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A deep dive into the world of murky, emotion-driven & atmospheric beats crafted by Buli

The South African electronic beats scene is growing rapidly. With every passing year, more money is being thrown into the scene, particularly in the events space. A scene which is showing signs of healthy growth, with an audience that consists of mostly born-frees who are part of the new South Africa – a South Africa which is driven by young people finding themselves on the web. It is without doubt that the local beats scene would not be where it is right now without the internet. Friendships and progressive collaborations have been created through platforms like Soundcloud, and social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and the biggest of them all, Facebook.

Movements like Weheartbeat in Johannesburg and Uppercut in Cape Town have helped build the scene to where it is now. An ecosystem is currently being built where young local artists and beats-focused labels can thrive. One young artist that deserves a notable mention is Pretoria-based producer, Buli. Buli appears to hold his artistry up to the highest standard as he one of the very few South African independent artists that understand that in this day and age, one has to create an audio-visual experience for the listener. Many artists fail to grasp the importance of having a dope aesthetic, one that people can attribute to their brands and their music. Buli gets it! Calling on the services of talented, Johannesburg-based illustrator Seth Pimentel indicates to us that Buli is serious about this music thing. This is also seen in how many releases he has with local and international music collectives and record labels. Bigger local, more influential platforms like Superbalist and The Fuss Blog were left no other choice but to take notice of the young beat-maker’s creative output.

The music Buli makes is spacey, murky and atmospheric. It is as if he is painting a picture with sounds, with each track he releases having a distinct personality. You deep dive into the untapped side of music, the side of music that has the power to prompt the listener to bask in the sonic rays emitted from Buli’s sounds. Powerful music. As much as the crowds that enjoy the type of music that Buli makes are still small, the work that local beats producer has the power to connect the kids that mainstream media does not cater for – the neglected youth.

Forward-thinking DJ and tastemaker, Kid Fonque, has managed to kick down some of the doors in mainstream media to open up opportunities for artists like Buli through his show – Selective Styles on 5FM. Now people can get an opportunity to get education on this type of music as it is not a popular sound in South Africa. A legend in the making, Buli will always be respected and remembered as the guy that took the South African beats scene to another level.

Buli recently released a new EP titled Lost In The Void through I Suppose Ja, an up and coming music collective from South Africa. Listen to the EP below.