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Digital Digger’s Choice: Otis Junior & Dr.Dundiff release ‘Hemispheres’

As a follow up to our last Digital Digger’s Choice where we focused on the German record label, Jakarta Records, we bring you a review of the Jakarta-released project called ‘Hemispheres’ by American artists Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff. The album is a result of the creative collaboration between the Louisville based singer, Otis, and Dr. Dundiff a producer who also hails from Louisville. Hemisphere is a 12-track project which can be easily characterised as a throwback to 80’s soul music with a touch of alternative Hip Hop influences.

Otis sings over Dr. Dundiff productions expressing and conveying messages of modern day living, love and relationships. The songs are packed with emotion and that emotion is showcased in Otis Junior’s laid back and uncanny style. The instrumentals made by Dr. Dundiff add a cinematic feel to the every song and to stretch even further, the songs can be seen as different characters in a story or an novel which is themed around love and relationships. The perspectives shared in Hemisphere are clearly from an organic and genuine place which also hints at how much Otis Junior had to vulnerable in his songwriting to give a real and hard-hitting feel to the music.

Albums like this are a rare-find, especially in the times which are synonymous with monotony and abundance. The project serves a purpose of taking it back to the basics by sticking to true music ideals which have a core intention of speaking to the heart and soul.

Listen to the project below: