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Paying homage to Dilla: KaeB releases a tribute to J Dilla for his #CozyFridays campaign

In the Hip Hop world, February is a special month. For one, it’s the month of birth of one the greatest Hip Hop producers to ever live – J Dilla. Secondly, it’s also the month of J Dilla’s death. Following J Dilla’s death on the 10th of February, 2006, the month has been regarded as a month to celebrate his greatness and genius.

Every year, producers the world over release Dilla-inspired tracks. Johannesburg-based producer, KaeB, has released his own Dilla tribute titled ‘Dilla’. The song has vocal chops from Look Of Love by Slum Village and the drums are referenced from Dilla’s unique method of laying drums.

Stream ‘Dilla‘ below: