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Watch: Durban based electronic music producer, MISSU, links up with Red Robyn for an exciting new video for their new single

MISSU (real name Sean Ross) is one of the few, dope and talented producers in the electronic music scene of South Africa, that are coming up and shaking things up. In Durban, the city he rests, creates and innovates, he’s undoubtedly becoming a household name when it comes to electronic, progressive music. He joins artists like Muzi, who are tearing down local and international industry walls, who are authentic in how they compose and prioritising unapologetically South African soundscapes in their music. MISSU may not be a known pop act in the South African music industry, but he has performed at some of the country’s biggest and most exciting festivals, like the Lush Festival and the Mielie Pop Festival. Through his, MISSU shares pieces of himself and gets to express what inspires him, who he is, and he also gets to share the ideas he wishes to communicate to the world.

As a boundary pusher of note, MISSU, is gearing up to release an EP titled ‘An Education’ and what better way to announce new music dropping in future than to release a music video. This is music video is not just a music video. It is a music video for a groundbreaking song called ‘Dilemma’ featuring fellow Durban musician, Red Robyn. In the song, Red Robyn completely owns her role as a musician as she, in a unique manner, layers her vocals over MISSU’s dreamy production. The music video was directed by Lucy Nelson, who is a young up and coming South African film producer and director. The visuals for the song perfectly match the song as it depicts the two musicians in different settings that give us a glimpse of how they see and experience the world, and how they interact with their surroundings.

Dilemma is a smash hit. A song that we have no doubt will be played in many sets, festivals and alternative music gigs across South Africa. Brilliant song! Watch the video below.

Feature image credit: Chad. Follow him on IG here

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Leaders of The New Wave: South African producer, oshxku, is a pioneer behind South Africa’s new urban sound

Johannesburg-based graphic designer and producer, oshxku (real name Karabo Diseko), is pioneering a new sound in the South African urban entertainment industry. A creative entrepreneur behind one of Gauteng’s most innovative music collectives, innanetwav. With the innanetwav crew, he is carving a new lane for young creatives to express themselves freely by using music, design and photography.

oshxku has produced for some of the best urban acts to come out of Mzansi, namely The Big Hash and Sipho The Gift, two South African musicians that have accumulated an impressive amount of buzz online and on the streets. oshxku is, without a doubt, a leader of the new wave.

Peep his SoundCloud, you will not be disappointed:

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Cephas OFS is the next African future beats producer to look out for

Johannesburg-based producer, Cephas OFS, has been quietly making waves on the internet and innovating within the growing South African future beats scene. With a production style that is uniquely South African, Cephas never fails to impress. For his Sukwe Series, a beat series where he Africanises future beats, he puts his best foot forward and digs deep within his African roots to create beautiful soundscapes.

Stream the “Sukwe Series” below:

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Meet Thee Future: Soweto-based producer challenging conventions in urban South African music

Hailing from Soweto, Thee Future is a talented young producer who has formal training in sound engineering. Surrounded by music, he has no other escape but to channel his love into producing and perfecting sounds made by artists that he is affiliated.

Don’t let his small online following fool you as he has produced for and worked with some of the best young talent coming out in the South African Hip Hop Industry. The quality of the music he makes far exceeds local, and somewhat global, standards and further enunciates his star-power. One can tell from his productions, that he has been formally trained to compose and engineer music as every sound is perfectly layered and timed.

Thee Future has embarked on a new journey where he mashes up popular songs from South African artists to create new music that the masses can enjoy. #MUSICMASHUP is what the initiative is called and the first track is mash-up of Joburg-based producer, KaeB’s beat and DJ Citilyt’s Vura featuring Sjava and Saudi. The mash-up is interesting, left-field and challenging considering the different vibes of the songs that were mashed up.

Stream the track below:

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PREMIERE: MelV drops a dope edit of Desiigner’s track All Around The World

MelVAATWRemix Nusoulhub Radio
The Johannesburg based producer, MelV, is determination personified. Last week Friday, we premiered one of his tracks called D.I.Y and this week be bring you another premiere of one his tracks. This time around he brings us an edit of one of Desiigner’s break out hits All Around The World. MelV incorporates elements of the Mzansi Mnandi genre that him and his compadres are pioneering, trap and a synth-heavy bounce that adds an interesting layer to the edit.

We are looking forward to more music from the East Rand based producer, who has done nothing but impress in the last few weeks.

Stream the track below: