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Watch: Teddy Pleasure Never Takes Ls On His Latest Music Video

Alberton based rapper, Teddy Pleasure, has been steady on the rise in the last two years; releasing bangers on SoundCloud and getting love on the internet and the Gauteng streets.

Towards the end of 2018, Teddy pleasure released his ‘Confessions In A Tazz‘ EP, a nine-tracker which allowed Teddy create a buzz for himself in the streets and online. The project features some of his Dipopaai affiliates, Bringo and Trust B1 (who handled most, if not all, the production on the project.

One of the most popular songs on the project is a song titled ‘Never Take A L‘ which features internet sensations and well-respected content creators, Okay Wasabi and Dali Danger, as well as Trust B1. The song is packed with braggadocio which is common in rap music, however they add a comical twist to the song to create another brand of rap music that carries South African truths and language.

Never Take A L has a dope music video which sees the artists perform in their hoods. Watch it below.

Stream the Confessions In A Tazz EP here.

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Talented South African sketch comedian, Okay Wasabi, releases “With Love From Marabastad”

Multi-talented sketch comedian and digital content creator, Okay Wasabi, is undoubtedly the most entertaining South African personality on the internet. Positioned as the go-to-guy for organic and authentically South African content, Okay Wasabi captures mostly black millennials and gen Zs looking for funny and relatable content. From the skits, to his Kota-focused Youtube show Kota Past 9 and his vlog with his beautiful girlfriend Sasha, Okay Wasabi has won the hearts of the South African youth.

Watch: Undoubtedly the best parody to come out of SA in the last 5 years. Quote me on this!

With a strong and growing name on the internet streets, it’s only right for him to expand his content offering by fully venturing into music with a touch of comedy. Music is the perfect type of content for drawing in new listeners and supporters, as it does not only entertain but gives the listener the power to attach the music to memorable moments and emotion.

READ: Dali Danger drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring ENKEI.

Okay Wasabi has always dabbled in the music space, with his first successful project “They Know Me In Soshanguve” which was followed up by “Lost In Attredgeville” which was released through Slikour On Life. The fascination with the hoods from Pretoria is probably one of the most stand-out aspects of these releases and this purely motivated by how much support he has received from Pretoria since he started sharing his content online.

This year, for his 24th birthday, he dropped ‘With Love From Marabastad’ – an RnB project. The project is as conceptual as they come, carrying themes centered around love, dating while broke, the struggles of a young black creative hustling in Johannesburg and all of this is packaged as a comedic body of work. Genuis, if you ask me! The project was mostly executive produced by BTM (don’t ask me what the abbreviation is, Lol) from Strobe Light Records – an East Rand based collective and label – and additional production from B1 from Dipopaai Studios and KaeB from STAY COZY GROUP. With this project, Okay Wasabi moves away from rap and completely flips everything by delivering a solid RnB offering.

The tape features some of Wasabi’s frequent collaborators like ENKEI, Thiaps, Neruda and his best friend, Dali Danger. As much as this may be a parody project, it surpasses many drops in the urban music category when it comes to quality. And Wasabi’s singing is not too bad too!

The standout tracks from wlfm are ubani lo, speeding (the reaction to this song at the wlfm listening session was amazing), azibuye and pls call me. All in all, a solid project. Absolutely phenomenal! Sleep on this and stay behind.

Vosloorus “1475, the hood where skinny niggas die and iy’dudla multiply” should be proud!

Listen to With Love From Marabastad:

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Sounds from Vosloorus: DALI DANGER drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring ENKEI

The East Rand currently runs the urban entertainment space in Johannesburg – this is arguable. From Hip Hop to House, genres that are enjoyed mostly by the black urban youth, the East Rand keeps producing admirable art that eventually reaches South Africa in its entirety. As much as talks of the influence of the East Rand are often rget biased when the focus is solely on Tembisa or Katlehong, other hoods in the East like Vosloorus continually prove naysayers wrong about which hood is most impactful.

Sure, Tembisa and Katlehong may have more people in the forefront representing their hoods before the eyes of the masses, but over the last three years Vosloorus has seen a resurgence of creatives innovating and breaking boundaries. Take Okay Wasabi as an example, a 23-year-old content creator who makes relatable content that crosses class boundaries. Black kids from e’kasi and ones from the ‘burbs are united by the content created by Wasabi, as he intelligently communicates and showcases the collective South African black experience. Now, Wasabi is not the only content creator/creative that is slowly changing the narrative of who’s who in the East as his fellow compadres move alongside him. Names like DALI DANGER, ENKEI, Benny, Danger Power Ranger and Thabo Louw often pop up in conversations about which artists South African music industry players should look out for.

The music and content coming out of Vosloorus is organic, raw, progressive and very relatable – traits that are indicative of a breakthrough into the South African pop realm. DALI DANGER offers his art up as one of Voslo’s first strikes in the first quarter of 2018 as he drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring the multi-talented artist, ENKEI. The song is as groovy as a song can get, with ENKEI on the hook and DALI on the bars. An experience is created.

Vosloorus is slowly becoming the go-to-hood for authentic and groundbreaking South African content – be it music, skits, Youtube shows or branded content.

Stream the song below:

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Teddy Pleasure: Confidently carrying the South African flair with Mzansi Mnandi

Mzansi Mnandi, a sub-genre created by a group of young change-makers in Johannesburg, is increasingly becoming a staple genre in certain circles. With influencers like Okay Wasabi, faithfully supporting the sub-genre by using the music in his Youtube series, Kota Past 9 and Sushi With Wasabi. An entire scene is being built off leverage the respective talents that exist in the movement: they have digital media and entertainment. What else could you need when building scenes and movements are built.

Now with all of these young creatives who are relentlessly pushing the sub-genre, it is important to shine a light on some of the musicians that are instrumental in creating the soundtrack for the movement. This is where proponents of the Mzansi Mnandi culture such as Teddy Pleasure come in to cultivate and curate a musical experience. With only a few singles, Teddy has managed to showcase his intent of becoming a household name in the South African entertainment. The work he has done with multi-talented Durban-raised, Johannesburg-based producer/rapper B1 is innovative as it adds a different side to South African urban music. Star-power, attitude and an enterprising nature is what you can expect from Teddy Pleasure.

Image via Teddy Pleasure

The content in the music gives you an interesting glimpse into the daily happenings of a young black South African figuring things out as he moves further and further in front of people’s eyes. The music is filled with original slang, created by the Mzansi Mnandi pioneers and Teddy can be tagged as one of the people driving the language and the attitude to the forefront.

Teddy Pleasure has released about six tracks this year and it is quite evident that he is gearing up to strengthen his efforts in getting more reach for his music in 2018. We’re definitely looking forward to what Teddy Pleasure has to offer.