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Listen to “Dust Vol II” by Pseudope, a Joburg-based urban entertainment platform

Founded by Khan Mabunda, a young creative who is based in the East Rand region of the Johannesburg area, Pseudope is a platform for the urban youth by the urban youth. The “urban wholesale” as the platform is called aims to connect young creatives in South Africa in hopes of building a solid industry where young people can grow, be educated and give back to their communities using arts and culture as tools for nation building.

Khan has been active in the youth entertainment space for a number of years, particularly being a member of Dapper Gang, Infinitivity Design & Innovation and the lead person behind PXY Media. A true soldier for the culture, with a deep passion for creativity and bringing innovation to his country, Khan is a creative that you need to take note of.

Khan brings us a short a short mix where he fuses his South African influences and his influences from abroad. In the 16 minute mix, you get to hear brilliant tunes from the likes of Brenda Fassie, J Dilla, Freddie Joachim, and more. Pseudope is being built to disrupt the local entertainment industry and we’re here for it.

Listen to Pseudope’s latest mix below: