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Diasporic connections: West African artist, HF, links up with Swaziland’s MotherLand X to fuse traditional Hip Hop with electronica

It is always wonderful when the African diaspora connects, be it within art, business or politics. Pushing in unity, with the understanding of where Africa is and the work that is required to lift the continent up to its much deserved glory, is necessary. Africa is rich in potential and so much to offer to the world, and Africans are not waiting, they’re not complacent waiting for a savior from the West or East. It is almost of as if the ancestors of Africans, who suffered painfully under 400 years of brutal oppression and colonialism, are blessing the current generation of Africans and gifting them with tools to bring innovation to the world.

Take African millennials as an example, smart, connected, filled with purpose and oddly enough very distracted. Besides of all that, African millennials are driven and they know what they want, and that with that being said they seek to live out their lives in a way that is not limited to any boundary. They run to the internet to share moments. They run to the internet to speak their minds. They run to the internet to build. And lastly, they run to the internet to connect with other like-minded people and through these connections – history is made.

To make history, effort is required. Something beautiful happened recently when HF, a Ghanaian artist, connected with the good people from MotherLand X. After hearing Rendition’s Becoming EP, HF was prompted to make contact with the MLX camp. Talks of a collab project began and the men kept their heads down proceeded to plot and work. The project was to be named HFX. Now take a moment to take this in: a creative connection involving Ghana and Swaziland. Countries were not the only thing that was connecting in this situation, genres were also being fused. The fusion of Hip Hop and electronica is not new, but it is something that is not particularly popular in Africa, so what HF and MotherLand X is borderline groundbreaking. Experimentation is prioritised as HF showcases his artistry with him staying true to the traditional way of doing Hip Hop as an MC – lyricism coupled with storytelling and conceptual themes.

HF takes ownership of the vibes created by Rendition as he eloquently cruises over the beats produced by Swaziland’s best kept secret. It’s as if HF was instructed by a higher power to spread his message far beyond Ghana, inspire African kids to self-starters and he did all of this by using the internet. To some, this project may be seen as another project that will live on the internet, but to the people that were involved in the making of this project – boundaries where pushed. The people that this project will reach will be surprised and delighted, as what HF and Motherland X attempted with this project is new and genre-bending. All in all, the project is a great effort and vital stepping stone in connecting African creatives, a move that is part of MotherLand X’s plan. We needed this project. We needed to see how limits were going to be tested and pushed. We needed Swaziland to connect with Ghana and we needed this to happen towards the end of 2017, so we could set ourselves up for what’s to come in 2018.

Stream the project below: