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Candid curation & creation: Sinatra’s brave odyssey into the South African music industry

Durban is not only known for its majestic beaches, friendly people and great vibes. The city also produces talent that has enough talent to shake up the South African entertainment industry. We are more familiar with some of the more prominent and popular acts like Big Nuz, Babes Wodumo and DJ Tira whose focus is more on the dance side of music. Durban is also the home of the gqom genre that has taken the world by storm.

Beyond the music that dominates the mainstream, there are other genres championed by artists that are not seen in the mainstream. Sinatra (real name Sandiso Nzimande) is a Durban-born artist that does not make music that can easily fit into the mainstream music mould. An honest expression of his being, Sinatra fearlessly communicates his art to the world. Only being 23 years old, with a deep passion for making music, Sinatra has chosen Johannesburg as the city where he applies his creative trade.

To prove to the world that he is serious about his art and the direction he wants to go venture into as a musician, Sinatra has released his debut EP titled Searching. The EP features a wide array of sounds that build up Searching as a memorable body of work. The EP is also strengthened by the other contributing artists, namely Naye, Lady Yola, Brady Yorce, Peacemaker, Mousse, Remy and Celestial Mic. All of the featured artists provide an interesting layer to the music which cultivates a unique vibe that will surely please listeners.

Stream the Searching EP by Sinatra below: