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Sway.Ed: Rooted in creativity & pioneering experimentation in music

Cape Town based band, Sway.ed, is probably the most experimental band to come out of South Africa in 2017. The band’s genre-defying approach is what sets them apart as their music is a medley of jazz, boom bap, soul and rock. The group is composed of bassist Gumbo, guitarist Josh and RxSolo who doubles as the producer and the vocalist.

The band released a 6-track project titled SUMMER(TIME/LOVE) which serves as the perfect introduction to their music. In this project, the listener is thrust into a world of different sounds which are swathed in an effortless, nonchalant manner but still oddly knocks hard. RxSolo, who also happens to be part of another group called Stone Soup, adds a different dynamic to the tracks as he commands the listener to pay attention to not only the words but the musicality of the songs.

On the song called Worth, RxSolo kicks his verse off by saying:

And these days we just stuck blowin’ haze in the shade/
Showin’ that we ain’t afraid of this life

He carries the flow quite impressively while maintaining the theme of the song – which is about a person’s worth, an existential crisis and navigating through messy human relations. The chorus says it all. The project has other impactful songs like Sunset and Sunrise which have their own characters and identities which are not too far from the

The strong guitar riffs and bass rhythm patterns complement the more modern Hip Hop soundscapes. Sway.ed packs and mixes different musical influences into one and creates one big sonic experience for the listener.

Sway.ed is a band you need to familiarise yourself with.

Stream their project below: