaves in clubs all over South Africa and the world.

Follow Surreal Sounds Music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and visit their website here.

I Suppose Ja

image of i suppose ja

I Suppose Ja is a collective that doubles as a record label founded by Johannesburg based producer, Vox Portent. The label exists to build a community of like-minded, creative individuals living in and around Gauteng. With releases from impressive artists like Buli and FRNGE, the label is well on its way of becoming a future powerhouse.

Follow I Suppose Ja on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Wet Dream Recordings

image of wet dream recordings

Wet Dream Recordings is an independent label founded by the legendary South African musician, Big Space, in 1999. He has recently included Rose Bonica to run and grow the label. The focus of the label is to showcase a different side of South African electronica.

Follow Wet Dream Recordings on Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and visit their website here.

King Six Recordings

image of king six recordings

King Six Recordings is a Pretoria based electronic music record label that specializes in deep, tech and minimal House. The label has a strong roster which consists of some of the best DJs and producers in South Africa right now, namely Jay Dee SA, Da Brownie, Wade Deep and Dave-Eaux.

Follow King Six Recordings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and visit their website here.

Bodikela Recordings

image of bodikela recordings

Bodikela Recordings is an independent record label founded by a partnership between La Santa Negra Art Agency (Germany) and Paul Solaris. The label specialises in deep House and their key focus is growing the South African House scene and exporting the Mzansi sound.

Follow Bodikela Recordings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and visit their website here.

Black Medallion Recordings

image of black medallion recordings

Black Medallion Recordings is a new South African independent label founded by producer, DarkArt. (real name Karabo Qubu). The focus of the label is to facilitate artistic and musical expression with no boundaries.

Follow Black Medallion Recordings on Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

Stay True Sounds

image of stay true sounds

Stay True Sounds is an independent label founded by the legendary South African DJ/producer, Kid Fonque. The label is fast becoming the home of independent, electronic music in South Africa and it is growing strength by strength with every release.

Follow Stay True Sounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp and visit their website here.