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Arcade Music’s Subs closes off 2017 by dropping ‘Future Quantum Music, a beat tape for the culture

Arcade Music has had an incredibly busy 2017. The talented group spent most of 2017 laying the foundation for their entry into the game, where we saw each member release solo bodies of work. A mixture of pure hard work and working with the right people through strategic collaborations with other musicians, the Arcade Music camp has sent out a strong message to the South African youth, urban entertainment industry: we’re kicking the door down and forcing you to listen to us.

The latest offering from Arcade Music is Future Quantum Music, a beat tape by Subs, the group’s in-house producer and sound engineer. It is amazing how Subs managed to release this beat tape while having a hectic schedule as he has been consistently producing and engineering for artists such as Maglera Doe Boy, Morafe’s Kaygizm and the ever-so-cool Joburg trap kids, Champagne69. Future Quantum Music drops at time where Subs is experiencing his creative peak.

The beat tape only contains 4 tracks which fall under Mosh Bounce sub-genre, a sound that can be credit to Subs and his crew. Genres that are prominent in South Africa such as House, Kwaito and Hip Hop are mashed up to create something fresh and new. The dope this about this beat tape is that Subs is offering these joints up to any artist to hop on and create something groundbreaking. Future Quantum Music is for the culture! A dope holiday season gift for the culture from Subs, so you cannot afford to sleep on this.

Stream Future Quantum Music below: