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Radio Ahlee: A carefree black creative with an alternative take on Hip Hop.

Conformity is easy and it is what most default to when it comes to creating and creativity. Conformity can be a threat to individuality and authentic personal expression. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it is safe to beg to differ especially in the times that we live in when we there are only a few artists that innovate. Fortunately though, the ones that do innovate do a great job and in the same breath what is unfortunate is that those types of artists tend to be find in underground scenes. Some prefer to create for small crowds and some would not mind to be heard by more people.

Radio Ahlee is a potential creative phenomenon that has the power to shift the Hip Hop culture. His creativity can be seen in how he chooses to cloth himself, how he raps and the beats that he chooses to rap or sing on. The Minneapolis, United States, based artist is the personification of being carefree, creative and authentic. He has an interesting way of using some of the mediums of expression that exist in the Hip Hop culture to speak on things that are dear to him. Radio Ahlee is a great example of a carefree black boy as he is known to incorporate pop-locking and other quirky dance moves in his live performances while he simultaneously captivates the audience with his raps.

In 2016, he released an EP called The Universal C.O.D.A Experience. The C.O.D.A abbreviation stands for Children of Da Atom, which lays reference to the beginning of mankind or the first man. Radio Ahlee is definitely an artist to look out for and one that is poised for longevity in the creative realm.

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