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Smashing creative conventions: Thiaps drops ‘PHIHLIZA’ featuring B1 and Teddy to usher in a new urban sound

Thiaps, a multi-talented creative, from Johannesburg has a rather interesting approach to creating and sharing art. With an open-mind, he surges forward with an unrivalled confidence and style. Unapologetically South African in how he manoeuvres, Thiaps is impressively captures the South African story.

Following his last release titled ‘Snegenege Vol. 1’, a short EP that was released towards the end of 2017, Thiaps managed to garner a significant amount of attention within the Joburg creative scene. Dibirie, a stand-out track from the EP, was featured on popular Youtube social media commentary show The Microwave Boys. Praised and heralded by his creative peers, Thiaps managed to set the precedent for what he has planned for 2018. One of the most unique selling points about Thiaps is how he understands and respects the process of creativity and how he breaks down art as a trained artist who, in his professional capacity, trades his creativity to earn a living.

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To kick things off for 2018, he calls on his Mzansi Mnandi compadres to express the experiences collected as young black men figuring life out in the city of gold, and this is captured in a song. The track features two talented Joburg-based artists, B1 and Teddy, who bring a fresh energy to the song. All three artists represent Dipopaai with production handled by KaeB who happens to be a close associate of the camp. This song serves as the first official release from the collective for 2018.

Stream ‘PHIHLIZA’ below:

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Teddy Pleasure: Confidently carrying the South African flair with Mzansi Mnandi

Mzansi Mnandi, a sub-genre created by a group of young change-makers in Johannesburg, is increasingly becoming a staple genre in certain circles. With influencers like Okay Wasabi, faithfully supporting the sub-genre by using the music in his Youtube series, Kota Past 9 and Sushi With Wasabi. An entire scene is being built off leverage the respective talents that exist in the movement: they have digital media and entertainment. What else could you need when building scenes and movements are built.

Now with all of these young creatives who are relentlessly pushing the sub-genre, it is important to shine a light on some of the musicians that are instrumental in creating the soundtrack for the movement. This is where proponents of the Mzansi Mnandi culture such as Teddy Pleasure come in to cultivate and curate a musical experience. With only a few singles, Teddy has managed to showcase his intent of becoming a household name in the South African entertainment. The work he has done with multi-talented Durban-raised, Johannesburg-based producer/rapper B1 is innovative as it adds a different side to South African urban music. Star-power, attitude and an enterprising nature is what you can expect from Teddy Pleasure.

Image via Teddy Pleasure

The content in the music gives you an interesting glimpse into the daily happenings of a young black South African figuring things out as he moves further and further in front of people’s eyes. The music is filled with original slang, created by the Mzansi Mnandi pioneers and Teddy can be tagged as one of the people driving the language and the attitude to the forefront.

Teddy Pleasure has released about six tracks this year and it is quite evident that he is gearing up to strengthen his efforts in getting more reach for his music in 2018. We’re definitely looking forward to what Teddy Pleasure has to offer.