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Irv Blames Jake Brings Back His ‘THIS IS SEX’ With The Release of The 12th Episode

Soweto born and bred multi-disciplined creative, Irv Blames Jake, is respected in the Johannesburg creative community for his unique approach to photography, videography and DJing. Using tools that are at his disposal, such as his smartphone and laptop, he produces work that wows people and garners him respect in the South African creative community and features on international platforms such as Afronection.

As a DJ, his focus is far more than simple DJ mixes that go on to live on streaming platforms such SoundCloud and Mixcloud; his approach is much more layered. Every mix he releases is accompanied by a strong visual campaign which either, better explains the mix or is a conversation starter which leaves a lot of the interpretation work to the consumer. This approach allows the Irv Blames Jake brand to connect with people in multiple ways which ends up leaving strong impressions on people.

One of the mix series that has brought him a lot of praise is called THIS IS SEX. THIS IS SEX is an audio-visual display of Irv Blames Jake’s view of intimacy, life and creativity. Now in its second season, the mix series series still continues on its set trajectory of assisting people make sense of how intimacy often informs creativity and forms the basis of the creation of life.

irv blames jake presents this is sex xi
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Stream THIS IS SEX II on SoundCloud below.

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Irv Blames Jake launches Tree 63, a new radio show focused on delivering audio illusions

Soweto-based videographer and DJ, Irv Blames Jake, has launched a new online radio show called Tree 63 – Audio Illusions. The show is designed to communicate Irv’s unique taste in music, how he sees music and how he interprets music. The radio show is designed to be an experience and the guests on the show are to be selected to strengthen the concept of the show. Educating people about music that they typically wouldn’t hear on traditional media platforms sits at the core of the main idea behind Tree 63.

Image credit: Irv Blames Jake

The online radio show is set to have monthly episodes which feature a guest or guest mix from a creative that has a unique sound.

Listen to the first show below. It features Joburg-based spinner, Al Da 3rd.

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Irv Blames Jake: A DJ focused on highlighting the beauty of electronic music through photography & videography

The Soweto based DJ is a enigma of note. An enigma that exudes the core essence of creativity and artist expression. The reason why we call Irv Blames Jake an enigma is purely because there is a certain mystique about him and how he chooses to move and express himself as a creative. Irv Blames Jake is not just a DJ, he embodies so much more and he expresses the layers of his creativity and the complexities of his personality through different creative avenues.

He has positioned his brand in a rather unique and interesting way because it seems as his focus is not on him or a blind chase for popularity. Beyond everything else, it appears that he wants his work to take center stage, his outlook and ideology to be communicated honestly to the world and to achieve a sense of freedom when he releases his work – be it photography projects, his DJ sets or his videography projects.

Nusoulhub Radio was given the honour and the blessing of premiering Irv’s THIS IS SEX IX mix.

On the DJ side of his multi-faceted creative life, Irv possesses a rare skill of putting together ambient, synth-heavy electronic songs together, with each song in his mixes complementing each other in a story-telling manner. Irv’s style of Djing and mixing has the ability prompt one to revisit the early days of Soulection and what movements like Souletiquette, Only Good Vibes and Darker Than Wax are currently doing. An eclectic mix of sounds is expected from any Irv Blames Jake set

The incredible aspect with regards to Irv’s work is how he sees and works on his ideas through to the finish – this is seen in his 10 part mix series called THIS IS SEX. Through the THIS IS SEX mix serious, Irv has managed to garner respect from his peers and international attention, more notably a shout out from American artist Elhae.

Earlier in 2017, he collaborated with another incredibly talented creative from Johannesburg Bambatha Jones from Nobody Else ZA, “a creative agency that houses independent artists exploring the arts in different mediums” as described on their website. The collaboration was a one of a kind effort into merging videography and DJing, and certainly a first in South Africa.

The work that Irv Blames Jake has put out is paramount to his bigger mission of taking his creative vision global. The main stand-out characteristic that Irv possesses is his unique approach to DJing, his style of play and how he goes about collaborating with other artists and movements that have goals aligned with his.

The other interesting aspect of Irv Blames Jake is his passion for skateboarding as he is part of Johannesburg’s growing skateboarding scene. He impressively combines his passion for music, skateboarding, videography and photography to bring out phenomenal bodies of work. He comes from Soweto, a South African township which has so much history and culture, and that somehow finds it’s way into his work which is phenomenal.

He definitely is playing a role in changing the South African DJ landscape which is currently dominated by House music. Irv dares to challenge the status quo and we think more people should take note of his talent. Listen to some of his mixes here.

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