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Introducing Elliot Boles: London-based producer who doubles as a DJ focused on capturing vibes

London is known for being a city that filled with opportunity, a city that attracts people of different cultures which evidently creates an interesting multi-cultural metropolitan region. Apart from being a cultural hub, London arguably has one of the best music scenes in the world and not only that, but unique genres that have been created in the city. These genres, when heard, offer the listener a glimpse of what the city sounds like.

For many years, London has been the main driver of bringing English creativity to the fore. The city has played a crucial role in many of the marquee artists that sprung in the 60s and 70s, who we hail for their innovation. Legendary groups the Rolling Stones and even artists like Jimi Hendrix once called the city home. London, a city with history and a massive impact and influence on the global entertainment industry.

England was one of the first countries to swiftly adopt the new electronic wave that was to take over the music industry back in the 80s. And they haven’t the stop for anything since. Electronic music is a genre or style of music that has a lot of range and can be broken down into a lot of sub-genres. In the case of London, sub-genres like Broken Beat and House are some of the more popular electronic music genres and are loved by the world. The emergence of electronic music has allowed the world to see many young people take up music production and DJing as the tools required for one to be creative are now easily accessible.

Nineteen-year-old creative, Elliot Boles, is one of these young people that have taken to the internet to express himself by using the tools and avenues that are available to him. Being based in a city that produces out quality music is clearly a vital influence in how Elliot creates and curates. Dégoûtant radio is one his projects, where he showcases his DJing and radio skills. The radio endeavor also shows us how multi-faceted Elliot is and highlights his undying passion for electronic music. Chillwave, trap and experimental beats are what you can expect from his radio shows and his productions.

Stream Elliot Boles’ latest track titled ‘Underwater‘: