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Sounds from the diaspora: STHRN’s humble beginnings in Botswana to building his foundation in electronic music in China

For an artist, to find your sound is to find yourself. The experiences an artist collects, the places they travel to or inhabit and the people they meet all influence and inspire creativity and enhance artistry. In the case of Botswana-born China-based producer, STHRN, the journey into music is proving to be a fruitful one. From humble beginnings in Southern Africa’s most mineral-rich countries, Botswana, to applying himself to succeed in a foreign country in hopes to build a better future for himself. STHRN (real name Potlako Ntabe) is a medical student in China, who makes music in his spare time.

The act of sharing music online may seem to be small to some, but to STHRN it’s his way to prompt the world to listen to his music and connect with his story. Numbers do not necessarily matter when sharing art that is dear to you and if your heart is in the right place, you stand a chance to cultivate a healthy environment that allows your movements to gain traction. Traction is what STHRN is starting to see and that is not surprising to witness as he has worked on perfecting his craft for seven years.

Being in China does not limit him from connecting to his homeland as he prioritises including authentic African sounds into his music, which is more modern and electronic. He draws inspiration from some of the best and most progressive electronic, future beats and future bass movements such as Soulection, Dama Dama Records and artists like Bonobo and Toro Y Moi.

STHRN has been releasing music through Polish-based label, Icy Penguin, and has plans to release more music in future. The goal: flood the internet streets with good quality content.

We have the privilege to premiere STHRN’s latest track. Peep it below.