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Preview: Fernando partners up with Raiko to create a breathtaking ode to Nicholas Hlobo

Cape Town beat maker, Fernando, has had a busy 2017. With a couple of singles and short EPs, Fernando has worked hard to become a rising household name in the South African beats scene. Looks from people like Kid Fonque and platforms like Red Bull Studios CPTRadar Radio and  Superbalist, are proof that the young beat maker is setting himself up to disrupt the local beats scene.

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Fernando is an aware artist, an artist that does the hard work of researching and digging for knowledge about the artists that came before him – this is seen in the music he chooses to sample. Fernando understands music and the power of sound as his production carries multiple layers that borrow from genres that exist outside of the sphere of popular music.

It is quite clear that some of Fernando’s artistic influences are outside of music and this is seen in his latest offering titled Hlobo’s Lament – a track which features South African Hip Hop legend, Raiko. The song is an ode to well-respected South African artist, Nicholas Hlobo, who is known for his large sculptural works that challenge societal norms, conventional perspectives centred around masculinity and femininity. Fernando’s samples Nicholas’ voice which effortlessly floats over the smooth, somewhat dark production. Raiko masterfully handles the scratching that you hear on the record and a brilliant piece of art is created. This undoubtedly one of the best cases of art referencing art.

Stream Hlobo’s Lament here: