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Hungarian artist, bENNY wOODS, collabs with Vitu to drop a funky tune

Cool, funky and eclectic are some of the words that you can use to describe the latest offering from Hungarian artist, bENNY wOODS. The song is called mUNCHIES oozes swagger and extravagance. From the production to the singing to Vitu’s rapping, a vibe is captured. Traces of funk, rock and jazz can be heard on the track. It is important to note that bENNY wOODS is Hungarian producer, Glott’s alter ego. An alter ego that manifests as a badass musician that draws inspiration from the blues, soul and jazz when it comes to singing.

The title of the song carries a double meaning, with one being a reference to the hunger that they have as artists on the come-up and the second being the post-high hunger one experiences after sparking one up. One can tell that the two collaborators had a lot of fun while making this jam. mUNCHIES is a song that is perfect to rock to this festive season. 

Stream the track below: