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Introducing TMi: A Jozi based musical trio brewing a new Mzansi afro pop sound

TMi is an exciting act from Johannesburg with a fresh sound that first broke out into the South African music scene in 2015 with the release of Kas’ Lam, a song that which a remix featuring L-Tido and Blaklez. The trio was formed by three solid friends who share a deep love for music that carries a South African flair that stays true to home. The word TMi is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘tuuu much info’ and it serves as a description of what the group plans to offer to the game; great artistry, great concepts and more importantly music, all of which are information that enhances the human experience.

This year, the trio pushed to re-introduce themselves to the game with the release of Mali Yami – a scorcher of a tune which sees TMi create an authentically South African number, where the band members sing and rap in IsiZulu, Sesotho and English. Mali Yam’ beautifully represents South Africa’s festive, jolly energy whilst also highlight the unpleasant conditions that the country’s majority have to face – the song promotes celebration after working hard, overcoming challenges and winning a battle when all odds are against you. Amazing track! Listen to it below.

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Watch: Darkie Fiction release the visuals for #Bhoza, their official single for their upcoming debut EP

The visuals for Bhoza, Darkie Fiction’s first official single of their upcoming debut EP. The music video is colourful, full of jubilation and celebration, and also some cameos from some  South Africa’s rising creative forces who are taking the creative industry by storm. Aesthetically, the video sees Yoza and Katt Daddy re-imagine, re-package and re-introduce the South African youth identity into one which is uniquely Mzansi. Nuanced aesthetics mostly common in Kwaito can be seen in the video. You can’t not be happy when watching this video. Watch the video below.

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Gully, street & focused: Get a glimpse of the inventive world of rising Mzansi rap phenomenon, Nash

In a heavily globalized world where technology makes the world feel smaller, people are not only limited to being loyal to their people, culture or country, they can re-imagine their identities on a more global platform. We live in times of mass participation, participation on a global scale, and this mass participation is facilitated by the technology. A particular culture can be perceived as niche and alternative today, and drastically be seen as pop and accessible tomorrow. We live in interesting times.

Hip Hop, a culture created in America by young people of colour in the hoods of New York , is now the most popular music genre in the world. Hip Hop is not just a genre of music, but a culture that has connected millions of people from different parts of the world. Each country in the world has its own interpretation of the culture. In South Africa, the youth have completely owned the Hip Hop culture and they take part in it, not only as South Africans, but as global citizens. Hip Hop as a culture and music genre in Mzansi is slowly maturing and the listeners’ musical palettes at a rapid pace. Listeners these days are spoilt for choice and young South African rappers are serving quality music that can go toe to toe with the toughest acts from abroad.

Young rappers like the innanetwav affiliated rapper, Nash, are a perfect example of talent that could fare well if pit against acts from overseas. His newly released Skrilla EP is gully, street and details how focused the young rapper on his quest to break into the game. The EP details where the young rapper is in life, how he views the world, how he interacts with the world and provides the listener with a glimpse of his life. He speaks on how he views money, women and the pursuit of the good life. The EP also boats song strong features like Ginger Trill, MyKey, The Big Hash and ABD. The Mpumalanga-born rapper effortlessly floats on the production on the EP, introducing new ideas in South African Hip Hop. Like a true innanetwav release, the beats are banging and the raps are world-class.

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We Believe The Hype: Darkie Fiction is up next & bringing authentic South African sounds from yesteryear

We have to admit, we’ve been sleeping and we’re caving in, caving into buying into the heavy hype surrounding South African music duo, Darkie Fiction. Now please, understand this, this hype we speak of is the normal hypebeast, bandwagon-riding type of hype, it is the kind of hype that is warranted and well-deserved. Any South African act that is brave enough to proudly and fearlessly champion authentically black ideas, aesthetics and schools of thought is important.

The rapper-singer duo was formed in Cape Town in 2017 by Katt Daddy and Yoza Mnyanda, and has gone on to take on the South Africa’s city of gold, Johannesburg, with hopes to advance their careers. Although they be seen as an act that plays around the alternative and niche category, what they do and the messages they communicate through their art can easily speak to young people of colour in Mzansi. Oddly enough as much the group is pushing an authentic representation of black South African youth, it may take a while for South Africans to catch on to their ground-breaking concepts. However, the world is watching and hungry to hear their voice and they are likely to follow the footsteps of acts like FAKA, Spoek Mathambo, Muzi, Nakhane and Yugen Blakrok, who receive much of their claim overseas.

We have no doubt that they are well on their way to breaking into the international music space. With musical muses such as the likes of Brenda Fassie, Caiphus Semenya, Letta Mbulu, Steve Kekana, TKZee and Boom Shaka, they can do no wrong. They fuse kwaito, afro-funk, neo-soul and hip hop to create a truly progressive sound – one that is only unique to them.

Watch the video for their 2017 released single, ‘Selula’.

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Pick of the Month: The Lonely Orchestra Part 2 by Gabbana

Release Date: 14-01-2018

Following the release of The Lonely Orchestra last year November, Gabbana delivers another stellar EP – a sequel to the aforementioned release. Released under his own label DeepTribe Music and created at the Fluxtuations Studios (I stand to be corrected), The Lonely Orchestra Part 2 cements the Pretoria based Producer/DJ/Musician among the top electronic music artists in Mzansi. Filled with his signature synth amplified pads and basslines, each track on this 4-track EP is a journey of its own, independent of the other yet they seamlessly amalgamate into one spellbinding harmony.

Perfect for long drives, early morning jogs, dancing up a storm and, well, basically everything, each track delivers its own ambience and caters for almost every mood. Trying to pick a favourite is one of the hardest tasks I’ve had to do since the year started because if I may reiterate, each track delivers its own ambience.

I’ve really got my fingers crossed that Gabbana drops an LP or full on album this year, the underground needs it. I would, however, love to hear the rising star use more vocals on his jams not only to give the songs a lasting sensation but as well to add that extra dimension to his music but that’s just my humble opinion. So, Gabbana if you’re reading this, it’s not too late. South Africa has an infinite pool of talented vocalists, dive in. And to you the reader, spare a moment to listen and some money to support the brother’s hustle.


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PREMIERE: MelV drops another dope track for his #FayaFriday campaign

MelV (real name Melvin Mpolokeng) is hell-bent on perfecting his trap sound. With a couple of releases under his belt for his #FayaFriday campaign, he has showcased his range within the trap sub-genre. It is quite clear that MelV draws inspiration from some of the more prominent trap producers like Zaytoven and Metro Boomin.

The trap sounds is growing in popularity in South Africa and MelV is aware of that as he works towards being a household name for African trap. On his latest release, he gives us an interesting interpretation of Chief Keef’s breakout single, Sosa.

Stream the track below: