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Meet The TeMple: A duo that is at the helm of the next South African sound

We first came across Jacky Mopedi & Kenny Mlambo as the innovative SA duo called The TeMple in late 2013 when they released the video for their impressive single called Ntsango. Ntsango served as a perfect introduction to the creative world of The TeMple and unequivocally laid the precedent for their follow-up moves. They were thrust into the limelight and they followed the initial hype of their breakout single Ntsango with the release of their socially-conscious, brave and hard-hitting track titled STATES in 2014. STATES touched on colonialization, westernization and the need for Africans to appreciate their cultures more.

After their brilliant kickstart into the game, The TeMple kept on working and delivering music which was undeniably a step in the right direction in their mission of releasing unapologetically-African music. The landscape of South African Hip Hop forces local artists to abandon their roots by focusing too much on making music that mimics what the Americans are doing – The TeMple rejects that approach. The duo raps in Sotho, English and a little bit of isiXhosa which is a feat that is undoubtedly admirable.

As true creatives, they cannot be boxed or limited as they are involved and skill in other spheres of creativity, such as design and photography. It is important to note that they were also involved in the incredible shoot of H&M international campaign with South African blogger and influencer, Lulama Woolf, as photographers. When it comes to the music, they are still as sharp as possible and this is seen with their most recent release of their EP titled Enter The TeMple – a seven track project that is a sonic journey into their world.

They have dubbed their recent EP as alternative Hip Hop and you can stream the full project here. Songs like Famba, Bonyoko and Maal have a heavy African influence which is far from the traditional sounds that are prevalent in Hip Hop. African drums and sounds synonymous with the authentically South African genre, Kwaito, can be heard in this project. The Enter The TeMple EP takes us back to our musical roots as Africans. The EP is also full of culture and language, as you can hear traces of English, Afrikaans, Sotho and the Nguni language.

The TeMple is crafting the next South African sound and we are here for it.