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Kolossus Kulture: A movement, a lifestyle and a progressive safe space for free-thinking creatives

Kolossus Kulture Nusoulhub Radio
Image via Kolossus Kulture

Founded towards the end of 2013, Kolossus Records has grown immensely over a period of 3 years. Built on the back and purposeful direction of a young creative, Dexter Brandon, Kolossus Records has grown into a culture. A culture which houses free-thinkers, dreamers and go getters that envision a better and brighter world – with creativity as a catalyst for widespread global change. This culture, which we speak of, has given rise to something even more enterprising and exciting – Kolossus Kulture.

Kolossus Kulture is a new-age media platform which has one main goal: fostering a hub for like-minded, creative individuals who are innovation and progression hungry. Think Complex Media, Okayplayer, Pitchfork and the Fader when you think of what Kolossus Kulture is trying to achieve, with the only major difference being the creative and cultural spaces that Kolossus Kulture wants to tap into. So what are these creative and cultural spaces that the entertainment media company wants to tap into? One of the most identifiable facets of the founder’s mission is to connect creatives from different parts of the world, tell their stories and provide them with a safe space where their creativity can thrive.

Image via Kolossus Kulture

How many 23 year olds do you know that own and run their own entertainment media enterprise? Dexter can be seen as an anomaly, considering the many distractions that young people have to face in this day and age – be it social media, societal and peer pressure, and substance abuse. The music industry is a cutthroat business and a business that many do not understand because the majority is mostly on the receiving end of what the industry produces. It is quite inspiring to see a young person taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

Kolossus Kulture Mission Statement:

Kolossus Kulture serves the countless cultures that represent free thinking individual. We are here to enhance, enlighten, and empower the artistic leaders around us. Give light to significant pieces of the world.

The mission statement clearly articulates the bigger goal. With over 100 songs released and published through Kolossus Records, it becomes easy to see the amount of hard work that has been carried out by Dexter. Another interesting element about the Kolossus story is how Dexter does everything by himself, which is an indicator of his tenacity and the determination he has to achieve his dreams.

Kolossus Kulture has positioned itself in a way that allows them to marry digital and print media, with plans of establishing a print magazine. The digital media aspect of the marriage entails an online radio station, a video-content channel housed on Youtube and social media. Kolossus Kulture is building a content juggernaut and haven for budding creatives the world over.

Image via Kolossus Kulture

Some of the achievements which were instrumental in strengthening the Kolossus brand, include working with the likes of Mikkoh (Independent – ATL), DEFFIE (Film Noir – LA), R.O.M. (Soulection – LONDON), Neguim Beats (Darker Than Wax Records – SINGAPORE + BRAZIL), Rilla Force (Independent – BOSTON), Yaeji (Independent – NY) and more.

We’re proud to announce that Nusoulhub Radio is Kolossus Kulture’s first African media and entertainment partner. The partnership is a result of the shared vision between Nkululeko Nkosi (founder of Nusoulhub Radio) and Dexter Brandon. The vision is to connect American and South African creatives, build a hub for those creatives and create a global media platform that prioritises innovation. The two 23 year olds are gearing up to change the landscape of global music, media and entertainment. A cross-continental media partnership of this type is arguably the first of its kind and will help both brands extend their footprint into other markets.

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