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PREMIERE: Fernando showcases his varied production skills with his Drum Beat II release

The Cape Town based beat maker comes out strong with his latest release titled db [ii] . Drum beat II is a culmination of sounds that seem to inspire the creative direction he seems to be taking with his latest releases. He is consistently experimenting, iterating and sharpening his skill set and this is seen in his varied production style.

The work that he has created for fellow Cape Town based artist, Dada Shiva, and his collective Stone Soup serve as other indicators of his varied production range – a feat that is difficult to come by or maintain. The progression he displays can only be the result of studying the best that do it and hard work. Drum beat II, despite being a short project, compels the listener to journey into soundscapes that the listener may not be accustomed to hearing. Fernando remains resolute in his Hip Hop roots but that does not hinder him from testing the waters as he dabbles with different types of sounds. The two tracks on Drum beat II, Weather report and Vice, have an uncanny way of inducing emotions of calmness and tranquility paralleled with the roughness of Hip Hop breaks. The violin samples on the tracks add a beautiful layer to the beats – making them sound very cinematic.

The talent that he exhibits is solidifying his name in some parts of the Cape Town music scene and it’s clear that he is not only relying on his talent as he is consistently releasing music – and getting better with every release. Following the success of his track Golden boy, which has garnered over 2000 streams so far, he showcases his seriousness to venture into the music industry.

Listen to the project below:

Fernando and Seventhgaze are working on a vinyl-only monthly podcast called Wax Trades where they both bring five songs from five records and discuss the impact the pieces had on them, as well as general discussions based around their lives as musicians living in South Africa. They have set up a Patreon page where you guys can support them. Support them here.