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Irv Blames Jake launches Tree 63, a new radio show focused on delivering audio illusions

Soweto-based videographer and DJ, Irv Blames Jake, has launched a new online radio show called Tree 63 – Audio Illusions. The show is designed to communicate Irv’s unique taste in music, how he sees music and how he interprets music. The radio show is designed to be an experience and the guests on the show are to be selected to strengthen the concept of the show. Educating people about music that they typically wouldn’t hear on traditional media platforms sits at the core of the main idea behind Tree 63.

Image credit: Irv Blames Jake

The online radio show is set to have monthly episodes which feature a guest or guest mix from a creative that has a unique sound.

Listen to the first show below. It features Joburg-based spinner, Al Da 3rd.

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IRV BLAMES JAKE releases the last instalment of his THIS IS SEX mix series

IRV BLAMES JAKE is not just a regular DJ. The Johannesburg-based multi-talented creative is a storyteller that does not use conventional methods to communicate and express his lived experiences. For IRV BLAMES JAKE, music is visual and packed with lessons. With that perspective, he is able to create a more rounded and full experience for the people who listen to his DJ mixes. Unlike most DJs, IRV BLAME JAKE curates mixes that are accompanied by images he took and conceptualised with artwork that he has art directed to fit what he feels when he listens to electronic music. World-renowned creators, like Australian creative Ta-ku, have a similar model – a model that is clearly working.

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IRV first took to the internet with a slew of mix releases on SoundCloud, equipped with nothing but a laptop, a smartphone and dope mind, he created a name for himself. The launch of his 10-part mix series, THIS IS SEX, was the beginning of his breakthrough and cemented his name as one of the best electronic DJ exports from South Africa. The mix series attracted thousands of listeners from different countries and allowed him to gain a lot of respect from his peers. The unique selling point of the mix series was the out-of-the-ordinary creative direction and roll out.

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To end the series off, IRV BLAMES JAKE took a rather interesting approach when it comes to the track selection. The songs are more bouncier, more fun and energy-filled signalling a climax or the end of a mind-blowing experience. Beautifully curated, the last mix succeeds in ending a well thought-out initiative.

Stream THIS IS SEX X below: