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Basotho YouTubers Based In The diaspora: Karabo Moeti Releases Short Film

Karabo Joesph Moeti is a Lesotho born YouTuber who is currently studying in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. His content varies from personal life experiences to conversations with his peers about different life issues and experiences. He is back with a short film entitled WHY DO I CREATE?. This short film came about after a conversation with his sister and his housemate about his content on YouTube. “I was contemplating quitting YouTube because my effort put into my videos versus the feedback I was getting did not match up he briefly explains what prompted the short film. “So I had to go back and reflect, questioning myself multiple times why I create. Do I do it for the audience or myself? I had to ponder on this because I was getting stressed and I was starting to forget why I started making videos in the first place” he elaborates. In his reflection, Karabo was able to exceptionally execute his vision and let us into his creative process and pours out his heart explaining why he creates. “The day I had the vision it wasn’t clear but I knew where I wanted to start and ended up almost being bitten by a snake which didn’t divert me” he explains how the video was recorded.

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Youth-led South African NGO, Young Aspiring Thinkers, Gets Selected To Pitch In Paris, France

South African business leader and serial entrepreneur says that to truly transform South Africa, education is a tool through which we can drive much-needed change. The future of South Africa bright but there is a lot of work that needs to be done for us as a nation to reach prosperity. Many young South Africans are not sitting down drowning in complacency; they are moving and shaking leaving no room for mediocrity and the predominant status quo. They understand that to succeed; you need to zone in on the problems that exist in your surroundings and find solid solutions so we can become product of our environments that are efficient, effective and purpose-driven.

One youth-led non-profit organisation, Young Aspiring Thinkers, is a great example of an entity that consists of young people that see a better future for South Africa and the world. With education being one of the core sectors that they aim to deliver value and change in, they are are actively building our nation one student, school and mentor at the time. Founded by three entrepreneurs and professionals; Monewa Matlwa, Thulani Masebenza and Masego Modiba, Young Aspiring Thinkers is an innovative concept which promised to deliver immense value by linking and assigning young professionals with high school learners for facilitate mentorship programs. Their focus is to reduce youth unemployment, improve learner career prospects and optimise how we teach young people in the public schooling system — particularly in the township.

We got the privilege to speak to exciting entrepreneur and co-founder of Young Aspiring Thinkers,  Thulani Masebenza, to find out more about their NPO, their visions for the future and exciting developments in their entrepreneurial and professional careers.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

Please introduce yourself and your startup?
Young Aspiring Thinkers was a Non-Profit Organization which was created by Thulani Masebenza, Monewa Matlwa and Masego Modiba which aims to improve youth education, reduce youth unemployment and improve the career prospects of young learners in public schools particularly public schools located in South African townships. All our career journeys have been interesting and uncertain, and we felt that even in our relatively privileged position as young black South Africans we are directed towards certain careers mainly out of necessity instead of careers which are linked towards our passion.

When conceptualising Young Aspiring Thinkers, what was the ‘why’  that drove you from an idea that lived in your head to a living entity?
As we started to explore the problem we began to realise this wasn’t only a problem which we faced, but a problem which other black South African youth face. When we’re young we are expected to enter careers such as Law, Medicine, Accounting and Engineering. This creates anxiety amongst youth that any career outside of those four is not one which should be pursued. Our original idea for Young Aspiring Thinkers was using a “speed – dating” solution but the career version where we invite young professionals excelling in their respective professions, to serve as mentors for the students on the day. The mentors speak to about two students at a time, for roughly +/- 5min where they give the students an insight into what they do, what their job looks like on the day to day, what degree they studied and other pieces of advice which could help them. This is beneficial as the students get exposed to multiple careers in one day. Usually we have a mix of professionals from entrepreneurs to consultants to doctors to football coaches to marketeers. All giving young South African students a view into their career and food for thought, for their futures.

What are some of the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis and how do you view challenges as an entrepreneur?
As our organisation has grown and as we have run more sessions at schools we have realised that the scale of the problem is bigger than we initially thought. As much as we think career skills development and career guidance are important, we are trying to tackle the larger problem of education and youth unemployment in South Africa. We are doing this through building structured programmes which we implement at schools, our programmes aim to increase the future career prospects of learners, filter our learners into bursary and scholarships programmes, help them develop youth led businesses or help them find employment. These programmes will all be different in nature depending on what we want the outcome of the programme to be, the first programme which we have implemented is the Illuminate Programme which we are running at Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School. We are also in discussions with a major international corporation which we can’t reveal yet and are planning to launch a programme with them at a high school later in the year. We are also in discussions with a German Business School which is interested in creating online content for the learners in our Illuminate Programme.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

You have been invited to pitch at the prestigious ChangeNOW Summit in Paris, France. Congratulations, that is a great milestone and achievement. How can South Africa rally behind you in support?
This vision of moving from once-off career development sessions to programmes for the youth has led us on the path that we are now, which is having the opportunity to pitch our social enterprise at the ChangeNow Summit in Paris. ChangeNow is one of the largest platforms in the world for social impact startups, ChangeNOW is all about concrete actions and innovations: climate change, end of plastic pollution, new forms of agriculture, new models of education, solutions to the refugee crisis, clean energy, sustainable cities and other solutions to our most urgent global issues. Young Aspiring Thinkers has been selected to pitch in the education pitching session. This will allow us to pitch our vision and raise funding for the projects which we aim to implement throughout the year as well as gain strategic partnerships which will also us to further our impact. South Africans can rally behind us for support by joining our crowdfunding campaign, as a company we’ve been able to raise R15 000 for this trip to Paris, and we need your assistance to gather an addition R30 000. We’ve come up with a campaign that will help us reach our target and pitch our vision at the summit. We need 300 people to pledge and donate R100 each and would appreciate your assistance in reaching that target. This financial assistance will allow us to buy tickets, book accommodation and secure Visa’s for the trip. We are also always recruiting young mentors who can join our sessions and programmes to help with facilitation, giving career advice to the learners or talking about their career journey to help inspire the learners.

In conclusion, what is your vision for Africa?
Our vision for Africa is to become the most transformational youth led organisation on the continent. We hope to impact the lives of 50 000 learners by 2030, this means in the next 10 years we hope to impact roughly 125 South African public schools and either run sessions or implement a programme at these schools. We believe impacting lives to that scale would have such a positive impact on our economy as we believe the foundation of a successful economy is built on education, especially as we grow towards a knowledge based economy.

image of Young Aspiring Thinkers co-founders
Image credit: Young Aspriring Thinkers

Where can people contact you online or social media?
You can visit our website, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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Meet Karabo Moeti: Maseru-born Videographer & Cinematographer Hoisting Lesotho’s Flag High

Karabo Joseph Moeti is an aspiring young videographer and cinematographer born in Maseru, Lesotho. The  3rd year business administration student is determined to make his mark in this industry and highlighting creative treasure that exist in the nation of Lesotho. His latest video, Phases Of The Moon, is a three-minute montage with the focal point being overcoming. “We all go through issues in life and this piece is a reminder of how mentally strong we have to learn to be in order to overcome“ he explains  about the video. “It is also important for us to acknowledge our sadness when it occurs. Your sadness leads to creativity “, he elaborates. I had a chat with Karabo to find out more about his journey.

What motivated you to start a YouTube channel?
I started my YouTube channel because I watch a lot of youtube videos in my spare time and one day I made a realisation that if I put my mind into it I could really turn it into a passion and hopefully inspire others in the process.

What or who inspires you as a person?
There are many people and things that inspire me as a person and as a creator. My parents for one. I look up to them because they’ve done everything in their power to afford me the opportunities I have today. I have other Youtubers I look up to such as Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, KSI and many others. I also get a lot of my inspiration from architecture and nature. But most importantly my friend Retshepile who got me into video making and video editing.

image of karabo moeti
Image credit: Titos Gram.

Your subject matters differ in every video, briefly share why you took that route?
I’m still in the process of discovering myself as a creator. At the moment I feel like I can do a lot of things, but I’m yet to find that niche I’m looking for that will not only grow my channel but grow me as a person and creator.

What equipment are you currently using?
At the moment my only equipment I have is my camera (Canon 800D), A microphone and a mini tripod.

What are some of the goals or vision for your channel?
I want my channel to grow to be as big as it can possibly get. I’m really passionate about making videos and I only would do this for as long as it takes. I do not always have platforms to express myself creatively and to me making videos is a form of expression.

How has the journey been? What are some of the challenges you have encountered and how have you been able to overcome them?
The journey has been extremely difficult I’m not going to lie. It took me about a year just to get 100 subscribers, but obviously this may differ depending on the kind of content you’re creating. For me it has been extremely challenging. I have school and I do not always have the motivation to put myself out there. Coming from a smaller country such as Lesotho or eSwatini will also have its own challenges. It is not easy to gain access to the global market and really find your niche or rather your target market. It is also not easy to find a large audience that can commit to the content I’m creating. At the moment I cannot say I have overcome these challenges but I’m hoping that as long as I keep creating hopefully doors will eventually open. Even if it takes years. This is something I love doing and I will keep doing it.

What can we expect from the channel in the near future?
Growth. The channel keeps growing and I keep growing as a content creator. As long as I have breath in my lungs I’ll keep on creating. Do not expect the same kind of content though. I’m constantly changing and that will inevitably be translated in the content I create.

Follow Karabo Moeti on Instagram here. Feature image credit goes to Abuti Tony.

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The eSwatini International Trade Fair Presents ‘The Music Business Seminar’

The eSwatini International Trade Fair (EITF) aims to promote eSwatini’s goods and services; develop links between eSwatini and international businesses, provide business exposure and promote development of small and medium enterprises. The two week long fair also gives a platform to local and international musicians to showcase their talent. The eSwatini Investment Authority (EIPA) partners with the Swaziland Arts and Music Association (SWAMA) and Association of Christian Artists in Swaziland (ACASWA) to handle the musical side of the trade fair.

The main attraction for musicians is the business seminar. “There is a great need for artists to transform their informal ‘hustle’ into formal processes that can be quantified” SWAMA president shares about the business seminar. “It is high time the music industry’s contribution to the economy gets quantified, and the only way that can happen is when artists themselves, get formal training on managing their music and brands as a business” he adds.

Artists are business people, they are employers, they are creatives and most importantly they have a product or skill to sell. This business seminar will equip artists in aspects that are necessary to advancing their careers and in turn make money through their talents. The business seminar will be on the 2nd of September from 11 AM with the main speaker being DJ Cleo of Eskhaleni Fame. Entrance is free and all artists are invited at Mavuso Trade Centre —  the business centre right above the restaurants.

SWAMA has also invited successful, hardworking local and international artists to come and connect with local musicians on various topics. Topics to be covered during the seminar will answer the question of where the money is within the scope of the music business in eSwatini and beyond.

eSwatini International Trade Fair: Music Business Seminar Full Package

  • Royalties – Ms Nobuhle Matsebula (Ministry of Commerce Legal Adviser & Intellectual Rights Registrar)
  • Gigs & Live Performances – Steven Mtetwa (Artist Manager – So Fresh)
  • Digital Opportunities & Streaming – Mmeli Hlanze (Antidote Music)
  • Events – Mthunzi Shadow Zwane (Swaziboy Entertaiment)
  • Licensing & Scoring for TV & Film – Rendition (Motherland X)
  • Teaching music – Velemseni
  • Producing for other Musicians and Corporates – Mozaik The Producer (Claiming Ground Records)
  • Session Work – Sizwe Mabuza Big Siz (Project S Cubed Band)
  • Merchandising – Touch of Soul
  • Sound Hire – Khulekani Karly B Mamba
  • Financial Literacy – Mandla Cheeks Nxumalo (Leserato)
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KuduKudu Presents 010: Nalu & HANNA

KuduKudu Records, founded by Diamond Thug’s Danilo Queiros, are back with the heat at one of Cape Town’s finest music venues, The Raptor Room on Saturday 31st August 2019.

image of Kudukudu Records Presents
Early bird tickets are available here.

KuduKudu is an Artist-Centric Independent Record Label operating out of Cape Town, South Africa. Their core focus is helping Independent South African Artists reach global audiences. For KuduKudu Presents 010, it’s the turn of two of Cape Town’s best with RnB & Soul Singer/Producer, Nalu, joined by Zimbabwean born rapper-singer Hanna. Lock in Saturday, 31 August!

With almost 10k views on YouTube of the lovers anthem of 2018, ‘’Bedtime Confessions’’, these two incredible Artists are not to be missed.

Their August party sees Kudukudu working alongside and #inclusionbeforeprofit. They will be donating their share of the party’s profit to the campaign. You can learn more about the campaign and make contributions here.

Come give your ears and soul an experience they deserve.

Find out more about the event here.
Get your tickets here.

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DJ Master P Presents Thee Phenomenal Fiesta

ESwatini’s music has flourished over the years and has produced a number of amazing artists. Born Phinda Dlamini, DJ Master P is a hip hop DJ who prides himself in his craft and representing his country the best way he can with every single set he delivers. With a career spanning over 10 years, Master P dropped his debut album entitled Dreams which was indeed a phenomenal body of work. Dreams is that type of album that you can listen to any day and time without skipping any single song.

The 2017 MTN SWAMA award best DJ winner is now back with a groundbreaking one man show called Thee Phenomenal Fiesta on the 5th of September 2019 at The George Hotel in Manzini. “Thee Phenomenal Fiesta is basically a Master P One Man Show, it’s about bringing together everyone who’s been part of the journey since 2008. It’s about celebrating the Master P brand”, he explains the concept behind the show.

Image supplied.

Inspired by the growth of the Master P brand and followers, Thee Phenomenal Fiesta is all about giving his fans a full Master P experience with a twist. “People coming to the show can expect the best of me, also I’ll be unpacking the album, its gonna be an experience” he shares about what to expect on the day. The show will feature artist who were featured on his debut album and he’ll be performing alongside a live band. This will be a great show as it’s the first time a DJ in eSwatini has a one man show and the stunning venue compliments the whole concept very well.

Tickets are available at:
Sdeez Supermix (Manzini)
Ocean Basket (Gables & Mbabane)
The George hotel (Manzini)
People coming from outside the country can buy tickets at the door, or call 76275931 for reservations.

Image supplied.


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Moshito Music Conference Presents Inzalabantu Unchained: The 16th of Edition of Africa’s Premier Music Business Conference

The 15th of August marked the official media launch event of the South Africa’s premier music conference – Moshito Music Conference. Hosted at Old Mutual backed platform and creative hub, AMPD Studios, the media launch was hosted by the beautiful and ever-so-talented, Rorisang Thandekiso. A small and intimate gathering was curated by the Moshito Music Conference team and the purpose of this engagement was to unpack the theme of the 16th edition of this monumental event. The legendary culture enthusiast and African music business giant, Dr. Sipho Sithole, opened the event’s proceedings by introducing the Moshito board, the theme of the conference and spoke briefly about the role that the conference plays in the South African music industry.

“This year, our focus is on women. All things women for this year’s Moshito event. Inzalabantu Unchained is the theme and it speaks to the ones that bring life to the earth, fertility, prosperity and growth,” explains Dr. Sipho Sithole. To fit this year’s theme, the chosen ambassadors and faces of the conference are the legendary, PJ ‘Thandeka’ Powers, and rising Afro Soul star Berita. The event is to be hosted at Constitutional Hill, a significant venue as it is the former Women’s Prison of the apartheid regime, making it fitting to the theme.

The Moshito Music Conference as a brand and organization has build connections in the global music industry with partnerships with over 16 music markets across the African continent. The 16th edition of the Moshito Music Conference is to host delegates from as far Botswana, Canada, Cameroon, France, Germany, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Nigeria, Swaziland, South Korea, Seychelles, Spain and more. The event is to be hosted over three days and it will include two music concerts and conferencing which includes panel discussions and workshops.

image of moshito board & ambassadors

You can purchase your tickets at Computicket. The following options are available for you:

  • MTV Base Showcase Night at 94 Republic, Braamfontenin, at R150 from Planktin or at the door.
  • Moshito Free Street Festival at Newtown Junction. Access to this event is free.
  • Afro World Night Powered by BET at R150 from Web Tickets.
  • Full package for access to all Moshito 2019 events at R650.
  • Two day conferencing package at R250.

Come through to network, connect and build at this year’s Moshito happening from the 4th of Sep to the 7th of Sep.

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Kitsi Music Presents The Green Lifestyle Festival: A Festival Created To Stay True To The Green Lifestyle

Going greens means different things to different people. A good general rule of thumb is to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Kitsi Music is eSwatini’s first and most elite talent booking agency dedicated to developing with vision, expertise and integrity, the touring careers of exceptional Eswatini artists who not only connect, inspire and transform their audience but remain true to the essence of their art. Kitsi translated as ‘where we belong’ is a great cornerstone for well-established and professional artists who have soared in the SADC and are ready to soar worldwide.

This festival is a first of its kind in the kingdom — most festivals have been committed to green lifestyle but none have fully embraced and based their whole concept around it. Through creative collaborations with local premium musicians, the festival will provide environmental education to the attendees in an engaging way that is memorable, relatable and sustainable.

This event will stay true to the green lifestyle and stay in line with the cultural significance of that weekend — entertainment will be created ensure the minimum usage of energy on the main stage. Our artists are of strong cultural origins and they will also incorporate indigenous instruments to create a rare sound. By using the musical medium, the lessons of environmental stewardship will be spoken to the heart and the mind simultaneously. A positive tone, easy, memorable melodies, and a rhythm to dance to make this method of collective communication especially powerful. On top of this, it gives further reasons to take the time to listen to realities that face our earth.

All performances will be during the day to save energy! This is a festival not to be missed as it accommodates all age groups and every type. The stellar lineup which consists of some of eSwatini’s finest artists will surely satisfy your musical pallet and tons other forms of entertainment to ensure you have a splendid experience.

image of kitsi music green lifestyle festival
Find out more by visiting the Kitsi Music website here.

Follow Kitsi Music on Twitter for more updates.

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The 2nd edition of the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival Was Bigger & Better

Saturday, the 3rd of August was the day every food and fashion fanatic was looking forward to, as the second edition of the Luju festival was taking place. First up was the junior chef cooking competition at the Amphitheatre which was exhilarating to watch. The kids showcased their culinary skills and acted like professionals with the winning dish being a honey-chili glazed chicken breast on bed of couscous and tsatsiki which was prepared by Jasmine Moyes. While the junior chef cook competition was taking place eSwatini’s very own DJ Ohpis was holding it down with his first set of the day at the main stage and what a marvel to watch. He proved that he is not new to big stages as he kept everyone entertained with his mixing skills and track selection which compromised of a variety of genres.

Every attendee was in a jovial mood, with a majority of attendees going an extra mile to try adhere to the ‘A Return to the African Future’ theme. With a variety of stalls to visit, one could not afford to be bored as the music playing in the background was just perfect in the setting the mood. From vehicles (the Ford Mustang and corvette were a hit), fashion, craft gin/vodka/rum to fitness and food stalls; one had a variety of entertainment choices. One of my favorite things about this year’s edition was the improvement in the sound at the main stage and addition of a stage at the food garden where Cool Affair performed. Another standout performance was Cool Affair who performed at the Luju Garden and made sure everyone was dancing whilst feasting on the variety of food that was available, playing his Acid Jazz/Nu jazz and Soulful House tunes and showcasing his piano skills on his midi-keyboard during his set. We hope to see more acts on the various stages curated for the festival next year. Overall, it was an amazing festival with all the booked acts bringing their A-game, especially the local acts who showed a high level of professionalism and honestly deserve more exposure. Bongo Maffin was the crowd’s favorite, as every single person was singing along during their energetic performance – credit should also be given to DJ Okapi who set the tone with a kwaito set which got everyone feeling nostalgic. I wish Holly Rey wasn’t given an early slot as she gave an energetic and stunning performance alongside her two dancers. Another addition that would be highly appreciated would be the addition of toilets and top up points because the queues at these spots were too long.

image of siba mtongana
Image credit: Philani Dlamini

Credit must be given to the organisers for pulling it off once again. We ate, swayed and loved every moment. Definitely looking forward to next years edition set for the 1st of August 2020.

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Uganda Is Set To Come Alive Once Again In September For The Nyege Nyege Festival

Every year for the last five years, the East African creative, media and culture-oriented communities have trekked into Uganda’s capital city Kampala for a unique, out-of-this-world and memorable experience. The medium through which this experience is carried out is by way of Nyege Nyege Festival — a four day festival which has grown into an international fixture which cannot be missed. Various reputable and respected music media platforms such as Mixmag, Okay Africa and Fact Mag, have described the festival as a genuine, authentically African and impressive event which you should consider attending at least once in your lifetime.

The festival offers a great East African experience rooted in the culture, sounds and tastes common in the regions; whilst doubling as a platform through which you can get a feel of where the African music and culture industries are headed. Their lineups are curated beautifully considering all the modern trends that are popular in the global entertainment industries and this is seen in how their lineups are curated to include artists from North America, Europe, Asia and South America. For the 5th edition of the festival, it said the aim is bring forth a full-on East African experience with Uganda being the torch-bearer driving the culture forward.

Nyege Nyege Festival Line Up
Get your tickets to Nyege Nyege Festival here.

Continuing the tradition of curating lineups stacked with talent, 2019 proves not to miss the mark as the lineup consists of some of the best artists and performers the world can offer. Artists like Nigeria’s alte scene frontrunner, Santi, South Africa’s underground rap phenom Yugen Blakrok, Suzi Analogue and DJ Shyboi who hail from New York are some of the exciting names booked to perform at this year’s event. The lineup is also stacked with other impressive acts from different regions of world, making for a truly worldly experience which is rooted in Africa.

Check out the 2018 Nyege Nyege Festival highlights below.

Get regular festival updates by following the Nyege Nyege Festival on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website.