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Ivan Ave showcases his more personal and vulnerable side with the third single off his forthcoming album called Every Eye

Image Credit: Håkon Gleditsch

Oslo, Norway, based rapper Ivan Ave has been relentless in showing and proving that he is one of the most talented rappers of this generation. He has unwittingly inherited a great responsibility of carrying Norwegian Hip Hop and inviting the world to pay attention to the creative output that the small Scandinavian country delivers. Ivan Ave understands that to connect to the world, you have to make your music accessible in all senses of the word ‘accessible’, from language, style and creative direction. He raps in English, his vocabulary is rich and his wordplay is unparalleled – but that does not take anything away from his Norwegian roots.

Ivan Ave has distinguished and positioned himself as a lyricist, but a lyricist that can make songs that connect with whoever is listening. Every Ivan Ave track prompts you to listen closely, as the writing has multiple layers, the lyrics are masterfully intricate, the storytelling is personal and dear. The lyrical content in his music can easily be coined as left-field, out of the ordinary and unique – traits that often chase away pop music enthusiasts, but Ivan Ave is an exception. Although, his music contains qualities of avant-garde rap, it still has enough character to cut through the fluff and draw people in. He has stories to tell, tonnes of experiences which he can tap into at his will to create introspective and personal music.

Ivan Ave is currently gearing up to release his forthcoming album titled ‘Every Eye‘ later this month through the German based indie-label, Jakarta Records. Three singles been have released from the album so far, namely the Also which was produced by Kiefer & Kaytranada, the MNDSGN & DJ Harrison produced single Fast Forward and the most recent single titled Running Shoes which was produced by Kiefer & LIKE. The two singles gives us a sense that Every Eye is going to be one of Ivan Ave’s most personal projects where he touches on some heavy subjects like personal struggles and adversities life presents to him – this is the theme communicated on Running Shoes.

The first three singles from the project to come give us a completely different vibe from Ivan Ave’s last project, Helping Hands. Every Eye already sounds and feels different, which shows that Ivan Ave has grown creatively and personally. We should expect to be pulled into Ivan Ave’s heart and mind with this new project as it appears that he has accumulated new experiences, made some changes and has grown artistically since his last project. Exciting times! Ivan Ave makes music that can stand the test of time given the era we exist in, where music doesn’t last past a week of its release date. Every Eye is going to surprise a lot of his fans, gain him new ones and strengthen his legacy.

Listen Running Shoes below: