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Paying homage to Dilla: KaeB releases a tribute to J Dilla for his #CozyFridays campaign

In the Hip Hop world, February is a special month. For one, it’s the month of birth of one the greatest Hip Hop producers to ever live – J Dilla. Secondly, it’s also the month of J Dilla’s death. Following J Dilla’s death on the 10th of February, 2006, the month has been regarded as a month to celebrate his greatness and genius.

Every year, producers the world over release Dilla-inspired tracks. Johannesburg-based producer, KaeB, has released his own Dilla tribute titled ‘Dilla’. The song has vocal chops from Look Of Love by Slum Village and the drums are referenced from Dilla’s unique method of laying drums.

Stream ‘Dilla‘ below:

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PREMIERE: KaeB drops ‘Right Now’ for #CozyFridays

Joburg-based producer, KaeB, continues to impress with another brilliant release for his #CozyFriday campaign. This time around, he hits us with a rough yet amazing demo of a track titled ‘Right Now‘. After a very successful 2017, we can’t even imagine what he is cooking for 2018 because he is clearly working hard on improving his sound.

Stream ‘Right Now‘ below:

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PREMIERE: Talented South African producer, KaeB, releases his long-awaited Stay Cozy Compilation

Who would have known that KaeB’s #CozyFridays releases were part of a bigger plan? A plan that includes shaking up the South African beats scene and sending a message to the world that KaeB is a talent that needs to be celebrated. The one thing that KaeB has managed to showcase is that hard work really does pay off. Releasing music every week for fifteen weeks is no child’s play, it is an effort that takes a lot courage and passion to accomplish.

KaeB challenged himself to create and push his sound further, boundaries were broken down and new styles have been birthed out of the #CozyFridays campaign. The campaign is unquestionably a first for any South African beat-maker/producer, so you can imagine what the results of this campaign are going to do for KaeB’s career.

Listen to the last #CozyFridays release, titled Friendzone featuring Sthibow, here:

KaeB is a passionate producer, with an undying love for music, who willingly shares his art with the masses and opens it up for appreciation and criticism. His efforts have resulted in a beautiful, experimental compilation album called Stay Cozy which you can buy on Bandcamp. The compilation album features talented artists such as Melo B Jones, Vuma of MLX, MelV, Hi-Lux and Sthibow.

Stream or buy the Stay Cozy compilation:

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PREMIERE: KaeB drops WINE IT, an exciting track for his #CozyFridays campaign

The Johannesburg based producer brings another incredible joint to prep us for the weekend – W I N E I T. With this release, we get to deep dive into KaeB‘s creative range as he continues to drop music that carries and possesses a varied amount of inspirations and influences.

With over ten songs already released as part of the #CozyFridays campaign.

Stream the track below:

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PREMIERE: Rae Sremmurd & Jeff Maluleke are mashed up in KaeB’s latest release

Image via Ellsphee

Creativity as a phenomenon is rather puzzling and unpredictable. Creativity is all expression and comes from the depths of a creative’s being. Deep, right? It sure is because with music or any other form of art, you can never forecast what will happen or what a creative will create. You can also never forecast what will inspire or influence a creative – life happens to creatives. Art imitates life.

Now when speaking of inspiration, influence and expression, we are forced to speak about innovation. An artist that understands the importance of innovation in how they create and express themselves is more likely to maintain longevity in the unforgiving, and cutthroat creative industry. Artists like KaeB are a great example of how innovation and consistency can catapult an artist to heights they have never imagined.

Pushing his campaign, #CozyFridays, KaeB has managed to create a culture of experimentation in the South African beats scene. The fact that he has a deep love for South African as well as modern urban music, prompts him to create music that is genuinely unique.

With the new release, KaeB challenges himself to mash up ‘Kilimanjaro’ by renowned South African artist, Jeff Maluleke, and ‘Swang’ by Rae Sremmurd. An unusual mash up, which surprisingly works and has enough layers and patterns to catch the music lover’s attention. The oddity of the song is undoubtedly one of the main attractive elements of the song, which communicates and gives the world a glimpse into what inspires KaeB.

Stream S W A N G below: