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Lakuti + Tama Sumo Present: The ‘Your Love’ Party At The Wonderland Club, Cape Town

Respected, highly acclaimed and revered cultural and entertainment pioneers, Lakuti and Tama Sumo, are back in South Africa again to entertain, inform and educate through the use of parties as a vehicle to drive change. Rooted in the underground and the alternative, they are globe trotters and guides that connect people, communities and countries to instil a sense of ubuntu where the one thing that connect us all is celebrated — our humanity.

Lakuti and Tama Sumo bring Your Love, a party series which happens in London to the Mother City. They called on some of their peers in the entertainment space to curate a platform at the Wonderland Club through which people can immerse themselves into the sonic worlds to be curated by the spinners on assignment. Events like Your Love are crucial for the culture as they are more than just a party, but rather a gathering of like-minded individuals with a shared vision, shared love for music and passion of driving change in the world.

image of tama sumo, lakuti & pierre estienne
Image of Your Love Party

Get to know Lakuti and Tama Sumo below.

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Mzwaa Doesn’t Miss A Beat, He Is Right On Time

On the 20th of May eSwatini born and raised musician, Mzwaa, released his highly anticipated EP titled Right On Time. Designed, crafted and structured as his official introduction to the game; determined to leave an impression and the fact that it is released by new label venture, Antidote Indie, made the EP ever more special with its timing sublime.

The contents of the project are telling and contain perspectives, feelings and ideas of a Swazi youth that is hell-bent on getting his hands on anything he set his eyes on and in the same breath, everything that the world said he was not going to get. He raps, he sings and effortlessly displays an ease only seen in those who are rooted in their purpose, comfortable in their skin and confident in their abilities. It is heard in how Mzwaa trusts his voice to deliver messages that his peers in his country and the world beyond his country’s border can relate to. It is quite clear that for Mzwaa to reach this level of confidence and ability, he had to put in his ten thousand hours making the timing ever more special — it took him time to get where he is and the release of his comes at a perfect time in his life, when he is ready.

image of mzwaa
Image credit: Will Brown Photography

Six tracks of beautifully produced songs featuring notable talents such as Velemseni and Young Grixxly as well production from Vuma, Brainz and Alexandros Hatzinikolaou.

Stream the Right On Time EP below.

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February Recap: Top Southern African House Music Tracks Released In The Month of Love

The month of love has come and gone but the love of house still carries on. That might just be the corniest intro I’ve ever done but it isn’t far from the truth. My monthly house picks will be a regular feature throughout the year as I seek to give Southern African house music (hopefully Africa, as a whole, before the end of the year) more coverage and assist house music lovers to discover their future favorite jams with more ease. Many thanks to everyone that read last month’s feature article, which you can check out here and of course your valued feedback. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Cornelius SA Feat. Jackie Queens – Feel It Now (Kususa Remix)
Label: Get Physical Music

image of Cornelius & Jackie Queens - Feel It Now (Remix) Get Physical
Cornelius SA Feat. Jackie Queens – Feel It Now Artwork

Many of you might recognise Feel It Now from Bae Electronica’s release last year but it seems the release has since been licensed to Berlin-based powerhouse, Get Physical Music. My pick on this EP has to be the Kususa Remix, partially because I have heard both the Original Mix and Cornelius Remix. It’s a beautiful blend of electronica and afro house with a hypnotic bass. Upon its release Feel It Now (Kususa Remix) has been featured on Beatport’s Best New Afro House: February and Secret Weapons: Afro House charts. Without a doubt, this release deserves a place on every music lover’s playlist.

Zulumafia – Darkest Day (Long Journey Mix)
Label: ZuluMafia Digital

image of Darkest Day by ZuluMafia
Artwork of Darkest Day (Including remixes) by ZuluMafia.

For some odd reason Zulumafia’s artistic quality easily goes unnoticed yet he’s one of the most talented and consisted soulful house producers Mzansi has to offer. Taken off the Darkest Day Remixes EP, the Long Journey Mix is synonymous with Mzansi’s soulful house golden era of yesteryears. Perfect for those rainy days and sundowners sets, this jam was featured on Traxsource’s Soulful Essentials on its first week of release. The Broken Neo-Soul Mix is also a beauty, smooth and mellow. This EP has some great tunes for winding down but don’t take my word, give it a listen.

DarqKnight feat. Lungi Mandebele – My Dream
Label: Arawakan Records

image of My Dream by DarQKnight Feat. Lungi Mandebele
Artwork of My Dream by DarQKnight Feat. Lungi Mandebele

Listening to Lungi Mandebele’s lyrics I’m pleasantly transfixed as she shares how the pursuit of her dreams has, or will, take her to places she has never been before, of how the relentless quest will result in the realisation of her dreams. That, coupled with DarQKnight’s smooth groovy instrumental, is enough to have me sold. I have had this on repeat since I first came across it. My Dream was charted on Traxsource’s Afro House Essentials, Weekend Weapons and Hype Chart all on the first week of release. At the time of compiling this featured it was charted at No. 11 on Traxsource’s Afro House Top 100. Do yourself a favour and get on this real quick.

Dwson feat. Sio – Nobody Else
Publisher: Ashwin Julies

image of glimpses of you ep
Artwork of Glimpses Of You EP.

Once again Dwson and Sio display their almost perfect synergy through Nobody Else. Sio ‘s enchanting voice and Dwson’s signature deep house sounds go together like peanut butter and jam. The EP as a whole is a refreshing perspective on Dwson’s music. He went onto uncharted ground working with lead singer of rock-femme duo Hyroine, Roxy Caroline, as well as future folk genius, Dumama, well-known for experimental live shows. And overrall I love how Dwson is putting our more vocal projects, one of the few electronic music producers, deep house especially, to do so. Really looking forward to hearing more of Dwson this year but as I wait, Nobody Else is on repeat.

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Danger Power Ranger gives us a glimpse into his life on his new track titled ‘Selfish’

Johannesburg based creative, Danger Power Ranger, swings back with more incredible music as he prepares to release his upcoming mixtape, The Character Of An Unfortunate Situation. A talented creative, who is skilled with words and visuals, we are definitely in for a surprise and treat.

With a cover art that was inspired by the 90’s animation cow and chicken which was broadcasted on Cartoon Network , the now 26-Year-Old rapper Danger Power Ranger gives us his 3rd single from his upcoming mixtape “The Character Of An Unfortunate Situation”.

READ: Enter the vivid & imaginative world of Danger Power Ranger.

The song starts with Danger painting a picture of how was in his days of  addiction, from dodging work and being confronted by his own mother about his selfish ways that he on his own couldn’t see, comparing himself to a wondering Pilgrim far from home lost on new soil not knowing what tomorrow may bring and seeing his talent not going anywhere since he was just floating around and writing songs that no one will get to hear.

Image via Power Danger Ranger

In the second verse he talks about relationships and how selfishness can destroy them without any clear sign that there is anything to gain from being greedy. Here he accepts that when it comes to greed he cannot change it in other people if they cannot see it themselves and at the end lists the traits of a selfish person that he once was.

Listen to the track here: