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Introducing Swish 8-8: Harrismith’s very own musical treasure specialising in beats

Swish 8-8 is probably one of the most influential producers in the South Africa and you don’t even know it. Around the popular music circles in the leading music markets in South Africa, like Johannesburg and Cape Town, Swish may not be a prominent name. However, in the more niche and alternative side of music, Swish 8-8’s influence is undeniable.

From humble beginnings in Harrismith to being a sought-after talking point in the beats circle in Johannesburg, Swish 8-8 has worked his way to the top. How has he done this? You may ask. Aligning himself with the right people and just pure hard work which stems from his passion and dedication has afforded him the opportunity to be regarded amongst the best in beats scene in South Africa.

Swish’s style of production is unique. One gets a sense that he has a unique ear that picks up sounds that the normal ear cannot pick up and not only that, but also be able to create unique compositions from what he hears.

Stream one of his stand out tracks titled ‘Daisy‘ below: