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Manxeezy: Multi-faceted creative who champions self-awareness and individuality

Image via Manxeezy

Johannesburg is one helluva of city, filled with interesting characters and dreamers – many of which were not born in the city of gold, but are here to try life in pursuit of greener pastures. The young people of Johannesburg are vibrant, determined, outspoken and free. Creative expression is undoubtedly seen as an asset to young people, and boy do they express themselves. The beliefs and ideas of young people in the city are encrypted in their art and shared through their preferred medium – the internet.

Manxeezy, a multi-disciplined creative from Johannesburg, is a personification of new-age African creativity. Equipped with an impressive array of talents such as writing and composing music, animation and design, Manxeezy slickly manoeuvres in the alternative entertainment space in Johannesburg. With his team, Milk Fam, behind him – he is well prepared to deliver groundbreaking creative work. Milk Fam is a creative collective that is fearlessly cultivating and curating safe spaces for artists like Manxeezy in the tough Johannesburg entertainment industry.

Manxeezy’s latest offering, ‘The Man’ , is a song about self-awareness (or more conveniently, self-cav), confidence and individuality. A song that carries a message that is much needed in the times we live in, where we have more followers than leaders. Although, in the song, Manxeezy assumes somewhat of braggadocious stance – the lyrics could easily motivate you to be more self-aware and be your own biggest fan. The production which Manxeezy floats over so eloquently is handled by Siviwe Smash who is an incredible talent in his own right.

Manxeezy shows us that South Africa has lyricists that are bringing innovative concepts to the masses, and we need that to cut through the fluff and the noise. The future is definitely bright for Manxeezy and his crew – Milk Fam.

Stream ‘The Man’ below: