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Revivolution’s FuSion brings back cinematic storytelling to South African Hip Hop with his new video.

Following the impressive releases from Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler(formerly known as Fudge Da Fugitive), Tommy Ills, Impropoe and Illy Amin from 2014 to 2016, the Revivolution camp further displays their intention of shifting the narrative within the South African Hip Hop and general youth culture scenes, respectively. With a team that carries skill sets that extend far beyond just music, they consistently release impressive projects which are conceptualized and brought to fruition in-house by the members of Revivolution.

The creative collective intentionally released Downtime by the charismatic MC, FuSion, on Valentine’s day. The video for Downtime serves to paint a different picture of Valentine’s day and what is expected on the day and alternatively showcases some of the mishaps that may happen on the day. The theme of the video lends reference to some of the gory stories associated with the day and we can mention Oscar Pistorius’ case where he murdered his girlfriend on Valentine’s day. The video dives deeper into all things could go wrong in the human experience, particularly in love. The lyrics of the song give the visuals a stronger punch in furthering the story of video. Despite it being blunt and alternative to generic notions of the day, the song’s video is in line with lyrics of the song. It is a bold move to go the route taken in this video, especially when people are expecting particular depictions of  Valentine’s day.

The visuals for Downtime is eloquently anti-Valentine’s Day and it’s great and well-timed.Cinematic storytelling has been missing in South African music and to be honest, in music in general. The songs release serves as worthy showcase of South Africa’s talent. The video was shot at the Bannister Hotel which is located in Johannesburg’s buzzing youth hub, Braamfontein.

Watch the video for Downtime below.