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Ifikile iSouth African Boys Club: Transmitting Homegrown Mzansi Sounds To The World

The music scene in South Africa is in a really interesting space; with the boundary-pushing work being largely created, pushed and promoted by independent artists. In a country where traditional media is still king, these artists are forced to use shrewd methods to share their artistry with the world — from clever social media fan engagement campaigns to self-funded shows that house the fans gained through their online efforts. These efforts, backed by smart marketing and bootstrapping, all contribute to this much-needed shift in the music industry in the country; making sure that this genius, quality and innovation does not go to waste. All that matters

Pioneering, brave and exciting talent exists on the fringes of the mainstream in South Africa; carrying an unwavering urge to introduce new concepts to the South African market whilst staying true to authentically South African sonics and aesthetics. SABC, an abbreviation of South African Boys Club, is new musical outfit that embodies the ideals of independence, South African patriotism and excellence. Founded by Johannesburg based musician and multimedia designer, Thiaps, and Durban born producer and graphic designer, Trust B1; the group seeks to explore South African youth culture from an honest perspective. To achieve this, they dig deep in their culture, upbringings and inspiration; and this allows them to design a sound that is truly homegrown, honest and driven by South African nuances.

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The two multi-disciplined artists release the first single titled ‘Ke Friday’. The song invites you into their world, where they speak on a lot of they speak on their wishes, ambitions and life; offering the listener a glimpse into their life. In a rather interesting way, the two artists are able to communicate the struggles black youth in South Africa in a jolly and entertaining way with a core message that says: despite the troubles and challenges that life brings, celebrating life should not be forgotten and because of those troubles and challenges, you are given a license to celebrate. That is a powerful message delivered in a beautiful way.

The duo plans on to release a song off of their debut project every Friday which will then lead up to the official release of the full project. More music is coming and that is extremely exciting!

Stream the song below.

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Snegenege 2 Autochoon Bimbing: Thiaps pushes himself creatively with his latest 4 track EP

Jozi-based multi-talented creative, Thiaps, embodies the concept of Sofistikasi. A concept when explained entails: a lifestyle, school of thought and concept which marries all things sophisticated, some would prefer to use the word ‘bougie’, with the rawness and cultured nature of the kasi. Thiaps is part of the new generation of creatives that are, without fear, going back to basics by drawing inspiration from all things that are uniquely South Africa – from language, the people, the culture and arts.

READ: Thiaps releases Snegenege Vol. 1, a short project that invites us into his colourful life.


In an effort to showcase personal and artistic progression, he releases the follow-up to his Snegenege Vol. 1, which is part of a series of short tapes where he invites us into his world. He delivers Snegenege 2: Autochoon Bimbing, a project that sees him play around with melodies, his voice and new concepts with the assistance of autotune. With this project, he speaks on where he is currently in life, briefly touches on spirituality, women and money, and hopes of breakthroughs and success. Sonically and lyrically, the four-track EP is different from the first EP of the series. In the second effort, Thiaps places himself at the center of the project’s concept and he offloads and shares wisdom gained through personal struggles.

The EP was entirely produced by trust B1, a longtime friend and frequent collaborator of Thiaps. With these strong releases, Thiaps seems to be positioning himself to take his creativity to the next level and build a solid audience while at it. Expect more from the Mzansi Mnandi pioneer – Thiaps.

Stream Snegenege 2: Autochoon Bimbing below.

Follow Thiaps on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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Listen to KaeB’s new conceptual project: My Neighbours Hate Me II

Johannesburg based producer, KaeB, dropped the second instalment of his conceptual beat tape series called ‘My Neighbours Hate Me’. On the second instalment, which is appropriately titled ‘My Neighbours Hate Me II’, he partners up with his close associates such as Parley Wang and trust B1. The EP is also the first showcase of newly launched music production agency/beat label founded by KaeB – Stay Cozy Group. With production assistance from the first artists on Stay Cozy Group, Flex The Ninja and AmoBeatz, the EP packs a lot of heat.

MNHMII also features one of Botswana’s most promising acts, Veezo View. A jam packed EP with nothing but bangers. Peep it below:

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Talented South African sketch comedian, Okay Wasabi, releases “With Love From Marabastad”

Multi-talented sketch comedian and digital content creator, Okay Wasabi, is undoubtedly the most entertaining South African personality on the internet. Positioned as the go-to-guy for organic and authentically South African content, Okay Wasabi captures mostly black millennials and gen Zs looking for funny and relatable content. From the skits, to his Kota-focused Youtube show Kota Past 9 and his vlog with his beautiful girlfriend Sasha, Okay Wasabi has won the hearts of the South African youth.

Watch: Undoubtedly the best parody to come out of SA in the last 5 years. Quote me on this!

With a strong and growing name on the internet streets, it’s only right for him to expand his content offering by fully venturing into music with a touch of comedy. Music is the perfect type of content for drawing in new listeners and supporters, as it does not only entertain but gives the listener the power to attach the music to memorable moments and emotion.

READ: Dali Danger drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring ENKEI.

Okay Wasabi has always dabbled in the music space, with his first successful project “They Know Me In Soshanguve” which was followed up by “Lost In Attredgeville” which was released through Slikour On Life. The fascination with the hoods from Pretoria is probably one of the most stand-out aspects of these releases and this purely motivated by how much support he has received from Pretoria since he started sharing his content online.

This year, for his 24th birthday, he dropped ‘With Love From Marabastad’ – an RnB project. The project is as conceptual as they come, carrying themes centered around love, dating while broke, the struggles of a young black creative hustling in Johannesburg and all of this is packaged as a comedic body of work. Genuis, if you ask me! The project was mostly executive produced by BTM (don’t ask me what the abbreviation is, Lol) from Strobe Light Records – an East Rand based collective and label – and additional production from B1 from Dipopaai Studios and KaeB from STAY COZY GROUP. With this project, Okay Wasabi moves away from rap and completely flips everything by delivering a solid RnB offering.

The tape features some of Wasabi’s frequent collaborators like ENKEI, Thiaps, Neruda and his best friend, Dali Danger. As much as this may be a parody project, it surpasses many drops in the urban music category when it comes to quality. And Wasabi’s singing is not too bad too!

The standout tracks from wlfm are ubani lo, speeding (the reaction to this song at the wlfm listening session was amazing), azibuye and pls call me. All in all, a solid project. Absolutely phenomenal! Sleep on this and stay behind.

Vosloorus “1475, the hood where skinny niggas die and iy’dudla multiply” should be proud!

Listen to With Love From Marabastad:

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Smashing creative conventions: Thiaps drops ‘PHIHLIZA’ featuring B1 and Teddy to usher in a new urban sound

Thiaps, a multi-talented creative, from Johannesburg has a rather interesting approach to creating and sharing art. With an open-mind, he surges forward with an unrivalled confidence and style. Unapologetically South African in how he manoeuvres, Thiaps is impressively captures the South African story.

Following his last release titled ‘Snegenege Vol. 1’, a short EP that was released towards the end of 2017, Thiaps managed to garner a significant amount of attention within the Joburg creative scene. Dibirie, a stand-out track from the EP, was featured on popular Youtube social media commentary show The Microwave Boys. Praised and heralded by his creative peers, Thiaps managed to set the precedent for what he has planned for 2018. One of the most unique selling points about Thiaps is how he understands and respects the process of creativity and how he breaks down art as a trained artist who, in his professional capacity, trades his creativity to earn a living.

READ: Thiaps relentlessly creates a new creative territory with his sound

To kick things off for 2018, he calls on his Mzansi Mnandi compadres to express the experiences collected as young black men figuring life out in the city of gold, and this is captured in a song. The track features two talented Joburg-based artists, B1 and Teddy, who bring a fresh energy to the song. All three artists represent Dipopaai with production handled by KaeB who happens to be a close associate of the camp. This song serves as the first official release from the collective for 2018.

Stream ‘PHIHLIZA’ below:

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PREMIERE: KaeB drops ‘Right Now’ for #CozyFridays

Joburg-based producer, KaeB, continues to impress with another brilliant release for his #CozyFriday campaign. This time around, he hits us with a rough yet amazing demo of a track titled ‘Right Now‘. After a very successful 2017, we can’t even imagine what he is cooking for 2018 because he is clearly working hard on improving his sound.

Stream ‘Right Now‘ below:

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PREMIERE: Vibe out to KaeB’s latest #CozyFriday release

This #CozyFriday release is special. It comes on KaeB’s birthday, who turns 25 today, and also serves as a treat to his supporters. The track, with its modern trap and future bass undertones, is an absolute banger and a great way for the 25-year-old producer to kick off 2018. We cannot wait for what the producer has in store for us this year. Peep the work.

Stream YOUTH below:

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PREMIERE: Joburg-based producer, MelV, partners up with Oti5 for a collab EP

Johannesburg-based producer, MelV, is back. Having impressed us a few months ago with his unique approach to trap, MelV has proven that he is not stopping for anything. This time around he calls up Oti5, a young South African producer who is being groomed and mentored by MelV, to drop an interesting three-track EP.

The title of the EP is 00:00 which could be a reference to the time where the two producers are most creative. The title could also be a reference to the soundscapes that the EP carries – dark and heavy.

Stream the 00:00 EP here:

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KaeB drops the last joint of his #CozyFridays campaign

After releasing music every Friday for almost six months, KaeB drops the last track for his #CozyFridays campaign. A massive achievement of not only bettering his production skills, but also getting people to rally behind him and support his vision. What’s the vision? You may ask – raising the standard of production in the South African beats scene. We all know that a lot of producers fought and demanded their own lane within the global entertainment industry, particularly in the urban space, but KaeB is a South African producer that truly embodied the #ProducersMustRise movement.

He ends the campaign with a wonderfully produced track titled, Stay Cozy, that merges three genres together: future beats, trap and house. KaeB also weaves in 21 Savage’s vocals which adds a rather interesting layer to the song.

Stream Stay Cozy here:

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PREMIERE: KaeB drops ‘WAVES’ for his #CozyFridays campaign

Talented Joburg-based producer, KaeB, swings back with another brilliant release for his #CozyFridays campaign. The latest release is titled WAVES and is a perfect track to rock to as you ease into the weekend.

Stream WAVES here: