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A personification of groove with Loupo’s new track called Letters featuring Stephanie & Max Bronstein

The Burlington, United States, producer has released a stellar song which carries an inherent groove and on this one he features Stephanie and Max Bronstein. Letters is a song that has a succinct way of leaving you at ease as you focus on the lyrics, which are beautifully sung by Stephanie. You may be familiar with Loupo through his remixes of classic R&B and Hip Hop songs from artists like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo and The Roots, just to name a few.

Nusoulhub Radio reviews Loupo's project

The release of Letters is a follow-up from the December 2016 release of a 7-track project by Loupo called Moods and the track also serves the purpose of a teaser for a project that is dropping on the 25th of February called Good Company. Loupo is clearly in his element right as he is consistently releasing gems of note. The project is going to be Loupo’s third album and it will be released through MelodySoul, a record label that has an impressive roster and a community of global producers. With a release like Letters, there is no doubt that Loupo in partnership with MelodySoul have clear intentions of shifting the beats scene as we draw near to the end of Dilla month.

MelodySoul has had great back to back releases as Loupo’s release follows a track released by the Copenhangen based producer, Moo Latte. The label is extending its footprint in not only the electonic beats scene, but music in general. With the release of Letters, music lovers are adequately prepped for a treat on the 25th of February.

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Digital Digger’s Choice: MelodySoul, an international music collective and record label out to disrupt the beats scene

MelodySoul describes itself as a publishing and distribution platform that has its sights on releasing music digitally and in physical form, having formed a global network of beats and electronic musicians from different corners of the world, the record label has its sights on shaking the world up. The record label is only 2 years old but it has already left a lengthy digital footprint on the internet which makes it difficult to ignore they presence and the work that they have put in. The record label easily masks itself as a music collective that came together to innovate within the electronic beats scene with members from America, France, Germany, Canada, the UK, Japan and Switzerland, it’s quite clear that their vision is in line with taking over the global beats scene.

The record label is essentially a result of creative collaborations between like-minded people that share a love for music, connecting people and creative innovations. The way the collective is set up is a representation of good vibes and energy. The record label includes impressive acts like the 20 year old, Coubo, who has a unique style of crafting beats and has taken the electronic beats scene by storm. The label has notable names like ChromataData, Miles Bonny and Ian Ewing who are strong names in the North American beats scene. Another talent that has been impressive and having started making beats not so long ago is CYGN, a french producer who has taken the beats scene by storm with his release of his innovative and genre-bending digital drum kits.As the record label approaches a full 2 years of existence, it has 63 original songs on Soundcloud and six releases on Bandcamp which are available for purchase. The most recent releases from the label are Savour by Coubo and X ESSENTIAL by The Xtraordinair$, a production duo which has a name that holds weight in its own right.

With a solid team and the amount of releases that the label is pushing out, MelodySoul is poised to create a long-lasting legacy.

Buy their on music on Bandcamp.
Listen to their releases on Soundcloud.