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The Big Hash: Leading South Africa’s new school and capturing the lived experiences of black South African teens

Seventeen-year-old rapper, The Big Hash, is South Africa’s best kept secret. Carrying the torch for new schoolers and annihilating conventions created in urban culture. If you ever wanted to get into the mind of a gen Z creative, Hash is your go-to-guy as his artistry is packed with insights of how his generation sees the world. Hash is masterful in how he approaches music and takes melody-driven Hip Hop to another level, with a style that lives between singing and rapping. An artist with range and an impeccable songwriting skills. Far from being a typical Joburg kid, Hash has more to offer not only to Hip Hop but to South African music as a whole.

Hash does not move alone, he moves with his squad – Innanetwav. Innanetwav is a multimedia collective, specializing in graphic design, photography and music. With a full and rounded approach to creativity, Hash with the help of his team, is able to create groundbreaking and innovative work. The Innanetwav understands the power of visuals and how music is no longer a singular experience but one that is enhanced when all senses are stimulated. In the social-media driven world that we live in, a visual element to the music is a requirement and the Innanetwav team is not lacking in the visual department. Match that with great use of the internet and you create a movement. With such an approach, pushing the envelope becomes relatively easier for acts like Hash because they understand how to package the music.

Plans to take-over the new Hip Hop wave in South Africa are clear. And this was seen with the March 2nd release of Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence –  a 5 track EP. The EP serves as the first strike from Hash and his team, and with no features and production from Innanetwav’s in-house producer and sound engineer, oshoku and 808x, a cohesive project is created. In true youthful, rebellious fashion Hash needs no approval from old head naysayers as the EP is littered with modern sounds that deviate from the traditional Hip Hop sound but in the same breath the EP shifts boundaries and introduces urban music lovers to new interpretations of urban music.

After a day of release, the EP managed to garner over 2 000 streams which goes to show that the demand of Hash’s music is extremely high. And that comes as no surprise as Hash is no stranger to raking up over 10K streams on most of his songs on SoundCloud, drawing local and international listeners. The Big Hash is a big deal and we advise you to take note of this kid now before it is too late.

Stream Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence below: