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Rob Indie: An artist built on authenticity, emotion and unhindered expression

Rob Indie Nusoulhub RadioThe internet has lessened the barrier of entry into the music industry and that has caused an intense of surge of people putting out creative work on the internet, some great and some awful. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find talent because of the massive influx of creative work that gets published daily on the internet. Don’t get us wrong, the internet is a great tool but sometimes it blurs the line far too much. From time to time, luck favors us and we come across incredible, unsigned and painfully unrecognized talent on the interwebs and we are compelled to share their story. Rob Indie is a perfect example of that.

Rob Indie is an artist that is definitely cutting through the clutter and the fluff and beyond everything else, his art is doing a lot of work for him. Rob’s art is present, strong and has character – traits which are hard to come by on the internet. It would be disrespectful to reduce him to just another internet artist, who happens to be from South Africa – we believe he embodies much more than that. He carries a sincerity, honesty and authenticity that separates him from the rest. Rob’s ability to show emotion is undoubtedly his strongest trait and this is what we think people are resonating to the most when it comes to him.

He uses the internet quite uniquely to let people into his world and his mind – this is seen in his tweets. He is not afraid to let the world the world know about who he is and what the world is missing out by not giving his music a chance.

During the month of July, our team got the chance to interview Rob and find more about him and we were blown away by how humble and grounded he is. Rob’s story is characterized by humble beginnings where he sang in the church choir and an unwavering urge to succeed as he taps into his many creative talents to bring his truth to the world.

Listen to our interview with him here:

Rob doesn’t move alone. He forms part of an impressive team of creatives called wwaves creative which can be seen as a creative house or agency that specializes in music, illustration and other facets of art. He is determined to show the world a different face of the Rhythm & Blues, a genre he clearly loves and appreciates.

Rob’s most recent offering Palm Trees And Blues is a musical journey like no other. Packed with spacey-sounds, great lyrics and an incredible theme which is maintained throughout the project. The project touches on love and the complexities that romantic love presents to those who are in it. Palm Trees And Blues is a strong project which deserves more listens from the masses. He takes RnB to another level as he experiments with sounds uncommon in the RnB realm, drawing stylistic influences from innovative movements like Darker Than Wax and the record label HW&W.

We have no doubt that Rob Indie has a place in not only the South African music industry, but the global music industry. With talents like singing, music production and illustration, he shows us that he is a true creative and that he is consistently creating his own lane – a lane that cannot be replicated.