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tronpyre: A Pretoria-based singer you never knew you needed in your playlist

Hailing from South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria, tronpyre is creating sizeable waves in the city’s music scene. Coming from a city so rich in postmodern South African history – most notably Apartheid as Pretoria was the chosen headquarters of the nasty regime – is definitely telling.

The city also boasts an incredible musical history and culture, which often has an evident impact on how South African pop sounds and also informs the direction the South African music industry takes. Culture and language are two of the most important things in Pretoria – you are confronted with the beauty of culture and language as soon as you start engaging with the locals. S’pitori is not just a language, it’s an attitude – one that is definitely distinguishable and can easily be deemed a national treasure. Unbeknownst to most, creatives in Pretoria significantly inform and inspire local popular culture.

Now, when an artist is equipped with cultural currency, magic happens. But how does the history of tronpyre’s place of residence and the culture therein influence his artistry? The answer to that is simple – historical context. When listening to tronpyre’s music, you cannot immediately tie him down to where he is from but what happens is that you are inundated by the atmosphere his music creates. You light up instantly as his voice is powerful – you are left moved and amazed by the talent. A voice that can fit easily fit in the traditional Rhythm ‘n Blues sphere, but what sets him apart is his content. The lyrics in his songs are youthful, modern and relevant to the times, and that’s something that allows his fans (most of which are his peers) to connect with the music more.

He is not your typical singer, he represents and embodies so much more. Burgundy, a project which seems to be his first move to introduce himself to the world is a world-class body of work – one that could fare well if exported to other markets in the RnB and Soul categories. As much as Pretoria, may be more known for commercial and deep house, tronpyre has commissioned himself to show people a different side of the city. And he’s young, so so young, which is even more impressive because the music is incredibly mature but not too mature to defer his young audience from listening.

A legend in the making, tronpyre is destined for greatness. Do not sleep, I repeat DO NOT SLEEP!

Stream his latest project below: